AirAsia no longer take bicycles as part of the “Sporting Goods” baggage

QUOTE: Sports Equipment Fee is charged for Golf, Scuba Diving and Surf Boards only. All other sporting equipment accepted as part of the baggage allowance.

This is very sad it now leaves only “Tiger Airlines” as the closest competitor, willing to offer a separate Bicycle option.

Even “maxing” out of the pre-paid baggage allowance it virtually impossible to now travel with a Touring Bike and equipment…

Many full price airlines we have travelled do not charge at all,

So sad they have no “green” policy with regard to bikes, I’m sure there is not that many bikes travelling, to have this need to exclude them. I am happy to pay them but no option to do it.

It is probably easier to get the sun to rise at midnight in KL than get them to consider bikes as part of the sports equipment…

I have enjoyed a few flights with AirAsia – without my bike.


  • Ariff

    I am totally disappointed by this. How ironic that all 3 sporting goods items that was describe on the AirAsia website is not even an Olympic sport! Cycling being an Olympic sport is not even listed as sporting equipment.

    If your looking at a profitability stand point doesn’t it make sense to charge people who bring their golf bags and scuba equipment to their destination. Besides isn’t AirAsia is about making money; charging for meals, pick seats, checking baggage….

    To be honest cycling is the lowest carbon footprint equipment. Golf courses cut huge number of trees = increase carbon. Going to a scuba destination by boat which is powered by a petrol motor = increase carbon. Surfing and cycling uses only human power = no carbon increase.

    AirAsia seriously has too look at its own policy of Sporting Goods equipment. In my view change the name since its misleading to begin with having non sporting items in there. They should also reconsider their policy to allow bikes on their planes without having to charge a bomb.

    BTW: In Canada their airports have been specially retrofitted to accept bike boxes. This not only creates a bike friendly policy but also promotes cycling within the country.

  • Amir Faezal

    I am a cyclist as well and I am aware that bicycles have been removed from Sporting Goods. But that shouldn’t stop you from travelling with your bike(s).

    May I suggest a foldable bike which can be packed into a 30 inch suitcase.

    Not all foldables are necessarily flimsy commuter types. Dahon makes a number of serious touring foldables such as the Jetstream XP or the Speed TR. How serious? Check out Dahon’s website for accounts of riders doing Madagascar and Canada. So I think a week jaunt in Indochina or a trans Indonesian archipelago cycling tour should not be an issue.

    Disclaimer: I work for AirAsia and not Dahon but I think a sturdy tour-worthy foldable makes sense for the very reason you mention in your post. Good luck.

  • Malcolm

    Dear Amir, Sorry for the late reply – I was still cycling around the world..

    Thank you for your reply.

    However, you simply do not understand.. To suggest I abandon our two bikes, which cost about AUD$25,000. (combined) and purchase two inferior machines is just ludicrous.
    We are into our third year and eighteenth country on our tour.. As much as I would like, I cannot use AA now. In the past I have had a “go holiday” to Hong Kong (great) and some flights.
    Whilst I understand you must toe the party line – as an AA employee… Could you not – “as a cyclist” – lobby your employer for a more “green” approach????

    Ariff’s comments are VERY pertinent also and very well crafted.

    Air Asia IS a progressive airline with many innovations that have truly helped people to “fly”.

    This removal is a retrograde step – I was an AA customer and advocate, but now fly Tiger with AND without my bikes.. Do your sums AA, there are millions of cyclist out there and a potential revenue base…

  • Ricky

    Hi Guys,

    I’m a little puzzled about this problem. Is bicycle listed as a sporting equipment or not? Because as of today (May 27th 2009) i checked the website and it states that :
    “#Sports Equipment Fee is charged for Golf, Scuba Diving, Surf Boards and Bicycles only. All other sporting equipments are accepted as part of the baggage allowance.”

    So does this mean that bicycle is relisted as a sporting equipment?



  • Malcolm

    Hi Rick
    Sure hope they have – but it would pay to check with them. They are a good airline, very innovative.

    Good luck with your bike

  • Ricky

    Hi Malcolm,

    Thanks for the reply.. You’re right, i think i’m gonna give them a call and ask directly.. I’ll post the result here 😀



  • Zawaluhelme

    I don’t mind traveling lightly.. but is it confirmed that a foldable bike which can be packed into a suitcase is free from the extra charges?

  • Daniel

    Hey, so ya I have a light weight road racer bicycle (not foldable). My question is this how do I pay for this exactly? online or at the ticket desk?

    any feedback would be great.

    feel free to email me at

  • Aminuddin

    From ask air asia web (23/9/12)

    Can I bring my bicycle?
    Yes, you can. Sports Equipment Fee is applicable to Surfboards, Snowboards, Bicycles, Scuba, Golf and Snow Skiing gears. Any other sporting equipment (that is not stated earlier) is accepted as part of the baggage allowance.

    To see the range of fees for sports equipment for domestic and international flights, kindly click on this link and insert the cities involved in your travel journey eg: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

    The most convenient way to pay would be to pre book Sports Equipment Fee online and save up to 50%. You can pay the sports equipment fee upon check in at the airport counter but it will be more expensive and limited to 20kg.

    Since bicycles have to be checked in, your bicycle:

    Must be properly packed in recognised bicycle bag or in a protective box or bag or in plastic wrap. Otherwise, we will refuse carriage.
    Should be of the general and standard dimensions
    Must adhere to the handling procedure stated below.

    One bicycle is accepted as one sport equipment in the following manner:

    Handle Bars: The handle bars must be turned in so that they are in alignment with the frame
    Pedals: The pedal should either be removed or checked-in this to prevent them causing damage to other bicycles or checked baggage
    Gears: The gears should be wrapped to protect them from damage
    Tyres: Must be deflated
    Mudguards: These can either be removed or again should be protected from damage
    Loose items: Any loose items e.g. pump, lights, water bottle and etc. must be securely fastened to the bicycle or removed and checked-in.

    Please note that any removed bicycle parts may be carried as cabin baggage if deemed fit by you, provided it meets the hand carry baggage weight and dimensions.