Finally, the blog team has come back to the blogsophere with the earth shattering announcement! We promised you something shocking and we like the guesses that we have had so far.

First things first, there will not be the lucky ten anymore. We are here to announce that all who have been shortlisted will get their shot at living their dreams. Tell us, how do we choose the ten? We faced the same dilemma and went back to the drawing board, pleaded with the pilots and we are here to say that all who have made it, be prepared this June. Yes, its that soon. This coming June, be prepared to get your shot at living your dreams.

We look to publish more details as we move along on the arrangements and exact details of the momentous day which will be happening right here in our own AirAsia Academy. No more complaining, no more saying that we are not being fair. We have opened the gates, the rest of the running is left to you. We bid all the successful candidates so far good luck and all the best in chasing your dreams!

To those still waiting, we have five more slots. Yes, we are now revealing that there are only five more slots to fill. Stay tuned to see the final five who will be joining the thirty who will be one step closer to touching the skies. You heard it first on the AirAsia Blog where dreams come true!

  • Kong Sun

    Dear blog team, which means all the shortlisted candidates will all be going for the exams right?

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Yes Kong Sun, all thirty chosen now and thirty five to be. Good luck all. You’re on your own now

  • Kong Sun

    I tot now is already 31?

  • Mohd Danial

    Yeeeaaaayyyyy!!.. Wow!.. Earth Shattering Announcement indeed.. Finally.. Air Asia.. U’re the best! U have paved the way.. and now it’s up to us to FLY AWAY!.. :) Yeeehaaa! Can’t wait to see you guys..


  • Anildip

    air asia blog team,

    when will the 5 candidates know that they are the lucky ones?


  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Is Kong Sun the only one paying attention to details? Sigh. Yes, we are looking for another 4. Can’t say when they will be published. But it will be soon. To the chosen ones, go scream your heads off and party on. The dream lives on.

  • Kong Sun

    No time to scream and party off. Must get ourselves ready for the exam by studying to prepare for the exams already.

  • Daphne Siew Li

    Oh ok, after my finals r done..gotta sit for this exams also..aiks.

    Btw, good news from AirAsia! thx!

  • Augustina Yati

    Dear All: ALL THE “BESTEST”!!!…This is it. The moment of truth. We can make it. Let’s do this! THANK YOU BLOG TEAM.

  • Petha Prakash

    Good Evening blog Team,

    I’ve sent u guys the video this morning…so have you guys finished watching the ‘mini’ trailer of mine..hehe..I brainstormed myself and came out with an idea that would make me stand out from the rest..hope I’ve proved how badly I wana be a Pilot!

    and I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart..I LOVE YOU AIRASIA!! Be the SUN in my life!!

    have a great day ahead.. =)

  • Petha Prakash

    yes guys! lets live up our dream high in the sky! I believe i can fly! I wana fly high above the rainbow with AirAsia engraved in my heart! oopZ! no time to ‘lalala’ gotta sit and study! =P

  • Low

    Dear Mr Derek,

    That would be good news for all of us. I hope it would be set on a non-weekend or after mid-June. I’ve got some part-time job on weekends (for the 1st 2 weeks of June), some event work to add some dough and I can only take leave for my permanent job. Else can we have the information earlier so I can save that week off for you guys?

    Thank you.



  • Kong Sun

    Well I was hoping it will not be on the 20th of June, as I have a marching competition to win this year.

    If it is really on that day, then I would have to as another commander to replace me then.

  • Wan Siong

    Great news!
    Now at least I have one thing less to worry about and focus on the upcoming exams and interview in June.
    By the way, I was wondering if the 35 people will be judged differently from the February-March 2009 opening or will it be together?
    Can’t wait to get my hands on more info about my future!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Sin

    Greatest News!!
    Thanks AirAsia. Need to prepare for the exam , can’t have party T.T

    Looking forward to see you guys..

