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26 October 2008

Festival of Lights

Hello everybody, I just thought that I’d share with you these lovely photos taken at our office this week. Over the years it is like a tradition for us to decorate the offices during the many wonderful festivities that we have here in Malaysia. Monday, 27Th November, is when we celebrate Deepavalli.. the festival of lights and here we have the ‘allstars’ (what we call ourselves here at AirAsia) working on and posing with the beautiful ‘kolam’ done right in front at the reception.

‘Kolam’ is a form of sand painting using rice powder by the female members of the family in front of their homes, a common practice of Hindus of South India. ‘Kolams’ are thought to bestowed prosperity to homes.. hopes this helps our non Malaysian friends understand what it is.

Happy Deepavalli everyone!!

  • Riki

    Thanks to AllStar AirAsian. You have demonstrate good creativity and inspiration. The ‘Kolams’ has brought cheerful ambient to all. Happy Deepavali.

  • Satwinderjit Singh

    Hello Mr Ahmad Faizul,

    When is Air Asia’s next festival will be held? I believe Ramadhan and also Deepavali are coming near. Just for my curiosity, can I join your department as I am a final year student and I am interested to be involve in such culture events.

    Hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.