You can tell who’s an Allstar by what’s on their Instagram feeds. Here are some popular types of images AirAsia staff post on IG.

THE GLAMOUR SHOT  We let the world know how confident we feel in uniform

HANGING OUT AT REDQ  Chillin’ at the regional headquarters

THE TEAM SHIRT Proof that we’ve got team spirit

ALLSTARS GOT TALENT If you’ve got it, flaunt it! (Mouse over and hit play!)

LOCAL COLOUR United in our love for cultural traditions

FLIGHT DECK The view of the cockpit for the world to see

I’M WITH THE VVVIP Close encounters with special guests

LUNCH IS SERVED We live for hearty lunches

THE OFFICE CONCERT We enjoy being serenaded by our brand ambassadors

CABIN FERVOUR Our second home is in the sky

WELCOMING COMMITTEE Selfie with our visitors

GET SPORTY Proud to represent AirAsia

AFTER-WORK WORKOUT We’re that serious about health

HELLO, NEW DESTINATIONS We get excited about the latest destinations, too, you know!

RED BALLOONS Isn’t life is more festive with red balloons?

THE INFLUENCER Just because we’re working doesn’t mean we have to look stressed

PARTY TIME Work hard, party harder

THE TONY Because the Group CEO has to appear on every Allstar’s Instagram

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Abby is a painter on sabbatical and occasional lindy hopper from the Philippines who subsists on a diet of museums, podcasts and musicals. Since joining AirAsia in 2012, she has penned listicles, features and reviews for travel 3Sixty° online and in print.