Stanley is one of the places that travelers must go in Hong Kong. Stanley is located on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. The name of Stanley was given by Lord Stanley who is the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies during the 19th-century. Stanley was the temporary administrative centre for British before they are moving to Victoria City (Central). Stanley was also a last stand place for Allied before they surrendering to Japanese troops during the World War II. Now, Stanley is a peaceful town and tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

The Boathouse at Stanley.

The Blake Pier at Stanley. The original structure was built in Central. On the year 2007, this structure was transferred to Murray House, Stanley.

Murray House (Hong Kong Maritime Museum and restaurants). This building was re-build in year 1998. The original building was build by the colonial in year 1846. The previous location was in Central.

This is Stanley.

Blake Pier viewed from another angle.

Stanley Market is the place where you can buy the souvenirs. Very cheap sumore!


  • Cheung

    O………I miss Hong Kong so much!!!

  • Mohd Faliq

    I want to go Hong Kong end of the year. Off course by using Air Asia 😀

  • Ong

    yeah.. miss you stanley market.. lots of place to eat seafood.. and many things to buy.. i will go again .. soon.. i promise..

  • Ong

    arrhh.. where is the temple.. i forget what is the name.. temple of ocean.. some sort like that.. must received.. and u will notice that.. there is nothing blocking the way out to the ocean from the main door of the temple.. why? go visit stanley.. she will tell you why…