Last weekend, our Allstars team from Group Digital, Customer Care, Ancillary, Marketing, ICT and In-Flight departments gathered for a fun-filled day where they spent a day learning baking techniques at the Malaysian Institute of Baking. Read the experience from our fellow Allstar, Farhana below!

I’d like to think that I was blessed with a hidden talent for baking. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so when I heard that the Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB) was sponsoring us a half-day baking class, I jumped on the opportunity to learn from the best.

Learning about mixing and developing dough (Photo credit: Farhana Marwan)

To begin our journey towards baking greatness, we were first taught of the basics by Dr.Baker himself, Don Yong. Then, we were assigned to groups of four, alongside one of the institute’s students to help us out. Throughout the 3-hour baking session in the kitchen, we were given the opportunity to learn the steps taken to bake a delicious German muesli bread, the buttery and scrumptious Scottish shortbread and decorate the tangy yet sinfully sweet Black Forest Cake.

Hard at work with our masterpieces, but we will always make time to snap a picture. (Photo credit: Aina Azrin)

One of the skills we learnt that day was how to make chocolate shavings. Admittedly, we ate more of the chocolate than saving them as decorations for our Black Forest Cake but nevertheless, it was enlightening to learn of this new skill!

Most of the chocolate shavings went straight into my mouth. But I managed to decorate my Black Forest Cake with some that I didn’t eat.

It was such an interactive baking class, where the chefs explained to us the rationale behind using a specific ingredient, and what it could do to elevate the flavours of the dessert. Safe to say that right now, all of us have a better appreciation of the hard work that goes into making a seemingly simple dessert

Watch out, there are new baking experts in town! (Photo credit: Aina Azrin)

From all of us at AirAsia, we would like to thank everyone at the Malaysian Institute of Baking for sponsoring us and giving us the opportunity to learn about the art of baking. Learn more about baking and what the Malaysian Institute of Baking has to offer via MIB Corporate Bonding and Productivity (CBP) Programmes or their Facebook page.

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