A few suggestions that could further improve AirAsia’s service and make our lives as customers better. AirAsia should offer the service that enables passenger to upsize their laguage allowance online just like what tiger airways does. Passenger could purchase the upsize(in addition to the 15kg) online with the weight they want. It will reduce check in time as passenger doesn’t need to make payment at the airport. AirAsia X passengers would also benefit from this as passengers tend to travel with more lauguage for long-haul flight. And many AirAsia X passengers connect AirAsia flights to other part of Asia. For example, a passenger travelling from Gold Coast to Guangzhou both with AirAsia X and AirAsia, he has prebooked the 20kg checked bagage for Gold Coast to KL but he has to pay for additional 5kg at the airport for KL to Guangzhou flight because AirAsia only allowed 15kg.

AirAsia should consider about the service so that passengers could prebook their bagage allowance on AirAsia flight also.

Connecting passengers will have to check out their heavy laguage and go through custom and check in again due to point to point service of AirAsia. Another suggestion would be to provide some check in desks for passengers who wish to check in early(with a small fee) for their connecting flight. I am not sure how the check in systems work but this could actually increase revenue. Some connecting passengers would like to hop to the city for a few hours and it’s better for them to check in rather than putting the bagage at the storage counter.

Above suggestions would benefit the connecting passengers. Connecting passegers will bring in a lot of income for the country. Therefore, it is a very important market segment.
I hope that AirAsia management staff could look into these suggestions carefully.


  • Meng

    Just relax..
    uncovenience matters can be solve !

  • Russell

    Wonderful suggestion. Especially since I frequently fly from Melbourne to KL where I can already upsize to 25kgs. Then when I fly to other destinations out of KL I am forced to pay 100% excess for anything over 15kgs. Please Air Asia think of the multi destination travelling tourist. Keep up your high standard of service and lowest prices.

  • Dennis

    My wife and I both 63, love to spend 3 weeks in Chiangmai, every year as part of a two month travel plan in SE Asia. It involves using Air Asia almost exclusively. We arrive at 12 midnight at Bangkok and are now starting to ache and get fed up of checking into a hotel to catch the next day’s flight to Chiangmai. Remember we have been flying for 24 hours from Toroton- Chicago-Tokyo-Bangkok and 12 hours ahead of the clocks at home.

    I wonder how many other travellers, young or older heading to Chiangmai have to endure this? We are hoping that there is a critical mass business opportunity involving a 3 to 4 hour wait at the airport for the flight to Chiang Mai instead of 6 or 7 hours. If not our health, it is CO2 friendly keeping out of the Bangkok streets. Right!


  • Muhamad Faiz

    dear manager,i has an idea to airasia company.how about you try enlarge your fligh to arabia area.for example to egypt,saudi rabia,or jordan and another country around it.it is not imposible because you all succesful to open it at london as i saw at majalah3.what a relevan as i decaided besause many of asian people like malaysia,thailand,singapore,indonesia,brunei and philiphne are at there,espcially as the students.the focus is Majority malaysian student at egypt more than 6,ooo.if added for another asian students maybe increased more than 15,000 students.as i’m know they’re return hometown every years or twiece per years and the goverment will send a new student for each year.perhaps,they will take a good airways,good service and honestly they are confirmed take a cheapest price as we know AIRASIA can do it..that all what i’m try to decided.i hope you take it.we are happines because airasia has a intelligent manager..thankyou

  • Renuka

    i have been travelling annually to Mount Abu Rajasthan for pilgrimage with the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Group. We have 130 countries pilgrims travelling to Moount Abu via Ahmedabad, Delhi Mumbai etc and even via Colombo or Dubai. Our pilgrimage season is during the months of October to March/April the following year and the duration of 6months. It will be great if you could look into offering your services during this months too. TQ Rgds renuka malaysia