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30 September 2012

Summer Sonic 2012 : Feel the love!

By Sarah


I’m a music enthusiast and there are some music festivals that have always been on my bucketlist such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, Glastonbury, and Summer Sonic in Japan! This year one of my dream come true because of AIRASIA, i won awesome summer music festival contest and got some awesome prizes. The most awesome prize is i got 2 tickets to go to summer sonic with my friend. I flew to Japan with AIRASIA X with my bestfriend, called Rifa. After went to sapporo, finally we’reback to Tokyo again. In the hotel, Airasia has sent a mail, and when we opened it WOAA we’re terribly happy. There was a letter from Airasia and 2 tickets to attend Summer Sonic!

Finally, on 17 August we went to Chiba to experienced our first day of Summer Sonic. Chiba is quite far from Tokyo and at the station we could see some people wore cool outfits, we bet they wil came to Summer Sonic also! We stopped at makuhari station and it’s very crowded . We need to change the ticket with a wristband and we got the green wristband for 2 days pass. They divided the entrance into two main spots, marine and messe and we’ve got to enter from marine first.

We arrived at about 1 pm and it wasn’t too crowded because the ‘big’ artists will start to play at about 4 pm. So we decided to eat first and there were lots of food stalls selling interesting foods, but the price is quite expensive. The first performer that we want to see live is Crystal Castles. So we have to walk to messe from marine for at least 2 kms, but they provide the shuttle bus if you are patient enough to queue. While we are walking through the park, there is a spot called sonic art and we can see ‘glow in the dark’ graffiti and some artists working.

Crystal castles plays in mountain stage and we finnaly arrived there. There was another performer before crystal castles and we didn’t recognized them until they played mr. Saxobeat, yes it is Alexandra and Stan! Finally, we stood up and start dancing with others. After Alexandra and Stan, there were lots of people went out from mountain stage and the front row is quite empty and finally we got the spot on the second row from stage. Finally, they dim the lights and 2 persons came out. Alice Glass really stands out with purple hair and edgy outfit. After some moments, it’s become more chaotic but it was fun. I can say it’s more likely a fight than a concert! But they played some of my favourite songs such as Plague, Alice Practice, Celestica and Yes/No.

After Crystal castles we’re waiting for, another ‘fun to dance for’ performer, yes it’s Passion Pit. I am really waiting for it because their latest album is totally amazing, it’s called Gossamer and it’s way much better that manners. And finally the cover art for Gossamer appeared on screen and it’s begin. They started the show with the song from Gossamer, the reeling. They played about 7 songs and mostly it’s their famous songs such as sleepyhead, mothwings, little secrets and take a walk.

Then we went to marine stadium again to watch Franz Ferdinand and Green Day. The situation is very different from the mountain stage, it’s super crowded like millions of people gathered there. Franz ferdinand have a lot of fans in Japan, because lots of people sing when they’re performing. And they played their biggest hit song, take me out. And finally Green day! Billie Joe Armstrong is still as energetic as the older days. We only watched them for 30 minutes beacuse we have to run to messe to catch Sigur Rós!

Sigur Rós is my favourite icelandic artist, beside Bjork. Watching them play live is like a transcedental experience for me, beyond magic. At first, when the vocalist Jonsi came on stage, we’re screaming so hard, still can’t believe that we’re going to watch them. They played very beautifully and the visual is also mind blowing. They played about 8 songs including from their latest album and old albums. But the moment of the night is when they played Hoppipola, yes it’s my favourite song! I’m so happy i could cry….


Finally, the second day of Summer Sonic 2012, expectations are high due to day 1 performances. The second band we want to see is Walk Off The Earth, which is famous on youtube because their awesome cover of Gotye’s ‘somebody that i used to know’. What makes them special is because all 5 of them are playing on a guitar. They bring so much joy on the beach stage and the crowd loves them too.We went to Marine to watched Pitbull and because of the rain, the show was quite late. After waiting for about 20 mins, they started to play Pitbull song and he appears.

Then we ran again to messe to watch The Cardigans and Foster The People. The Cardigans played in mountain stage and Foster The People played at Sonic Stage. Wen we arrived, The Cardigans already played some songs, but we still can watch about 5 songs from them. They played Love fool, i need some fine wine & you you need to be nicer, and the last song is communications. I already love the cardigans since junior high school, they are totally one of the coolest 90’s band. Then we ran to Sonic to watch Foster the People, a new band from the US. They played almost every songs from their album because they have only releasing one album. Their live act is very interesting, they are experimenting with instruments first before playing the real song.

We went to marine again because we want to watch Jamiroquai and Rihanna. Again, it was super crowded inside marine stadium. And finally jay kay appears! And Jamiroquai starts to plays their hit Songs. Jamiroquai songs are the best companion to dance along. The next artist is Rihanna, most of the crowd came this day is to watch Rihanna and we’re excited too. The stage was full with egyptian themed statues, then a few dancers started to dance with the egyptian costume. And finally Rihanna came on stage wearing adidas frock and accesories still with the same theme, egyptian. She opened the show with ‘Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.~ ‘ . My favourite part is when she sang where have you been.

For the last time, we ran again to messe to watch New Order and Calvin Harris. Oh my, just remembered that probably the age of New Order’s members already above 50, but they are too cool to be a grandpa/grandmom. They are the LEGEND of new wave music! Such a rare opportunity too see them live. Once again, the visual was crazy…so New Order-ish with robots, neon lights, and futuristic graphics. Then, it is over but the crowd can’t stop clapping their hands(for maybe 10 minutes). And then they CAME BACK! What makes the encore super special was because they played a song by Joy Division called Love Will Tear us Apart. I couldn’t stop screaming and dancing , one of my favourite songs ever. On the background, we could see ‘FOREVER JOY DIVISION’ and also Ian Curtis’s photos. Surely they miss Joy Division, moment of the night! Definetely. Calvin Harris next, it’s time to purteeeh. In my opinion, Calvin harris is the best option to close Summer Sonic 2012. And at last, BOOM BANG, there was an explosions in the sky, no not the band, it’s fireworks!

That’s the end of my adventure to Summer Sonic 2012. If you came to Japan, you must come to this festival, definetely the most awesome summer festival. I just had the very best of my summer moment there. Thank you once again to AIRASIA, AIRASIA JAPAN, AIRASIA X, AIRASIA GO, BIG CARD. You make my dream came true!

A glimpse of Summer Sonic