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26 October 2010

thanx god AirAsia was Found, with Air Asia, I’ll SEE THE WORLD

By Nina

Wonderful Family Holiday To Aussie

Before…,I never thought that I can have the privilege to travel to another country with my family, since the cost of living rising and the whole economic balance in our country is “shaking”. So…, an overseas holiday is just a words for rich n riches, since a holiday package is unbelievably expensive. But Since I known Air Asia 3 years ago, My family fate is changing, we travel overseas by Air Asia, twice a year or at least once a year, Thanks to the generous never-ending promotion and low fares.
My latest family holiday is to Aussie, it was 3 of us, Me, My husband and my 1 year old baby, and it has become our 2010 Highlight, a really fascinating & unforgettable “autum” holiday. My route was this :

1. Jakarta – KL : By Air Asia
2. KL – Gold Coast (Coolanggatta) : By Air Asia X
3. Gold Coast Sydney : By Local Airline (Since Air Asia don’t have this route, yet!! Hopefully will have in the future)
4. Sydney – Melbourne : By Local Airline
5. Melbourne – KL : By Air Asia X
6. KL – Jakarta : By Air Asia

Day 1
We flew with air asia from Jakarta to KL and had the connecting flight to Gold Coast with air asia X. it was a 10 hours flight, but it was convenience and nice, I even caught a sunrise from above…, so beautiful. We arrived at the coolanggatta airport, rented a car & then had a lunch in local restaurant which has a very tasty lasagna, my baby loved it, he eats alot…, thank to the owner/the name of the resto”Christo”. There in the resto, we eat in the porch and we’re being surrounded by birds that waiting for the gifts away foods, and when we feed them, the all will be stampeding for it, how cute, we all loved it. after that we drove through the coast and had a couple stop at burleighn heads and currumbin, Nice view indeed…, we loved it. At down we’re head to the hotel “Treasure Island” which is a family holiday park and went straight to our cabin bed and sleep like snow white in a spell.

Day 2
We drove from gold coast to Mt. Tambourine, there we went to the national parks, to the famous sky walk and have a stop to eat n shop at the local village which is very neat and have a very interesting unique architecture. Then we drove back to Surfers Paradise and enjoy the night there.

Day 3
We flew from coolangatta to Sydney, and rented a car there, but it proven not a really wise choice if you only want to go round the city, since it’s hard to find a parking lot in sydney, and it’s expensive too, so my advise to you, just use the Hop in Hop Off, and You’ll get all of sydney and above ( I borrow Air Asia Tag Line…, hahaha). So, today we just put the rented car in overpriced parking lot and enjoy the city of Sydney and also Bondy from the Hop in Hop Off bus. We love to feel the breeze as we go on this tour.

Day 4
Today we went to Blue mountain (here, the car is absolutely useful) we stop at leura, one of the most beautiful town I’ve seen, especially it was autum, so the city filled with colorful tree, so romantic&beautiful, and then we cought a sunset at the famous “Three Sister”…, what a magnificent view. We stay at the YHA Katoomba, a really nice place to stay, I had a lot of fun there, since I got to meet a lot of people from all around the globe, my son even got a friend, a 2,5 years old boy from south africa who’s very cute n caring too, I have a lot of tape of them playing.

Day 5
This day we went to the katoomba skylift, I loved it there, my fav was the ride woth the skyway, where we can see what’s underneath us, breathtaking. after that we spent our evening drank coffee and eat the tastiest grape cheese cake i’ve ever eat in a romantic garden cafe in leura.

Day 6
and we’re back to sydney, the whole city is great, but to mention my favorite is the ROCK where we can see the sydney opera house and the harbor bridge all together.

Day 7
Our next city is Melbourne, that’s the last city we travel before we headed back to KL. We choose to stay in st. Kilda near melbourne city, coz we love beaches. And st kilda is well known for its beaches, its beautifull there, with a view of a port which I love, with hundreds of boats and seagull. We went around st kilda and city by tram, which was a very convenience way to travel in Victoria. Then we also drove to dandenong mt and ride the old puffing billy train and experience the country side view which was beautiful.

Day 8
Too bad…. Our journey must ended, we have to go back to reality and start packing for our flight home (Melbourne – Kl – Jakarta all by the magnificent “Air Asia).

Surely, this journey is our vacation of a life time, our highlight in the whole 2010, we really enjoyed it and will remembered it always. Thanks to Air Asia, which making a journey overseas is possible for everyone. And Australia is surely not the end, for the next holiday, we already plan for other “asia and beyond” vacation, anywhere is possible, as long as Air Asia has the route, The World… Here We Came !!!!