AirAsia has been around for six years, and sorry to say I have only started using AirAsia 2 years ago even though I travel alot. I heard people condemning AirAsia yet they board on AirAsia again and again.

AirAsia gave me a bad impression tho’ because my first trip using AirAsia, my flight was delayed three hours. ( I would have earned the RM200 rebate if it was on that time.) I have only used AirAsia 5 times, but I would say I have no bad experiences with them. The staff in LCCT were really friendly and polite, service was great, the on-board chairs were comfortable, the stewardesses are helpful and I could sleep comfortably in the plane. I could not have ask more with the amount of money I paid.

AirAsia may not be recognized for great service, but one thing for sure, their price is not something to beat up. The “now everyone can fly” is not only a motto that allows folks from rural areas to fly, but allows them to bond as well! Family trips are a lot more affordable , couples and friends could go for holidays, young-starters entreprenuers could meet and expand their business and kids who study abroad could come home often! Let’s face it, AirAsia has done a huge part in the tourism Industry in Malaysia.



  1. Well Melanie, indeed AirAsia had done great job in promoting Malaysia, connecting people, bringing people closer, creating laughter and many more good deeds that should be appreciated. After all, it is an airline from our own country.

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