I live in Solo, Indonesia. I first flew with AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur on April of last year. It was one of six-monthly visits to Kuala Lumpur for my mum who needed to see her doctor in Kuala Lumpur. Two years ago my mum had heart surgery in Kuala Lumpur. Thank God, the surgery went so well. But then the doctor urge my mother to see him every six months, so that he can monitor and maintain my mother’s condition and health.

Initially we were a little sceptical before taking the AirAsia flight, since some relatives and friends who used to fly with ‘full-serviced’ airline, warned us that flying with AirAsia could be like riding an old-cheap-dirty-lousy intercity bus. Even I imagined that some passengers would bring their hens or goats to the cabin. (just kidding). My decision to try AirAsia was the price of airfare (what else!) that we can spare the money for my mother’s medical tests and supplies, also for ‘beli-belah’, rather than spend it on a ‘full serviced’ flight. Furthermore the flight was only going to be 2 hours.

But then even my mother was amazed with the flight! She said, the plane was brand new and clean, the flight was so efficient. the plane take off was so confident and the nasi lemak was yummy (Maaaaa! The doctor warned you to avoid that kind of food, didn’t he!!).

AirAsia has given us a new perspective that low-fare trips can be fun and enjoyable. Our next trip to Kuala Lumpur will be in December, but we have yet to book tickets. But we will definitely fly with AirAsia for sure! One other thing: I still cannot decide after our Kuala Lumpur visit should we fly to Bangkok or Hong Kong or Gold Coast? So confusing!


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  1. AirAsia has been improved from years to years. I still can recall back those days where my friend has to sit beside passengers who is having dried sea food such as “ikan bilis”, “sotong kering” from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur (Yeah! 2 hours 30 mins flight to be suffered!!)

    Moreover, during the Chinese New Year season, people are actually self-packed (with newspapers) some frozen seafood and take it as a hand carry on board. Oh my! Imagine some of them did not packed it well, and guess what might happened next when you take your luggage…

    Goats and hens? Nope..! New and clean flight? I think i am going to put a “comma” here, cause clean and new flight only reserved for Air Bus type while AK Boeing 373 … oh my, try to take a flight from Kota Kinabalu to Penang, and you will see many adhesive tapes in front of you. Anyway, still a “good” thumb’s up for AirAsia..!Keep on improving ya!

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