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19 April 2009

Experience with silkorsky S76C

By Yee

Note from Blog Team: Instead of having a number 24 today, we decided to have things a bit different today and let Samuel tell us of his experience and just some light info on engines.

It’s was my first experience going offshore for some troubleshooting jobs last week. In fact, my job scopes are technical sales for an offshore company which specialized in hydraulics system. A good chance for me to hands on at offshore but my primary intention more to riding A320 and Chopper in fact..haha…

Sikorsky S76C Helicopter

It was my first experience with Sikorsky S76C. The ride took about 40 minutes from Kota Bahru to destination platform. It’s exclusive feelings riding helicopter especially during take off and landing. It’s take a moment to balance the aircraft when taking off and I could felt it’s not easy… Along the 40 minutes ride, everyone of the passengers was asleep except me. My sight was never go off from the cockpit and all instruments as that was my ever close distance from the real cockpit of an aircraft. Seriously I can’t figure out most of it… Then I started admiring the view out of the windows. Colors of sea water turned from green to deep blue when we flying away from shore. Clouds and sky took most of my attention as it’s really beautiful when I seeing from above… Skies and sea was separated by horizon but it’s hard for me to differentiate it. At that moments, it’s proved to me that the globe is round in shape rather than a flat piece of land and sea that I always see on the map. Exciting….

Working On Platform
It’s brought me lots of experiences gained during the week works at offshore. The most valuable gained was awareness of job safety assurance. Safety is the most important aspect on an oil rig where safety meetings was held everyday. For each task that we carried out, hazards must be identified and avoid. In conjunction with that, job safety assessment (JSA) is needed. This is to ensure safety of everyone which includes ourselves and our work partners. It is very important to keep everyone informed about our job scope and risk. I think it should be same principle apply to flying an aircraft…

Job Scope

My job scope was to troubleshoot the hydraulics starter for a turbine gas generator compressor system. The module was equipped with a Rolls-Royce RB 211 Turbinegas engine and start by hydraulics system.

We are asked to work together with Rolls-Royce service representative and where I mining for knowledge about turbine engines which uses on airliners too. Eventually RB211 was the engine used on B747 airliner but modification been did to suit industrial usage.

On helicopters, it will be termed turboshaft while turbojet would be uses on military jet aircraft.
Turbine engine that uses on airplanes called turbofan where turbine is generating energy to drive a fan to create thrust.

In addition, it could be use to drive propeller of an airplane and it’s called turboprop.

  • Wan Siong

    Some familiar sight..
    Anyway, those engine are old school man..
    They’re only used on 100, 200 series of the B747.
    And they’re really loud during operational compared to the current new generation trent engines.
    But still, it’s pretty cool to get to see something so familiar doing it’s job on some other purpose besides flying.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Yee

    Hi Ben,
    Yes. Its old type 747 engine. This was my first time touching a real turbine engines..Good feeling.

    Thanks for sharing…

    best regards,
    samuel yee

  • Yee

    More information could be determine from http://www.wikipedia.org. It’s my favorite website to search for any information.. cheer all.

    best regards,

  • Sin

    How come u din show me more of these pic while we were meeting up last time. hahaz,
    Very informative and cool…^^

  • Hamimah

    whoaa..physics..suddenly I miss learning this.
    I wanna ask..are turbofan was a part of every airplane ?

  • Low

    Orange jumpsuit! I watch lotsa prison break and u look like one!

  • Yee

    Hi Hamimah,

    Not evryone airplane using turbofan. Turbofan more refering to turbine engines that drive the fan unit to create thrust. Smaller aircraft like cessna or piper warrior was using piston engine to drive a propeller… It’s output horsepower is lower compare to turbofan.

    Hi Sin,
    I think I do show it to Yang but you wasn’t around.

    Hi Yang,
    It’s not jumpsuit but should be “coverall” to be exact. Haha…


    Best regards,

  • Carene Yam Fee

    ohh sexy in that jumpsuit.are are single?haha

  • Yee

    Hi Noname,
    Sexy? Get one for yourself then..haha..I would suggest to get the Nomex type as cotton one will get shorten every time you wash it… Btw, you are right.. I;m still single..Cheer

  • Carene Yam Fee

    it’s sexy on you la!hv a good weekend k:)