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16 June 2011

Team Kairiri : Day 2 in New Zealand

By Kairiri

The excitement continued today at Hanmer Spring. First challenge was called lazy river where contestants were needed to swim round the pool against the water flow. Out of the four rounds our Kairiri team won three which enabled us to bag the first winner title.

Then we had our second challange, claybird shooting. Again Kairiri team proved its prowess by defeating Kaitaki team, 8-7.

After that we had a quick lunch at Rangiora. Everbody was enjoying their meals. Then, we headed our way to Terrace Downs High Country Resort and will be staying here for the night. At 7.30 pm we had dinner. After that, we went back to the hotel and rest early for the next challenges tomorrow.

We won all the challenges today and hopefully we will win more.