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19 June 2011

Team Kaitaki Fights Back! : AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero Day 3

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Day 3 in South Island, New Zealand is filled with surprises! Read on to find out what it is the surprises!

Have I mentioned that Terrace Downs is a beautiful resort? There was a full moon (and shortly an eclipse occurred – it was spectacular!) and the sky was filled with stars at 6 a.m.

Both Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri begun their day early with breakfast at 7:30 a.m and then the wonderful team in Terrace Downs sent the teams into a challenge that sent them breathless.

If you have not know yet (which means you have to start following their Twitter now at Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri because you wouldn’t want to missed out the chance to win our daily Twitter challenge!) the teams were given a treasure hunt challenge!

The treasure hunt begun with the teams getting a quick lesson by Nigel, a PGA professional golfer on how to hit the golf ball. Franly from Team Kairiri was the natural golfer – even Nigel complimented his body position and stance is equivalent to an experienced golfer!

Maybe Franly will start playing golf from now on?

After the lesson and practice session, both teams have to face their first treasure hunt challenge – to hit the golf ball over the rugby score board. The winning team will get a chance for “fast forward” – where they get the privilege to start ahead of the other team.

So the “fast forward” battle begin with Auntie Zara and Franly. Can you guess who won this round? Franly! And this has given Team Kairiri a heads-up in leading the contest!

The teams were given numerous challenges ranging from hitting the golf ball passed the pond, looking for clue in the Spa, trying to hit the golf ball into the hole, tennis challenge, hitting the golf ball passed designated area, finally putting up the bathrobe and run to the finish line!

It was a fierce competition between both teams but Team Kairiri was leading ahead throughout the challenge. However a twist of fate changed their winning to losing when the team encountered a problem with their golf cart!

Thus leading to the winning of Team Kaitaki!

Team Kairiri was clearly disappointed as the team was leading all the way till they encountered the problem with their golf cart and the team were only seconds behind Team Kaitaki on the run to the finish line.

But the disappointment didn’t last long when the teams were both treated to archery as a reward for their wonderful team spirits! We were given a lesson by Chris, who is in-charge of the archery in Terrace Downs. Everyone had so much fun and we almost didn’t want to leave!

So right after the challenge in the beautiful, luxurious Terrace Downs, we head on the road again and this time our destination is to Lake Tekapo!

I love the long drive on the road in New Zealand because the sceneries along the journey is simply gorgeous! The beautiful sky, lovely greens (the trees, the mountains) and the sighting of sheeps and cows are almost like picture perfect like any New Zealand postcards. If you love nature – South Island, New Zealand is a must-go-destination that you should not miss out!

We arrived in Lake Tekapo in just about 3-hour drive from Canterbury and we headed directly to Alpine Springs where the next challenge lies for the teams. At that point of time, the teams were wondering if they need to do ice-skating challenge?

Well, their guess wasn’t far from the actual challenge which is curling! Curling is (explaination) and the teams were both given chance to practice by Scott, Alpine Springs before the challenge begins.

Team Kaitaki and Team Kairiri were given 2 chances for each team member to try and hit the target set. The winning criteria for both team is that they have to hit the target or the curling ball closest to the target.

And again, the “fighters” Team Kaitaki surprises everyone presence as their team members present an absolutely stunning curling skills! They easily beaten Team Kairiri in this battle that our jaw dropped while watching the teams doing the challenge.

Who would have thought that just within a day, Team Kaitaki chased up to Team Kairiri and brought the score to 2:2 which brought the latest score to a draw!

It was certainly a day filled with surprises! We were quite concerned if Team Kairiri would feel beaten after losing 2 challenges on the same day but luckily, Lake Tekapo came to the rescue! We decided to visit the famous “Church of the the Good Shepherd” where we were told that many couples would come here to proclaim their love and sealed their marriage with the beautiful Lake Tekapo as their love proclamation ground.

Lovely place to get married, don’t you think? 😉