  • Kenneth

    Me too. I’m hoping that it’ll be after 12 June because I’ll have my exams from 8 to 12 June.

    Gd luck to all of you guys

  • Chee Ping

    That’s great!! Now we are one step closer…Hope to meet u guys soon

  • Chu

    Congratulation everyone.
    I am glad to be part of this.
    Looking forward to meet all of you.

    Yahooooooo……just don’t know what to describe. Thank you Air Asia Blog Team!

  • Haansel Ananth

    To dear Blog team,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate each and every one of the contestants for being selected.Also on behalf of the contestants I would like to thank the Blog team for making all our dreams come true by not leaving few of us behind.I would like to thank you again for the wonderful surprise.As AirAsia being a pioneer in Malaysia for making history, let this intake be the another chapter in AirAsia’s history.

    Thank you again,

    Regards n god bless

    Haansel Ananth Boss.

  • Kien Fui

    i don know it’s a good news or bad news. Tha good news is all the shortisted candidates are given the chance. The bad news is there are just 4 more slots left and i haven’t been shortlisted yet. However, all the best to the shortlisted candidates!!!! I will not give up AirAsia. I am here…

  • Ooi

    That great news! Still 4 more to go. However my blogs was not been view since posted on Apr 14, hai… just donno when my luck will come..

    I also wish looking forward to see you guys..

  • Haansel Ananth

    To dear Blog team,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate each and every one of the contestants for being selected.Also on behalf of the contestants I would like to thank the Blog team for making all our dreams come true by not leaving few of us behind.I would like to thank you again for the wonderful surprise.As AirAsia being a pioneer in Malaysia for making history, let this intake be the another chapter in AirAsia’s history.

    Thank you again,

    Regards n god bless

    Haansel Ananth Boss.

  • Abdul Agis

    Dear AirAsia Blog Team,

    Hi! Woah! I didn’t expect this would happen…I’m really happy and thankful with the announcement…

    Goodluck to all of us guys…One step closer to touch and achieve our dreams up in the sky…

    Thank you AirAsia…You made my childhood hallucination into reality…I love you guys!!!

  • Razwan

    1 month to go before June.. really im gonna have to resharpen my old pencil back to take the exams!! phewwwwwhh..

    so anyone knows what kinda paper we’ll be taking? maths, physics and english right? is there anything else? will psychomotor will be tested too?

  • Siu Ming

    what can i say? a big thanks to airasia for this indeed earth shattering really made my day..=D..

    me too, really looking forward to c all of u guys..=D..

    Leon Lui Siu Ming

  • Wai Weng

    OMG…That’s a good news~! Thank you for giving us the chance. Gotta start studying already…

  • Weng Hooi

    Dear Blogteam,
    I have an idea but I’m not sure whether it works or not. I personally think that no matter how there will be 10 anyone of us get shortlisted. So, the rest of 25 unsuccessful participants I hope that their profile will keep in view in the future. So the next time when the company’s going to have another recruitment for this cadet program for those unsuccessful participant they also can have the priority to sit for the test first. Of course, they might be tested in a different way and its up to the company discretion in order to be fair to other. This is because I think that we have strive so hard for what.We just want to achieve our dream and do something that we like to do for the rest of our life.People from different working background they wish to fulfill their childhood dream to be a pilot one day. Neither do I.Maybe, this is very silly cause in the corporate world it is that cruel. Anyway, I just voice out what I think I should say. Well, I believe in AirAsia everything is possible and nothing is truly impossible right, Derek?haha…Anyway, if I’m wrong please do let me know because I hope to do it better and strive for the best..=)

  • Yee

    Wow… What a big news to me… Just got back from Bali today… Thanks team and congrats to all shortlisted candidates.. Lets work hard and place our step closer to our dream… Cheer

  • Rahamat Tulla

    congratulations to those who made it :)

  • Kong Sun

    Dear blog team, I would like to ask what will be the diffrences between this blog competition and normal for cadet pilot besides the tour at AirAsia Academy?

