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12 December 2008

There is no price for coolness…

By Derek

A 12 year old boy in Florida was arrested for FARTING in class.

A Bavarian dentist breaks into a patient’s house and tied her up before forcibly removing $500 worth of dentures after her insurance company refused to pay up.

True stories. Amazing facts? The world is simply getting weirder by the moment and I would like to blame it on the economic depression. However, such craziness happens everyday in AirAsia so I would say that the ‘fun’ spreads all around.

Perhaps, it would be best imagined by a checklist our front counter would tick off:-

Frontliners’s To-Do List

1. Do you always feel like pulling out your hair – (check)
2. Do you smile even while alone at the counter – (check)
3. Do you have suicidal urges and feel like jumping into a mutated pool to grow extra limbs – (check)
4. Do you cure your sorethroat by simply talking even more (with dire and even worse consequences) – (check)
5. Do you feel like strapping yourself with bombs only to have a guest smile at you (and perhaps a not of thanks) and all the craziness just goes away – (check)

Just a note to all our guests and even our staff, that a smile can make craziness go away even if just for a day. Until then, this question popped up from my colleague, if Pluto and Goofy are both dogs, how come only Goofy can talk why Pluto only barks?

  • Adikk

    so true.. i’ve been in the customer service industry ever since school and a sincere smile never fail to blow all the other woes away. I’m in the call centre industry now… and all it takes is a thank you (with perhaps a smile at the other end of the line) to drive away all the negative feeling from other bad calls…. and vice versa of course…

  • Safina

    A smile can really make our day, change it from bad to good.
    A smile can also melt our heart :-)
    And that’s the smile I love!

  • Maria

    What makes you think we would ever want to harm our own hair and our own body …if only i’ve got a whip, like the cat woman’s.
    And the fragile tape got many uses too .. hahahha … yeah, a nice greeting and a good smile do make our day.

  • Derek

    To all the staff on duty on crazy shifts who happen to read this post, my salutes to you and keep that smile going. The coolness really is all of you and the guests, AirAsians who make our day.