We have just had a fast trip to Kuala Lumpur (flying AirAsia of course), with two families and a combined total of 6 children the usual tourist sights were something of a large undertaking…but guess what we found. A fantastic and hardly advertised awesome experience!!!

It was raining so we took the monorail, and then walked a few blocks to the Kraft Komplex. Situated down the back is a batik/silk painting workshop and for RM20 each we created our own silk batik works of art! It was an incredible time, the children absolutely loved it (their ages ranged from 7yrs to 15yrs), the adults found it very therapeutic and best of all – it didnt cost a fortune, in fact very good value for money as we were there for nearly 3 hours!!!!

Our only problem is that we only had 2 days in Kuala Lumpur but we will be definitely re-visiting the Kraft Komplex on our next visit there…it is now on the MUST DO list, and you dont need to have kids to enjoy this!


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