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06 April 2011

Super Show 3, Malaysia

By Vivien

Hello, this is my first time to write a blog in the Air Asia blog and I’m really excited to share my SUPER experience I had on last Saturday in the SUPER concert of SUPER JUNIOR, all thanks to Air Asia. Yes! I’m one of the winners who have won a pair of tickets to attend Super Show 3 held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. I thought I was going to miss the concert of the lovely Korean boys when I couldn’t get myself good seats at the very last minute before show but who knows luck was on my side!!

I’ve won seats that were actually better than tickets on sale out there :) :)

The lucky two who sat only 3 seats away from the stage where they boys were standing on! Can you believe it? Even if you’re at home watching TV, your mum will stop you from watching the programmes so near and now what, I get to watch the pretty boys at such a distance with no nagging!!! Wonderful!

It wasn’t my first experience in their concert as I’ve attended Super Show 2 in less than 365 days. And even though I’ve met these boys, I was still excited to see them like I’ve never seen them before. Not only me, everyone who in the stadium were as hyped up! You will definitely agree to me if you were there.

The boys took our breathe away from the very first moment they appeared on stage singing Sorry, Sorry. Gosh. Screams did not stop from that very moment.

You really need to salute these boys because they sang as if they were all lip-synced. They were so good and I felt bad to doubt them when they sang the first song while dancing. The song sounded perfect. The power of K-pop!

Tell me, have you ever seen such cute angels showering confetti all over you?

Besides their powerful and energetic performances on stage that I’ve enjoyed, I’ve also fulfilled myself by getting to TOUCH them! Remember the distance between the boys and I? Ahhhh I actually managed to shake their hands when they came towards the area I was seated.

And of course, getting to touch and see my dream guy, Siwon of SuJu at such a distance is really…. amazing and I should really give Air Asia a big fat THANK YOU! I wouldn’t have my half my dream fulfilled without the winning tickets! Another half of my dream is interact with them like photo taking and getting their autographs or even to talk to them. I can see that coming soon…………. in my dreams tonight.

Once again, thank you Air Asia for the night! It is one night that I’ll never forget.

p/s: To read more about the concert, feel free to visit my blog here :)