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19 June 2011

Team Kairiri: New Zealand – Day 3

By Kairiri

It was a beautiful morning in Terrace Downs High Country Resort. Today, the challenge started with treasure hunt. It was such a good opportunity for us as the challenge will bring us all over the resort. At first, we were taught on how to play golf.

All were first timers so the golf went like anywhere.haha.. When all were ready, we were given our first task and the game is on!! Luck was not by our side this morning. The other team ran faster leaving us behind. Anyway, we absolutely loved Terrace Downs, we really had a good time going all around the resort.

After that we had archery and everybody was so excited to have their first aims. We really had a good time there and all seems to be getting better at it.

Our relentless run of fun and challenges just keep our love for New Zealand deeper and bigger.