Some people like collecting stamps, some like to collect coins or stones but the whole objective of collecting stuff, I guess, is to amass a variety of items that is to become one’s pride and joy.

We collect stuff too, it’s a common sight on tables – well at least for the Web Team, they are. Table Souvenirs! Small items that we bring back to the office for one another after each to remind ourselves of our trips. Since AirAsia flies to 61 destinations… you can bet that there are plenty of items on our desk!

Check it out… 😉

A regular sight on our desks.

I picked items off my colleagues table for this mini ‘photo shoot’! No guessing where the elephant is from, Bangkok of course. Think massage and shopping…

Our boss went to Laos and sent a postcard back to us! We were quiet surprised to receive it in our mail. Nevertheless, check out the stamp’s postal mark and the price of the stamp. I also flicked a Cambodian key chain from my colleague to add some bling to the picture.

Looks like the big doll is hugging the tiny one don’t you think? Both dolls are from different places but they looked so cute, I thought I’d put them together.

My favourite souvenir and helps relieves stress as well. It’s a squishy from Chiang Mai! We were so impressed with it when our boss brought it back for us. We had ourselves some good fun toying around with this.

I can’t wait to have my own adventure collecting (and distributing) table souvenirs! If you’re a table souvenir collector as well, don’t forget to check out our latest Absolute Deals campaign on We’ve just recently gone Absolute Airbus (AirAsia Malaysia) and we’re celebrating! 😉 A great reason for low fares.


  • Hemala

    OMG….my nephews would looooove that lollipop in the first picture…what does the 6 mean

  • Daniel

    the Lollipop is the AirAsia’s 6th Anniversary Party Door Gift last december 😉