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06 May 2012

Sydney Triple X: X-citing, X-static & X-hilarating! [Part 3]

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Who would’ve thought that this amazing scenery is located in New South Wales, Australia?

Not a scene from movie, the resplendent Blue Mountains is located just a mere 90 minutes drive from Sydney and it is Australia’s most accessible wilderness!

It is not an exaggeration when I tell you that the Blue Mountains literally transported me back in time to Jurassic era, with its untouched natural beauty (as if civilization never even set foot on) & its majestic scenery of a unique kind, which is no surprise that it is inscribed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Now you may be wondering, why is the name Blue Mountains when it is so filled with lush greenery? The Blue Mountains derives its name from the blue halo caused by the oil released from the huge number Eucalyptus trees surrounding the mountains.

Upon reaching the Blue Mountains region, we drove to a hidden valley for some morning tea along with delicious Anzac biscuits and some Tim Tams! Of course, the scenery was just too beautiful that we couldn’t help ourselves but to snap some “jump” shots 😛

Right after our morning tea, we headed over to Wenworth Falls to get to Flat Rock for an amazing scenic view of the mountainous region. Standing right there and watching the beautiful scenery literally left us all speechless.

From there, we headed on to Scenic World Blue Mountains for some adrenaline rush – yup, we are going for sit on the world’s steepest incline railway and to enter the Jurassic rainforest! And no, there were no dinosaurs if you are expecting one 😛

Why would it be an adrenaline rush experience? Well, just imagine sitting on a roller-coaster ride without any safety harness strapped on and free-falling down a steep railway! Words cannot describe the kick I felt! Experience it yourself at Scenic World Blue Mountains!

After the exhilarating experience, we were brought to “float” on air! Yup, at 270 metres above ancient ravines and dazzling waterfalls, we rode on the Scenic Skyway on a 720 metre journey to view the Jurassic rainforests with a 360 degree bird’s eye view on Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and Mount Solitary.

That’s not all, the ride also contains an electro-sceniglass floor which offers a breathtaking view through the glass cabin floor!

From Scenic World Blue Mountains, we headed to Koomurri Aboriginal Centre for an authentic and dynamic cultural experience where we were given an opportunity to watch the traditional indigenous dance by the friendly aborigines!

Easy to get to, impossible to forget is the perfect sentence to describe the Blue Mountains. I highly recommend it to you for a memorable visit!Thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable guides from Australian Wild Escape, the trip to the Blue Mountains was very enjoyable and at the same time, educational as they shared many useful history and facts along the journey :-)

So apart from seeing the scenic mountainous regions of New South Wales, visiting Taronga Zoo, climbing the Bridge, dining in Sydney Tower and watching an open air opera performance, what else is a must-visit in Sydney?

My answer would be Sydney Royal Easter Show! Hosted annually in Sydney Olympic Park, it is the largest annual event in Australia and an iconic showcase of Australian culture, heritage and excellence which combines innovation in agriculture, history, education and at the same time entertaining with a long history dated back to 1823!

From getting up-close with the cute farm animals, to an adrenaline rush experience on one of the scariest ride in Australia to enjoying a wide-range of delicious food while watching the spectacular event, the Easter Show has something for everyone from all walks of life and age!

Being in the Easter Royal Show brings back the child in me where as a kid, I used to visit Fun Fairs for the rides, performances and food. I visited the farmyard nursery where visitors get to touch and see many farm animals like sheep, donkeys, goats, chickens and even rabbits (we can pet the animals too!).

I also got to witness the wood-chopping championship known as “Wimbledon of Woodchopping” where contestants from all around Australia and even New Zealand compete in few categories where passion, power and precision are the key in winning. Being part of the spectators, we naturally cheered for the contestants from start till finish although we didn’t really have a favourite!

My favourite part of the show would be the Sydney Royal Rodeo Series and RAS Stockmens’ ride! Watching the rodeo series for the first time, I got to say, it is really exciting as we watched the riders on the back of the fast and furious animals where only the ultimate rider with the strength to stay on triumphs! Of course, we couldn’t help but to wince out with a loud “OUCH” when the riders fell down from the animals!

The RAS Stockmens ride showcased the very foundation of Australia’s rural heritage (the horses) and to celebrate the long and cherished relationship between the horse and the rider. It is truly a spectacular performance with a stirring musical display of synchronised horsemanships showcasing 24 stockmen, two five-in-hand CObb and Co coaches and 30-piece NSW Police Force Concert Band!

Shopaholics would love the show-bag pavilion where one can buy all kind of goodies bags at an incredible price and it is not just catered for kids (cartoon goodies are abundant!) but even for adults as there are goodies bags for both men and women, and not to mention food show-bags (for foodies like myself!).

It is impossible to experience, watch or try every single thing in the Easter Show in a day so if you plan to visit it next year, you can check out their website to plan your itinerary :-)

Check out more photos at AirAsia Facebook. If you missed out the earlier blogpost, you can read it here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 :-)

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Swee Ping (AirAsia Social Media Team)