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16 June 2011

Team Kairiri – Day 1 in New Zealand

By Kairiri

The day has finally come. Sharply at 7pm, the participants were all gathered at the Airasia headquater in LCCT Kuala Lumpur. Swee Ping representing Airasia and Melanie of New Zealand Tourism Board were present to give briefing about the New Zealand trip.

Miss Yong and Miss Melaine

The participants were divided into two teams and each team has a blogger as the team leader. Team Kaitaki (Challanger) is led by Budiey from Malaysia and consist of Uzair (winner of airasia x’s ‘faces go places’ phase 1), Auntie Zara ,and Zaid. Team Kairiri (fighter) is lead by James from China, Franly (winner of airasia X’s ‘faces go places’ Phase 1) , Thenly and Vincent.

Team Kairiri

Team Kaitaki

The teams departed form LCCT Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch at 11.40pm and arrived at 10am in Malaysian time. We received an instant warm and yet friendly welcome as soon as we get in the Christchurch international arrival hall by Fiona and Guy.

After that we were brought over to International Antarctic Centre. This was where the real fun began. We had our adrenaline rush pumping up to climax with the rough Hagglund ride. We went through steep hills, deep lake, and sharp turns. Sometimes we felt like the vehicle literally just about to flip over and everybody screamed out of it! And that is what the fun is all about.

After that we went to watch some documentary of tourism in New Zealand in 4D format which was absolutely amazing! The effects were prefect making the film looked so real! Lastly we went to Antarctic Room and leave with unforgettable memory of how cold it could be in the summer antarctic (-17’c – 8’c). All was absolutely amazing!!

International Antarctic Centre

Finally we end our day in Christchurch by heading to the Hanmer Spring for the upcoming activities. We stay in the beautiful the heritage hotel. After going downtown for a fine dinner we head back to our hotel to have some rest and be prepared for the upcoming challenges the following day.

After dinner

Team Kairiri