My best friend got married earlier this year and had asked me to be her brides maid.
I was over the moon and said “yes” straight away.

The wedding was to take place in a beautiful 15th Century castle in Scotland. So, at the other end of world, as we live in Australia!

I was slightly nervous about how I would get there and if I could afford it!! I had just been to Europe for three weeks to visit my parents (could I afford another trip?) and I was also job hunting and had a few job interviews around the time of the wedding.

I had just six days to get to the wedding and be back in Australia for my first interview. How could I do this, without being totally jet legged at the wedding and also once back in Australia for my interview?

AirAsia made it all possible!!

Two days to get to Scotland, a day and a half in Scotland and then two days again to get back home!

I first flew to Kuala Lumpur, where I had a wonderful stop over, then on to London, for another stop over and the next morning I flew to Edinburgh.
I met with three other girl friends at the airport and we hired a car and set off on a three hour journey through to most amazing landscape to arrive at the castle around 6pm.
The next day was the wedding day. The weather was superb, sunny and 25 degrees. It was the most romantic wedding I have ever been to!!

Then the next morning I was on my way back home again.

I first flew to London with a connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur, where I had a stop over. The next day in the afternoon I flew back to Australia.

The stop overs both ways where the best thing I could have done. No jet leg!
On my return back home I was so relaxed that I cruised through the interview and was offered the job!!!

But, best of all, my friend was so very much touched by the fact that I traveled so far just to be there on her special day. I am so glad I did.

It was the most cost effective and convenient way I have ever traveled.

Thank you AirAsia for making it possible!!!

Two happy brides maids (me on the left).


  • Muneer

    Hi Helena,

    I read your comments and must say what a hactic trip you made up and down got a job !!!! Well done but more so for the great AA thanks to AA for making it so possible for you infect AA have done better then many normal reputable Airlines would what is more AA make it possible for every one to fly , I share your gratitude to the service rendered to you by AA , I too have traveled with AA many times I do not recalled any bad flights, never experienced delays.Your flights both ways(up&down) were on schedule that you did not experience any Jet Leg inspite of the huge distance traveled that you were able to get thru your interview without a hitch,amazing and good luck to your new job .