AirAsia British Grand Prix, June 18-20 2010

To know how we arrived at the AirAsia British Grand Prix, you have to look back to October last year, to the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Team AirAsia Malaysia saw the entry of 2 young Malaysian boy’s race in the 125cc category as wildcard entries. They had AirAsia and their country behind them and the atmosphere on the day was ecstatic. Mohd Zulfahmi Khairuddin (Fahmi) and Elly Idzlianizar Ilias made Malaysia proud by not only taking part in the race, but also being the only wildcard entries to both finish in the top 20 throughout the whole 2009 season – an impressive victory for themselves and also Malaysia and everyone was celebrating.

This was AirAsia’s first involvement in MotoGP and we instantly knew we were onto something good – it was only the beginning!

Wanting to become even more involved, we started to explore what we could do to carry on the momentum, and we decided to sign up with Dorna; right’s owners of MotoGP; to be the title sponsor of the British Grand Prix. Announced in February of this year, at the British Racing Drivers Club, Silverstone, the AirAsia British Grand Prix marks the start of a great step forward for AirAsia, Malaysia and Asean.

And that’s not all – we are also proud to see our Malaysian boy Fahmi racing on the world stage as one of the riders for Team AirAsia Sepang International Circuit.

Living and training in Italy between races, the young boy from Banting is experiencing a whole new world as a fully fledged rider in the 125cc category along with teammate Sturla Fagerhaug of Norway. Donning the AirAsia colours once again, Fahmi has displayed true grit and determination as he lives out his dreams and there is still a lot of the season left to go for him to display his talent.

So far there have been four races (Japan had to be postponed to October due to the volcanic ash disruprion);

Qatar (Losail), Spain (Jerez), France (Le Mans) and Italy (Mugello). Both boys are doing well, and despite some technical difficulties, and some minor accidents, they are improving and becoming more and more confidant at each race.

The next race on the calendar is the much anticipated AirAsia British Grand Prix. To be held at Silverstone, UK for the first time in over two decades, it is sure to be a fantastic event. The circuit has undergone huge changes, AirAsia is the title sponsor for the first time, and aside from the circuit covered in our brand; we have our very own team who will be racing; what more could we ask for?!

For a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what it is to be Title Sponsor of the MotoGP check out the blog again later in the week!

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I’m the tall English girl in the company and I help organize sport and recreational activities for the lovely AirAsia staff. The perfect job for me as sport is really where my passion lies; anything and everything, I’ll give it a go! Lacrosse is my main sport but over here in Malaysia its played about as much as quidditch…so I spend my time running, swimming, netballing and tennising and soon I will be trying my hand at rugby for the first time – why not?!

As well as sport I love traveling; and South East Asia is an amazing place to be to explore; Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia – the list is endless!

A friend of mine recently set me a task to visit all of AirAsia’s destinations – I think I’ve got quite a few more to go before that’s completed!

Other favorite things are extreme activities; bungee jumping, sky diving, glacier hiking…next thing on my list is Mount Kinabalu and the Macau bungee which is over 200m, and I will have ticked off another AirAsia destination – get in!

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