Being part of the brand team, we handle everything from deciding the look and feel of all AirAsia touch points and communication materials, to managing our various sponsorships and campaigns. In simple terms, if you’d think of the AirAsia brand as an ‘artiste’, we’re like the artiste’s manager. We do all it takes to make sure that the AirAsia ‘personality’ is projected in the right and truthful light.

I wish to share a recent project that the brand team took on to give you a better idea of what we do. Together with the wonderful Yasmin Ahmad, we made this short video that all AirAsians (and Malaysians) can share with families and friends in Malaysia and abroad. A video that any Malaysian would be proud of.

Ever wondered what gave Dato’ Tony and Dato’ Kamarudin the idea to start a low cost carrier?
Or who designed our award-winning uniforms?
Or what the ‘Gimme 20 million!!’ heading above this post is about?
Watch the video and you will know what I’m talking about.


  • Wan Fong

    Who came up with the AirAsia tagline ” Now everyone can fly?” I feel that it’s probably the most down to earth tagline that a marketeer/ brand agency can think of! Touches the people’s heart! Just like how Yasmin doing it again… and just like how everyone deserves the experience of flying and traveling! Well done and I wish that your business will stay for a long time and continue to offer us value for money flights and travel exeprience!

  • Panda

    AirAsia is the good place to work with…good community, good culture and all..

  • Joyce

    Hi Wan Fong,

    At the very beginning, “Now Everyone Can Fly” was a common sentence Tony and the team used during and in many many presentations to whoever who would listen to our story (we were nobody then). It was more of an explanation what the new low fare no frill AirAsia is all about. And more importantly, how we plan to change what flying means to most people, with an ambition on the side to totally change the aviation landscape in Malaysia and the region. When the time came to decide on a tagline, the team in a very tiny music office had chorused in unison “Now Everyone Can Fly” !!!

    Thanks for your support!

    Joyce Lai
    Regional Head, Communications

  • Chuan Huat

    I just chance upon this blog and just viewed the video.

    I am a fan of Yasmin’s work and she certainly did a great job in balancing the emotional and rational brand proposition for AirAsia.

    However, and based on my personal experienced with the brand, I think AirAsia has a long way to go to get to the brand truth as portrayed by Yasmin in her work.

    I have encountered numerous delays and poor service of the ground staff for not giving accurate and clear answers for it. It has become a habit for me to ask if there were any delay whenever I check-in at the airport counter and would always get the same answer, “Not that we know of at this moment, sir”

    As a brand, it doesn’t matter if it was an AK or QZ flight so long as it carried the same logo. With this video shared to the world, I would like to see the brand live up to it’s brand truth and promise. Until then, I would still say ‘Now, everyone can wait’

  • Kiah Wah

    Congratulations to AirAsia for such a great blog. I am sure the team put great effort in it. The blog is great.

  • Anand

    Hey Chuan Huat,

    First off, we’d like to thank you for choosing to fly with us and also for visiting our blog.

    AirAsia as a brand has grown by leaps and bounds since it’s inception, and this has sometimes made people forget that we’re barely 7 years of age.

    We’re aware that we’ve still got a lot of room to improve, and we’re continuously working on providing better service to our guests. We regret that you had an unpleasant experience with us, do accept our apologies and rest assured that we take your feedback seriously.

    Thanks again for visiting our blog, we hope you continue to fly AirAsia!

    Anand Krishnan

  • Yap

    Hey nice song you picked on for that video clip. So Tony Bennet vs Tony Fernandes. Good match hehe…