Please may I have a quiet and uneventful walk back to my car. A walk to the car park should not be an adult version of tumble tots with impediments being laid as though to add some adventure to your otherwise mundane stroll.

As most of us are now parked across the Pos Malaysia building I am quite sure many will be able to relate to what I am writing here i.e the thoughtlessness in the design of the pedestrian flow to and from the car park.

A pedestrian’s movement (particularly those with luggage) will be impeded by hazards such as chains, open drains, lack of safe crossings and as of this week a boom tube that made a sudden appearance spanning across the only pedestrian passageway. Oh and of course the stench that greets you when the rubbish truck comes around.

Personally I have no issue with the extra walking distance or the exposure to the occasional rain showers but what riles me up is the inability of the planners to design a half decent passage free of hazards to pedestrians.

Let’s visualize a typical stroll to the car park:

1) When you walk from the LCCT, the existing walkway will lead you to the back of the Food Garden where you will walk within metres of the rubbish dump. If you’re lucky, you get to say hello to Malique the friendly dustman

2) you then need to hop over some chains which you may find erected across or laid flat depending on the fancy of Mr Chainman. I have never been able to predict when these will be up or down. Let’s just hope you haven’t got a heavy luggage when these chains are up

3) then for no rhyme or reason they deem it fit to lay across a boom tube for you to duck under, in case your walk has been a bit too uneventful

4) next you cross a road with no pedestrian crossing markings and you are then to squeeze through a gap between road dividers

5) you’ll finally come across a chain which greets you at the ramp entrance to the car park where one has to negotiate between a narrow gap between the chain and an uncovered drain

Reverse the process when one walks to the LCCT.

As you can see this is the ONLY route to and from the car park and it is full of excitement. What will the planners think of next? Barbed wires and flying fox?

I have a few suggestions:

a) remove the chains at the car park and the one behind the Food Garden. Also the limbo rock boom tube has got to go

b) a safe and effective pedestrian crossing has to be erected. The Pos Malaysia bend is also a blind corner when cars are parked illegally

c) construct a pathway that directs pedestrian traffic away from the rubbish collection area

Finally although not an absolute necessity, it would be ideal if the covered pedestrian walkway extends all the way to the car park and not abruptly terminate at the Food Garden.

These are fairly basic requirements for a safe, hazard-free pedestrian walkway which I am sure will not be beyond the imagination of the planners or the airport authorities.


I am from the tiny department called legal which contrary to common perception is not just populated by humourless, grey and dour people.

I love cycling, am manic about mountain biking (even if my waistline doesn't suggest that) and view the bicycle as man's best invention-because it is beautiful in its simplicity as well as because it is about the only thing that my technologically challenged self can piece together.

Married with three kids and eight cats. And uh eight bikes of various forms.

  • Daniel

    I remember someone said its like chicken run @ F1 circuit when crossing the road. funny but true lo :S

  • Almond

    Not just park at your own risk, now walk at your own risk also. This is a part of LCCT I didn’t notice when I went there. The airport management should make the carpark safer and more pedestrian friendly. I cannot imagine walking through all those obstacles everyday just to reach my office! You guys at LCCT deserve better parking!!

  • Hemala

    Gosh u guys have to go thru all that after a hard days work…Howfrustrating!Its bad enough to think about the drive back home after a long day, now you guys have to think about the walk back to the car aso!wat la this lcct