I was taking a stroll in the AirAsia Academy after a jog with the culture team. I spotted this amazing looking mural painting picture of inflight activity.

Above is a picture of the entire mural painting.
I did a little bit of editing and can you spot the difference below? haha!
Yup. It’s our beloved GCEO, Dato’ Sri Tony.
Faces of our Deputy GCEO, Dato’ Kamaruddin and former AirAsia Chairman, Dato’ Pahamin
The mural artists did a great job isn’t it? Well, as I was walking along the other side of the academy hall, I spotted the following frame.
Our credo – “One People, One Culture, One AirAsia, One Family.”
For those who would like to know, Dato’ Sri Tony’s favourite quote is
“Believe The Unbelievable, Dream The Impossible, Don’t Take No For An Answer.”


  1. It really interesting how you bring a lively mural to ‘life’. Great post!! Also, it’s good to see that there are such colourful paintings in your office.

  2. The mural’s models were inspired to look like some ppl in the office! Look closer and you can find more familiar faces!

  3. Very nice poster.. perhaps you could also use it on the outside of the airplane. Am sure it would look cool too.

    Keep up the good work and i believe you will be the best overall in the world !

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