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17 June 2011

Team Kaitaki: The Most Fantastic Moment at New Zealand – Day 3

By Kaitaki

Before we say goodnight to Mr Rodger last night, he reminded us not to be late for breakfirst. At 7.30am we supposed to gethered at the parking. We were enchanted by the eclips of the moon appears in the sky of Canterbury attached nereby the snowy mountains. We really stunned watching the snowy mountains. That beauty only happens in Terrace Downs. We take this chances to take pictures of the eclips to be our memorable time we had in Terrace Downs.


The view of Terrace Downs

Before leaving the room, our leg were nailed by the wonderful stay in Terrace Downs. We are having a peaceful night. Wow! The villa owesome. We enjoyed our stay very much. We were impressed by the outstanding quality and well equiped room for us. Thanks for the good hospitality with our one night stay. Short but wonderful stay in the villa.


The wonderful view from Terrace Downs

At 7.30 am, we gethered at the parking. Tempreture is cold and windy. Its snowy. We then put our luggage in the Mdm Fiona’s Toyota and proceed to the Clubhouse of Terrace Downs. We having our breakfirst at the Lillie’s Restaurant. We having continental breakfirst. Thanks to Terrace Downs for that good and healthy breakfirst.

After having our breakfirst, we began to continue the challange Faces Go Places race that was organised by AirAsia and Tourism of New Zealand. Terrace Downs were responsible to arrange the challenges we suppose to face. As a start, we were instructed to follow the Terrace Downs map that was given to us during passing the key room to us. Terrace Downs management given us the right to us the golf buggy and proceed to location no. 4. Team Kaitaki to ride three avoca golf buggy.

The challange begins. Everybody was so eager to drive the golf buggy and meeting Mr Nigel at location No. 4. There, we were given each a golf stick and golf balls to practice as beginers. Mr Nigel given the whole competitiors a lesson on how to hit the ball. So all of us start practising.


Team Kaitaki win the first game of Day 3

Seems everybody were happy to have golfing in the 5 stars Terrace Downs Golf Course. Ater gets warmed up, we proceed to next location (Still in location No. 1).

There, we were given instruction to hit the golf ball over the goal post. Both teams manage to do it but it takes sometime actually.

From here was our challenge starts. Mr. Roger announce to proceed the next challenge that was to go back to the clubhouse and find next intruction. Team KAITAKI supposed to take thenext intruction to Avoca room. So everybody rushing driving the golf buggy back to clubhouse.

When we got it, we were instructed to proceed to location no 4. The challange was to hit 2 golf balls over the lake. The next location, we supposed to proceed to the spa. We were lost because there was no signage in our map. Anyhow, we manage to arrived and meet Mr Mike. He then instruct us to go into the spa reception.

We were given a small bottle of Aromatic body milk named THANN. From the spa, the reception told us to hand over the Aromatic body milk to Mr Nigel. We missed the location at first but finally get the location correctly.

Mr Nigel waited at location 16 and passed over the Aromatic body milk. Here we had to do putting. We tried quite a number of time and manage to let the golf ball into the hole. Location 16, what a beautiful scenery. We was stunned by the beauty snowy mountains and landscap.

The challenge does not end. From there we are instructed to proceed to the tennis courts. One person must hit 3 tennis balls into the square box. Our team manage to hit the 3 balls and we were then instructed to go to Chalet No 7. Here, any one of us must wear bath robe and back to the clubhouse. We were eagerly drove the golf buggy back to the clubhouse. From there we were to ask to find snug. We was wondering what ‘snug’ stand for? But finally, Mohamad Uzair found the room.

So we the winner and each one of us we given a golfer cap. Thanks to all the Terrace Downs management to have arrange the challenges. It was fun and enjoyable and gained so much experience there.


Team Kaitaki at Archery Field

After having some rest, Mr Roger brought us to the Archery field. Everyone of us have the experience to hold arrows and bows and tried hard to get bulls eye. But none of us manage to aimed. After having fun with the Archery, we proceed to the clubhouse. From here we have to say goodbye to Mr Rodger and the staffs involved. It was lots of fun and really great. Thanks to Terrace Downs management to have given us the wonderful momentum.

After saying goodbye, we proceed to Geraldine to have our lunch there. We stop at the Baker’s of Geraldine and ordered something for lunch. At Baker’s you will find various of tarts, cakes, pastries, and drinks.

Here we find lots of surveniours shops avaible. Everybody finishes their lunch and proceed to next destination. Before getting into the transport, we make a quick glance at the State Municiple Muzium and was not able to go round. We have to move on to Lake Tekapo.


The greatest view at Lake Tekapo

Along the way, we was stunned with the beautiful penorama of the Southern Alps. We reached Lake Tekapo at 3.20pm.

We stopped at the winter playground Alpine Springs, Lake Tekapo. The air is fresh and pretty cold too. The Alpine Springs and Winter Park offering skiing, ice hockey, ice-skating and curling. Before we start our next challenge, a warm welcome was given to all of us. The whole group were brought to visit the Alpine Spring Day Spa.

The spa arrange all kind of treatments to soothe the aches and pains. That includes relaxation massage, full body massage,manicure, classic manicure and pedicure. The Alpine Springs outdoor pool’s heat come from the refrigeration of the winter playground. The Pukaki pool’s tempreture is 38 degree celcius and Tekapo’s pool is 40 degree celcius.


Team Kaitaki Second challenge

Mr Methew from Alpine Springs already arrange for the next challenge for the two team. We take part in the old game of curling. We need to use overshoes to protect us from slippering. Each person will take part in hurling the heavy stones down the ice as close to the bottle. The close curling will win the challange. Team KIATAKI wins the challange.

We too did the 10 pin curling. It was an unforgettable game and we really have fun. Thanks to Alpine Springs for have given us each of Alpine cap. Thanks to Mr Methew and all the staff involved.

After having fun, we proceed to the Lake Tekapo before check-in to Peppers Bluewater Resort. The scene was great. There is a church built nearby the lake in memorial of the Mackenzie Country and wedding and baptisms was conducted here.

We check-in at Peppers Bluewater Resort. We had our confortable stay over there. The room was owesome and well equiped. At 7.30pm, we had our lunch at the Mackenzies Cafe-bar-grill, Lake Tekapo Village Centre. The food was great and delicious.

Thanks to AirAsia and Tourism of New Zealand for fiving us the good and marvelous stay. Thanks too for the respecful hospitality.