17 June 2011 – DAY 4 We are leaving Peppers Resort, Lake Tekapo.


We had a warm and pleasant night. Thanks to Tourism of New Zealand for the confortable stay. Thanks to Peppers Resort for alocating our room facing the Lake of Tekapo. Unfortunately, we have to leave Peppers Resort for Queenstown.

We then are heading to Queenstown which takes a journey for 3 hours. We don’t move that early, first we stop at Run 77 Cafe/Deli General Store and took our breakfast.

We had toasted white bread and hot chocolate. At Run 77 we can find winter accessories at reasonable price . The tempreture at Lake Tekapo –1 degree celcius. After having our breakfast, we start our tour to next destination, Queentown.


Its so lovely as we headed along the journey to Queenstown. When we passed Fairlie, we can see the Alps slowly covered with ice and snow. The beautiful scenery really lovely and stunning.

Thanks to Tourism of New Zealand to have given us this good experience watching the mountains covered with snow which we missed it in our country. Both side of the road, we can see dairy farming and grapes orchard.

This is wintertime so the orchard gets dried up. At Twizel we can see pine trees along the reoad. This town is called the Town of Trees. As we move on, we noticed that dairy farming, ship rearing are the main economics.


As we passed along, we can see the beautiful Lake Benmore. We stopped for 20 minutes at Tarras Country Store to get fresh air and taken photograph. On top of the hill we can see two men hunting rabits.

After everybody has get into the cars, we start to move on. Again we stropped, taken some photos at the fruits replica at Cromwell. After having done with the photography session we start to move on.


At noon, we reach at Novotel Hotels, Queenstown. This is our next stay in New Zealand. Our luggage is kept in the hotel but then we don’t check-in as yet. We followed Mdm Fiona to the Lakeside. There we were given instruction for our next event. We have to find FERGBURGER somewhere around the streedt of town Queenstown.

Our task is to find the main New Zealand food recepies and fruits. As the event starts, we make our first move that is to ask people of New Zealand. We asked one men for the way and he showed us the way but did not mentioned which lane to turn right. We then ask one guy, but that actually didn’t help. He lead us to a wrong way.

We was lucky to meet three Singaporian girls. Thanks girls for showing us the way. Unfortunately, we were late. Team KIARIRI reached FERGBURGER earlier. We ordered The Codfather of Fresh Blue Cod with fruits juices.

According to Miss Lindsey of FERGBURGER, food be ready in 10 minutes. Well… at the same time, other customer still needs their order prepared in time. Time really chasing, we got our order more then 10 minutes.

Team KAITAKI then make a run to the Lakeside. There we ate our food that we ordered. Anyway… we still have good time resting and watching some ducks. We shared our burger. This momentum will never be seen again once we leave Queenstown at Lake Wakatipu.


After having eaten the burgers, we start moving on to our next event. That is to ride the Doppelmaur Gondola, Skyline, Brecon Street, Queenstown. Skyline is famous with the gondola ride to the top and see the beauty of Wakatipu basin.

After having the tickets, we happily ride on the Gondola to all the way the Luge. We took a short trek down and met Miss Kaylie. She has arrange our event, to ride luge by carrying a glass of water and boil egg on spoon on a helmet.

We need to go up by riding a chairlift to the next destination. We were given time to practice the luge for the trial. We make the round and enjoyed it so much. First turn done by Mohamad Uzair and Fanly. Both really taking care with the water from spelled all over.

Time for the rest of the two teams and we all starts at the same time. As we moving down, some water spilled over and get our jackets wet. Towards the end, turn to let the water goes into a bowl. Our team has got the water more then team KAIRIRI.

Our point equals, Mdm Fiona had to think another event. After being experienced at Skyline viewing the spectacular views we went down to the restaurant.


A warm welcome by the Kapa Haka groups. The name of New Zealand in Mouri is AOTEAROA, Queenstoem is TAHUNA.

We experienced the fearsome of the Kapa Haka groups. Puan Zaharah from our team KIATAKI representing the ladies doing the Poi traditional dancing. Mohamad Uzair representing the men dancing the hunting tradional show. Towards the end, one of the representatives anounced that Tenly the worrior.

KIWI HAKA have always entertained with cultural performance that gives us the educational of the Maori heritage. We moved and ride gondola down and back to hotel.

We check in at Novotel Hotel and gets our room keys. This is our first stay in Queenstown. As for dinner we have to get on our own. We was given some money for the bills. At 8.30 pm, we went out to find our food. Finally, we found a ‘HALAL’ Turkey’s Kebab.

We went back to the hotel and met Tenly, Vincent and Fanly. We walked together to NOVOTEL. We found that Queenstown so peacefull at night. We simply love the environment. Thanks Tourism of New Zealand and AirAsia for the great experience.