Smack right in the center of Surfers Paradise, sun blistering hot, eyes reduced to a slit, the wind sounded like drones of airplane….. I can’t believe the weather. How could it be this hot?

This was my first few hours in Gold Coast, wandering aimlessly while waiting for my entry time into the apartment. Had a fantastically huge mutton kebab that cost me RM35, a big bottle of mineral water that cost me RM10 and my friend told me to stop counting in Malaysian Ringgit.

What is it about Gold Coast ?
The BEACH !!!!!
Hit the beach on the first early morning.
Every 5 o’clock in the morning.
One long stretch of beach till you can’t see the end of it.
Never seen such a big ball of sun before, rising and burning like that.

Weather gets better in Sea World.
Here I met with Mr Walrus, the adoring , hugable and undetachable from the bench guy.
If you wonder about Polar bears from Arctic, or wonder why dolphins never ended up on someone’s dinner plate …this is the place to find out.

Weather gets even better in Movie World.
See the dark clouds looming behind.
I actually prefer cooler days.
Superman Escape roller coaster seemed to be everybody favorites.
It was nice to see people screaming all the way looping up and down in high speed.
You can just sit down by the fountain and watch this again and again and again.
Here’s video for you to watch again and again and again:

And who I met there?
Where are you ??!
Can’t believe I get to see you!!
Scooby Dooby Doo …oooo I love you !!!!!
Can’t really believe its you oooo ……

Yes, met with my all time favorite cartoon characters.
When I was 8 years old ….. I really wanted to join them.
Anyway, Shaggy was not really as scaredy as he usually portrays on TV.

Well, I must warn you of the Scooby Dooby Doo ride.
Please take seriously of the signage outside the castle.
Please do.
It was my most terrifying and my ONLY ride.

Like being transported into a movie where all characters come to life …….

Batman strolling in his batmobile, Cat Woman with her whip, Wonder Woman and the guys, Austin Powers grinning stupidly, Shrek and Puss in Boots strolls down the lane.
Wonderful time in Movie World!!!!

Hey, there’s more in Gold Coast, I leave it to the rest to tell their stories……cheers!!!!!!


I am always running about, making sure EVERYBODY gets into their flight (terms and conditions applied) and into the RIGHT aircraft.
I love my job because I have a very BIG space to run about and I get to give a thumbs up to the pilots and engineers. I'm in the Ground Operations - Customer Services.

Besides running, I love the usual stuff - food, laughter, snoozing, diamonds, perfume, sports car .......... whatever you can think of.

Will be sharing with you as I go thru day by day here in AirAsia.

  • Almond

    for a second I thought the walrus was a real one! haha! I really want to ride that spooky Scobby Doo coaster!

  • Maria

    OKayyy ….. hahahaahahhaha ….let me laugh first … really hope to hear your experience with the Scooby Ride !!!!!

  • Syahrizal Shafidz

    elo sis nice trip to surfers paradise, do we need to apply for ETA or AirAsia will arrange for it

  • Maria

    ETA you need to apply at Its about 20 Australian Dollar. During check-in at airport, the check-in counters will only check wether all your travel documents complete before accepting you to fly.

  • Amirah Kausar

    am gonna be there mid december … cant wait … 😀

  • Maria

    Enjoy every moment and tell us your story when u get back kay!