Dear Readers of the Blog and all AirAsians,

The Blog Team would like to share the Christmas joy with a video as a letter to our guests who have supported us during this year which we were ‘born’. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The AirAsia Christmas Story Script

Once upon a time, on a cold night without snow, its Asia of course, our story begins with Christmas eve.
We continue to send people back home all over Asia.
To Thailand…
To Indonesia…
To Philippines…
Back home to Malaysia.
Wherever we fly, we’re trying to bring that extra smile back home this Christmas.
To all our guests and our staff, we are working hard, the AirAsia way.
To all our staff in the back office, maintaining our servers and sacrificing Christmas,
On the tarmac,
And most importantly to all enjoying Christmas, especially readers of the blog, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from AirAsia!

Special thanks to Douglas, ‘Ruffy’ and all the ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ who made this possible.

Warm holiday greetings from the Blog Team

  • Nickee

    Merry Christmas to all readers and AirAsians! Wishing your Christmas filled with fun and happiness! Great cute and warm video that make us AirAsians feel special. :)

  • Meng

    Merry Xmas’ to all AirAsians ! Happy New Year and welcome 2009 ..where a new begin for everyone .

  • Brian

    Seasons Greeting and Happy New Year 2009. Together Happy Islamic New Year – Awal Muharram 1430 to AirAsian and Moslem readers!
    Cheers and good blog.

  • Douglas

    oi… where’s my present? 😛 Happy New Year folks. 2009 is good only if you believe it will be a good year. So keep believing.