  • Kong Sun

    Morning blog team, I am wondering out of the 35shortlisted candidates, how many will be given a chance for the cadet pilot programme?

  • Chee Keong

    thanks Derek and everyone in Air Asia..

    the tour must be fun!!!
    anyway, lets start studying!!!!!


  • Hare

    WOW this is just nice!

    Yes have to prepare for the exams as well :)

    Means we got a chance to meet each other too?! Haha we’re going to have a long chat. “)

    Hope to see some pilots on that day too^^

  • Chee Keong

    i hope that we’ll get to try the simulators too…

  • Haansel Ananth

    Hi there guys n gals.I am meaning to ask all of yall what r the things really need to study ?every one is makin me worried n puzzled .I wonder what r the things which we need to study.Can some one please help us whom are unsure about this Pleaseeeee…..

    regards n god bless,

    Haansel Ananth Boss

  • Chong

    Thanks you AirAsia, nice to get such earth shattering from AirAsia.
    Congratulates all the shortlisted candidates, time to prepare for it.

  • Nicholas

    hello AirAsia, listen here, i hereby make a huge suggestion to you, why not u add one more motto : NOW EVERYONE CAN DREAMS COME TRUE !!!
    omg, AirAsia is so kind.. Im going to cry now, because ANOTHER airline pushed me away, but AirAsia saved me ! im going to cry.. sob sob,so touching…
    ANOTHER airline always so numb, no feeling, kinda no mercy, like a deadman, Thank God, my saviour, AirAsia jump out from the book, n make changes to benefit all, not disappointing all.. You r so good…
    THIS IS THE 1ST TIME I HEARD BIG COMPANY MAKE CHANGES, WHICH WILL MAKE ALL THING KELAM KABUT (BECAUSE SUDDENLY CHANGE),FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE YOUNG GENERATION ! We need to consider how hard AirAsia could make this decision, because they already publish into newpaper about the blog competition procedure, BUT YOU DUN CARE ! because you love us, the future pilots, you cannot tahan seeing ANYONE of us disappointed n walk away.. I KNOW YOU LOVE US !
    Really thankful.. touchwood if i failed in the selection, i will still be thankful to you ! because u teached me wat is LOVE and MERCY ! OMG, im really going to cry…
    for OTHER company, please learn from AirAsia, this is why they are so successful.. they added LOVE into their element of success, instead of money only.

    AIR ASIA – Now everyone can fly + Now everyone dreams come true

    Thank you

    Nicholas, No.17 candidate.

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Hi Nicholas, you’re words mean so much to the corporate blogger. Thanks. All the best. Obviously not everyone will be a pilot but remember and use this to inspire all of you that you will not and should not give up your dreams. We love all of you. Have come to know a bit of you through your blogposts but it truly tears us apart that we are unable to assist everyone. We hoped that the published posts would be inspiration enough to the rest. Never take no for an answer and fight for your own dreams even if it is not to be a pilot. Life is a journey and an endless sea of discovery. Ships are safe in harbours, but that is not why ships are built for. Set forth, sail, discover and believe.

  • Edwin

    Thank you Air Asia! Without you none of this would have happened.

  • Kien Fui

    ya… I have to thanks airasia anyway even if my blog is not shortlisted. I really learnt a lot through this blog competition. I know how should I fight for my dream and, most importantly, not to give up easily. I know someday I will be there!!! I believe……

    Always dream to fly….

  • Kong Sun

    Dear blog team, around when will the details be out?

    As i need to do a lot of arrangment because my pricipal’s retirement is coming up and also my marching competition and stuff.


  • Chee Keong

    its OUR principal, Bro Paul Ho, the final Brother in Malaysia as our principal..

  • Kong Sun

    Well Chee Keong, I was ask to be in my full uniform and present him with a gift on the day of his retirement.

    If you are free then maybe you can come as this is a very memoreable day for our school. On the 19th of June. During school hours.