What a momentous day it was for AirAsia & AirAsia X yesterday. We are humbled to have been jointly awarded the prestigious Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Airline of the Year Award for 2009 this year at the CAPA Aviation Awards for Excellence presentation ceremony, held at the Great Wall Sheraton in Beijing, China.

We can only thank each and everyone of you out there who has supported us through the years, and grow together with us every moment of the way. We only look forward to continue doing our best, ensuring that all of you will have more great stories to share with us, and about us.

“From 2 planes to 80 and from 200,000 to over 75 million passengers in just a short 7 years marks unprecedented growth by any airline globally, let alone a low fare airline like AirAsia. We are deeply flattered to accept this award and this shall further bolster our pledge – to provide superior services coupled with our low fares plus diverse service options to our guests. This is our promise,” he concluded.

The CAPA Airline of the Year 2009 award is deemed the uppermost level of recognition given to airlines for excellent achievements in the aviation industry and outstanding strategic contribution over the course of the past year.

Our Group CEO, Tony Fernandes was awarded the CAPA Legend Award (Aviation Hall of Fame) for 2009 for shaping the way the aviation industry has evolved, along with Dato’ Seri Bashir Ahmad (Managing Director of Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad), Ray Webster (founding CEO of EasyJet), Dr Cheong Choong Kong (former Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Airlines) and Maurice Flanagan (founding Vice Chairman, Emirates Airline) who were previous winners of this award.

Many more things that you can look forward to from us, such as new routes, greater network, & groundbreaking lie-flat bed seats next year! :)

Achieving this might not have been easy, but this is proof that if one dares to dream the impossible, believe the unbelievable & never take no for an answer… all things are possible.

Let’s continue to make more dreams come true :)

  • Weng Hooi

    First of all, I would like to congratulate Tony’s for his achievement. I would say he deserves for this award.Congratez!!!Because of dare to dream the impossible,believe the unbelievable & never take no for an answer, you have give me and the rest of the people out there a chance to live up our dreams..Although, this time I did not make it to the final for the cadet pilot programme but I will never take no for an answer and give up my dream. Because of your words,it gives me energy and power to be stronger and face everyday with full of hopes..I hope AirAsia will continue to give me a chance as what said by legend Magic Johnson,”the kids outside there what they need actually its just a chance”Yea…Tony,you are cool!!!!Congratulations again….

    Weng Hooi(“,)

  • Lita

    Hi Air Asia,

    Just a comment on your TV commercial of a boy and his grandmother, who describe the flight attendants as “hot” with the camera panning the flight attendants butt. I find it quite silly. Not only do you devalue women, but you throw your company back several decades in sophistication. For your information, there are many women travellers nowadays, and many airlines are hiring male flight attendants, to cater to these women, why on earth would a grandmother say the flight attendants are hot! Get with it!

  • Kong Sun

    To answer Lita question.

    If i am not wrong that video is made by Yasmin Ahmad. Well all of us know that the video made by her has a moral value behind it which not many ppl will understand.

  • Adrian

    Congratulation!! Airasia…GReat! Great! gReat!…Airlines of the year 2009……
    Great successful and brilliant achievement for airasia….
    I’m strongly agree with slogan and the colour of airasia- RED.
    First, let me talk about the slogan.
    Many people have their 1st journey in the sky by taking airasia. With airasia, we have the chance to go traveling as tickets is economic and enjoy the world class airlines services.
    When talk about colour,as we know in chinese culture RED means lucky,successfully,everythings go smoothly………
    all about the good things.
    Besides, RED is a resplendent and bright colour that everyone can notice from far far away.
    hope airasia can achieve the world’s top airlines in future.
    GamBateH airasia..we are supporting airasia…-bravo…