Recently, I attended a special talk by Mr Scott Goodstein, External Online Director for President Obama’s Campaign at AirAsia’s Academy. He was specially brought in to share with us on how to make Digital Campaign work for our company. There were over 60 attendees with staff from various departments ranging from Engineering to Finance, eager to know more on reaching out and engaging customers in the age of social revolution. Obviously, social media is the new buzz, the new in thing, which is also seen as a revenue generating avenue that adds value to customers’ experience.

The age of revolution is now and the touchpoints are no longer limited to physical presence at just our counters for example or even our websites for the matter. Now, our guests want to interact and talk to us which is the way forward for us. We are taking big steps forward and this talk only served to remind us that we still have a long way ahead.

The important gist of the talk included how we need to be aware of emerging markets and budding presence of social networks. It goes beyond just the simple tools to include an entire comprehensive experience for the guest and us as an organisation. There is so much that we have yet to learn about social media and much we have to achieve. But it’s good to know that based on his case studies, we are definitely on the right track such as having this blog. Only if more people will communicate with us on this platform. 🙂

He delivered a refreshing and eye-opening talk on how to utilise the web 2.0 social tools which was unleashed during the Obama campaign. He demonstrated to us that the campaign team is online everywhere, in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many more. In the Q&A sessions, he actively replied some of our concerns and gave us some tips. Each specific market required specific content and teams to deal with. Each state had its own social media pages and the list of preparation was extensive. Although it was a few months campaign, what a luxury it was to have a 100,000 volunteer team to help out with social media!

We had many specific questions on our related social media channels answered and thanks to the company for the opportunity and Scott for the powerful talk. I believe that the talk has energised us on the perspective that we should adopt moving forward. The road is long and the work is going to be hard, but at AirAsia, we simply do not take no for an answer!


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