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I want to fly to Taipei because T.aiwan A.bsolutely P.lace for E.xcitement & I.nerrable joy of its naturally beauty.

If I win the two tickets to Taipei, I would like to have a backpack trip with my boyfriend in his coming birthday. Before I met him, I’m a girl who rarely think of traveling oversea as it would be an expensive trip. He is the one who encourages me to travel more as he says that the world is alot bigger than you can imagine as understanding other people’s culture and their lifestyle would be the most interesting and experience to have. Sometimes, it made us feel that how lucky we are and learn to appreciate people around us as alot people out there are working so HARD to maintain their life. I would love to get this opportunity to get him to Taiwan again as he has an enormous dream which is to travel most of the Asia countries before his 30 years old. It would be a great experience and memory to be shared among friends and family.

Why I said Taiwan is a wonderful place to be visited. Being traveled to Taiwan once and managed to visit only the North part of Taiwan and yet not fully covered Taipei. I would like to share my Taiwan trip here. My next mission to Taiwan is to travel south part of Taiwan. 🙂

Things must be known before departing to Taipei..
1) 228 Incident of Taiwan History (Google search)
2) Tribe of Taiwanese aborigines consist of Atayal(泰雅族), Truku (太鲁阁族), Saisiyat (賽夏族),Thao(邵族-Alishan) , Askizaya(撒奇莱雅族), Bunun(布农族), Kavalan (噶玛兰族), Amis (阿美族), Tsou (邹族), Rukai(鲁凯族), Puyuma(卑南族), Yami(雅美族)and Paiwan (排灣族).
3) Taiwan Year (Current Year – 11years). Eg: Taiwan Year in 2009 is 1998

Arrive at Taiwan on the First Day
Can’t wait to have the first meal in Taipei after 4 hours long journey flight from Malaysia to TaoYuan Airport?
After reaching TaoYuan Airport, we headed straight to hostel to put our luggage. And then we head towards Shilin Night Market(士林夜市)for local Night Market famous snacks.
There is variety of food in Shilin which you may consider like egg and Oyster Omelet(蚵仔煎), small sausage in big sausage (大香肠包小香肠), rice dumpling, stinky(臭豆腐)¸¯, braised pork rice(卤肉饭), hand made noodle and etc.. (Click here to view other food name in chinese and english.)

Interesting Places to be visited at Taiwan
One of my day trip itinerary was traveling to XiMen Ding ->Yeh Liu Geopark(野柳) -> Jiu Fen(九分) -> Kee Lung (基隆)-> Kee Lung Night Market. Of course, when visiting Xi Men Ding (西门町) MUST try the famous hand made noodle called Ah Chung Noodle(阿宗面线). Bus is the main transportation to get these destinations.

My next destination is Hualien. Taroko National Park which is in Hualien is a very wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of its nature. Going to Taroko National Park would take a whole day trip and driving a car or taking a cab would be suitable as distance to each taroko’s tourism spot is not walking distance. After visiting Taroko National Park, we went to Hua Lien City to enjoy the Amis tribe dancing night performance. It was a wonderful time to understand Amis’s tribe wedding culture and have chance to take photo with them with their traditional clothings.
Amis Dancing Performance

Next day, we went sightseeing at Hua Lien most beautiful sea side and took alot nice photos.

On the sixth day, we started our journey traveling from HuaLien to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) located at Nantou. Along the way to Sun Moon Lake, the mountain scenery is magnificient, we manage stop to take picture. Besides the scenery, we stopped by at few places too like Qing Jing Farm where we can see all kind of sheeps and sheeps related soveniour and lastly before we reach Sun Moon Lake we stopped by Puli where all the great wines are brewed there. After that we headed straight to LOVE Home Hostel in Sun Moon Lake which we have booked in advance. After dropping down our luggage, we started our first destination at Sun Moon Lake which is Wen Wu Temple (日月潭文武廟) together with two friendly Hong Kong visitors.
Next early morning, we boarded a boat to have a trip around lake. Along the lake, there are explaination of why the lake is called Sun Moon Lake, it is because of the shape of each bay and island tat resemble the sun and the moon. After finishing the boat ride, we hurried back to the home stay to grab our bags and we head towards Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村). In there, we manage to see some performance and dances preformed by the 9 tribes there. There are alot of wax doll protraying the tribes culture and what they do often.

The next destination in our itenary is Alishan, the most famous scenic spot during this season in Alishan are the Sakuras. It was so enjoyable looking and taking picture of the Sakura as this is my first encounter of such beautiful flower. Alishan is also famous with its richnesss of Cypress forest, especially the Yellow and False Red Cypress which age around thousand years old. For tea lover, alishan is well-known for their tea. According to local people there, tea that are planted in high areas (阿里山高山茶)whould be the best choice to buy. Next morning, we woke up at 4am and and rush to the railway station to take the Alishan Forest Railway train to reach the famous Zhu Mountain(祝山) to withness the sunrise. When we reach the top, it was totally darkness but we can still sense all the people around us. The sunrise scene is a memorable moment, as we manage to see the sun rising up like a golden egg yolk between those high moutains and all the clouds around it making me feels like i’m in heaven. At around 11.30am, we leaved Alishan happily towards Taipei and wish I could visit Alishan again.

We are backed in Taipei again, we went to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall(中正紀念堂), Taipei 101 and DanShui old street to grab more souvinier for our friends and family. Lastly we were leaved Taiwan with good memories and experience and went back to Malaysia.

My next destination to Taiwan would be visiting more on the south part of Taiwan such as Gao Xiong 高雄, Hua Lien .. etc.
As during summer in HuaLien, there will be more adventurous activities such as Whale Watching as well as get the chance to see dolphins with others from around the world and as well as Water Rafting Adventure.

More interesting places to be visited in Taipei City(台北市)and Taoyuan County(桃園縣) which I wish to go to such as
-Window on China (小人國主題樂園)
-National Taiwan Museum + 228 Park
-Yangmingshan National Park (阳明山国家公园)
-Longshan Temple -龍山寺
Well that’s all from me. Hope you guys enjoying reading this blog.



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    Nice exprience and lesson learned through this session..
    Good Jobs..

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