AirAsia bade goodbye to its remaining Boeing 737 two days ago as the aircraft made its way from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to the LCCT. In paying tribute to Boeing, Group CEO Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes revealed that the Boeing 737s had rendered wonderful service and got AirAsia where it is today. The original fleet of B737s have made way for the new and more fuel efficient AirBus A320s.

Take a look at these.

Welcome and goodbye! The remaining B737 touching down in LCCT from Kota Kinabalu
It’s the dawn of a new millenium, says Tony

Part of the farewell ceremony featured local strongman M. Muniandy pulling the aircraft for 45.72 cm with his hair!
Going out with a bang!
Airbus A320– AirAsia’s present and future


  1. Just curious…. what will happen to this 737? ..and all the other 737s that were replaced?

  2. Mulyadir Fitri Reply

    I believe that it will be sent to Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) Only Malaysia AirAsia (AK) is fully A320s now.

  3. Last B737 for Malaysia AirAsia? Means.. Flight from KK-Penang finally replaced by Airbus as well? Great! Cause B737 is kind of “old” because, AirAsia did not plan to fix it. Ha..

    But here another question, why not take one of the B737 and add another extra flight for KK-Penang? One flight per day is killing us here…

    Good work for AirAsia.. fly with dream and improve with good achievement!

  4. Wondering how is the B737 after Farewell?
    Sell or rent to others airline? or…

  5. those B733’s are leased only, so no worries.
    congrats but i still prefer 737NG’s offense to the flying toothpaste

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