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14 May 2009

THE SATURDAYS on a Tuesday night

By Rudy

In case you haven’t heard we flew UK’s hottest pop sensation the Saturdays down to KL for a one-stop showcase presented by well..us.

All you had to do was head on to haveyouflownairasialately.com to find out how you can watch them. If you missed out, then you better start remembering the address of our new brand microsite because it’s going to be your portal to airasia experience – more than just low fares!

Some of you may be wondering what the hell we’re doing with a pop act now. Hey, we had Manchester United, we’ve still got AT & T Williams and also the English League Referees so we thought to ourselves, why not music? Afterall, music’s in the blood of AirAsia and that includes me: Throne Away. Hah! Shameless plug :)

Anyway, The Saturdays will be our ambassadors for the European market and we feel everything just fits perfectly. They’re young, exciting, sexy and so are we! It’s all part of bringing the world closer together, we did it with sports and now with the universal language of music. AirAsia is not just an airline or about low fares, we’re about giving you an experience you’ll never forget. We just ran our U2 contest to send winners to London to watch them live at Wembley, imagine what else we’ll have next!

Back to the night…the showcase was held at Zouk and the turnout was crazy. The room was packed right to the door. The Saturdays performed their top 4 hit songs including their rendition of “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “Up”. Check out some clips and pics below from the PC we had before that and some snippets from the showcase.



  • Chee Keong

    i heard on fly fm as well that Air Asia X will be giving out free tickets for the listeners to go to London to watch Britney Spears’ world tour..

    Air Asia, you guys are having any competition for that??

  • Kien Fui

    wow… Britney’s world tour? that great!! I want that…

    THE SATURDAYS night seems like a crazy night… that’s cool!

  • Dinagaran

    TONY pulls a fast one on his comments the gurlz n their long legs lol good one =)