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27 July 2011

The footsteps in Mount Yong Yap!

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

What was it that makes me open my eyes in the morning..
Lolling in my hammock,
Warm and snug in the morning dew..
It was your soft footsteps as you came back from your morning prayer.

What was it that makes me take one steps further,
Despite the pain in my ankle,
And the pressure on my shoulder,
Aching on my thigh ..
Burden on my back..
It was your heavy footsteps behind me,
Unspoken words of encouragement that makes me take other steps.

What was that that make me jump,
When I don’t even have faith in myself,
That I will be landed safely..
It was your firm footsteps behind me,
That firmly tells me that it will all be ok,
That you will watch my back!

I remember the sun rise that touch my face,
I remember the sun set that caress my cheeck,
I remember the earth smells, the colors of the rainbow and the wind,
I remember the rocks, the tree and the flowers,
I remember the distance, the time and the space..

The Sunrise

Colors of the wind

But most of all..
I remember your footsteps behind me …
Echoing every each of my steps..
Without fail..
That guide and guard me all the way through 3 mountains!

“Expedisi Meredah Gunung Yong Yap (2168m), Bubu (1974m) & Tok Nenek (1905m) 21st – 24th July 2011″

posted on behalf of Yvonne Brian