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15 June 2011

Team Kaitaki – Day 1 in New Zealand

By Kaitaki

Team Kaitaki

Firstly, we would like to thank to AirAsia and Tourism New Zealand for giving my team “KAITAKI” the opportunity to compete in the AirAsia ‘Faces Go Places’ contest. With that victory, we have the chance visiting the beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand and formed into team.

KAITAKI vs KAIRIRI. KAITAKI team members are Mohamad Uzair Othman, Budiey (our team leader), Mohd Zaid Othman and Zaharah Aluwi. KAIRIRI teams members are James (Leader), Franly James, Vincent Chong and Thenly Kok.

We met at the AirAsia office at 7.00pm. We was introduced by Ms Swee Ping and Ms Melanie and they give some briefing and advice ragarding the competition. We gathered and start knowing each other. After that we took group photos. At 8.00 pm we took our dinner and 9.40 pm we met Ms Swee Ping and Melanie to check –in. After check-in, we start our first tweet and we proceed to gate 18 time for boarding.

Both teams : Kaitaki & Kairiri

Owesome! That was our first time boarded into AirAsia X. We been travelling with AirAsia quite a number of time but AirAsia X flight D7 2756 and Captain Asri Iskandar and his crew flown us to Chrischurch peacefully. We have a pleasant and confortable flight. The good smile of the crews makes our moment unforgetable. Yes! The food so delicious. We was surprised that food was given twice. Thanks AirAsia. At 2.00 pm we landed Christchurch. Oh! It’s really beautiful. We were welcome by Ms Fiona and Mr Guy. We notice that the imigration lady was very friendly. We entered Christchurch smoothly. Thanks to Tourism New Zealand.

Hagglund ride

We were guided by Ms Fiona and Mr Guy and brought us the first place THE INTERNATIONAL ANTARCTIC CENTRE (The world’s best Antarctic Attraction) that just nereby the International Christchurch Airport. It’s open everyday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Amazing! Antarctic really brings the Antarctic life near us. Wow! Wow! Wow! We was driven to the amazing Antarctic Hagglund Ride by Mr John. It’s really an advanture ride. Feels like riding a roller coaster.

Climbing the 7 meters Hill of Terror and go into water as deep 3 meters. Thanks John for giving us that ride. It was fun and amazing. Hope to ride again!

After having fun with the Hagglund Ride, we moved on to watch the 4D extream. We enjoy to experience exploring the real life of panguins, poala bears and others Antarctic ecosystem. What most fun was the splashing of waters, snowing, iceberg falls on us. Feels like real! Before ending, we watched the 4D movie “THE CURSE OF SKULL ROCK” something like the Pirate of the Carribean.

4D Extreme Theatre

We were then move to the Antarctic Storm. We were given warm jackets and must wear overshoes. Reason is to keep the snow clean. Really fun to have experienced the snow storm. Really Cold. It was -15 degree Celsius. The room really exhilarating. We took pictures at the igloo and ATV.

The Antarctic Storm

At 5.00 p.m. we proceed to Hanmer Springs. Team KAITAKI was driven all the way by Ms Fiona. She is a lovely and friendly. Along our way we did ask some question and she willingly to answer. Thanks Fiona, you are very nice! We find beautiful panorama along the way to Hanmer Springs.

At 5.00pm, we can see the full moon shines beautifully. The tempreture around 3 degree celsius when we reached Hanmer Springs at 7.00pm. We we given a villa for each team. So this is the Heritage Hanmer Springs view. At 8.10pm we went for our dinner at Malabar Restaurant (Indian Restaurant). Here we have halal food as well. Food is great and delicous.

Dinner at Malabar

Thanks again to AirAsia and Tourism New Zealand.

Welcome to New Zealand..Don’t miss it !!!

Team Kaitaki