My kids are ardent fans of hindi movies. So when i told them we are flying Air Asia to India, wow, they jump in joy. For 2 month plus they kept asking how many days more.
5 in my family, my parents and my brother makes us 8 in a group. Thru the net, i manage to get an Innova from Cochin to take us up Ooty, then Mysore and Bangalore.

Our journey began with the tasty biryani of Air Asia and the kids were so happy with the food (biryani, nasi goreng and hotdog), i wonder why people complain about AA food. The stewardess are nice-can”t expect them grinning all the way for 4 hour. AA has become very punctual too with their timing, up and down journey was not delayed at all.

Landing in Cochin, i was suprised to find the staff, custom, immigration etc are very nice compare to my journey to India previously while i was a student there.

Ooty was cold and nice. We spend a night there and visited the Lake Garden and Botanical Park. The journey from Ooty to Mysore through Bandipur National Park was so enjoyable. The kids were overjoyed with the sight of wild deers, peacocks and elephant. So sad, photography is not allowed in the park. Mysore was a visit to history, Brindavan Garden, Mysore Palace, Tipu Sultan Summer Palace etc. Bangalore was pure shopping. everyone was amazed with the cheap shopping and the varieties of thing you can buy and eat.

Imagine an original Levis jeans for RM 70. Food was good and tasty. None of us, age 3+ to 68 fell sick or went down with diorrhea. The kids enjoyed India, for they saw what usually they see in movies. They rode on a camel and an elephant. They jumped on a horse cart, saw elephants walking on road carrying hay, horses everywhere, huge Maharajea Palace’s and the traffic with blarring horns.

Finally we had an extra night to spend and our driver wanted us to see Kerala, so he took us to Munnar, a hill station at Kerala -Tamil Nadu border. With cool climate and tea estates all around, Munnar makes an ideal place to relax just before flying back. On the way to Cochin Airport, we went to see an old classmate of mine who runs a hospital with his wife. It was really memorable meeting each other after 20 years.

Final destination airport, my mum was already salivating for the AA briyani, me too. Again the AA staff were extra nice and helpful, and so were the airport immigration, custom etc.The best part, AA was right on time (I remember waiting four hours 2 years ago at Jakarta).

The most appreciating part for the whole holiday is that thanx to AA, i could take my family to places they havent been before- Medan, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, India- my next destination will be China for i will wait the next offer.


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