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09 February 2009

Introducing the Free Seats Boy

By Karen

We’ve got an unknown visitor wandering our office. Security has identified him as The Free Seats Boy. If you can identify with the visitor and free seats is your game, stay tuned on 10 Feb 2009!

Free Seats for all domestic and international destination up for grabs and a video contest on our AirAsia Facebook fan page with great prizes to be won!

Remember you heard it first on the AirAsia Blog!

  • Almond

    Received SMS that AirAsia giving out free seats, login to this blog and saw this!! Ah, hope no doll was harmed in making this video, but definately worth it for the free seats!! Yahoooo!

  • Sze Chin

    i laugh till almost fall down from my seat when i see this recording video. anyway, this is a cute one. keep it up the “free seat boy” XD