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06 February 2009

Thank you AirAsia for making my first holiday a great success.

By Dh

My first holiday trip to Mainland China and Hong Kong was a wonderful one as it broadened my perspective on cultures, economics and people. It is unimaginable that these experiences cannot be learnt blindly from the textbooks. I wish I could do that.

Having completed studies and just fresh out of college makes my budget tight but with AirAsia’s competitively priced yet value for money flight services, it makes travelling affordable to the general public. I learn more in the process.

Thank you AirAsia for making this possible. I just discovered that studying at a local college is not dull after all. I can still remember looking at multinational companies’ Asian headquarters in Hong Kong gives me the urge to excel and hope to work with them one day! No matter what, I would certainly fly with AirAsia again the next time I want to travel.

Keep up the good work!