Note from Blog Team: Arwind, you asked and we could find no reason to say no. You are number 21. Congratulations and expect a morning call from us soon.

I’m writting this is because I wan’t to let you all know why AirAsia should publish and shorlist my post. After reading Yang (Yang Style) post and comments from AirAsia saying that this ”tactic will not work twice” But I still wanna give it a try. Why should we follow others that say is impossible? Where everybody is thinking the same way?I believe nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in AirAsia. Cabin crew becoming a Pilot, staff becoming a Manager and many more!
I dare to chase for my dream and will try every possible chances. Thats Who I am. ^^

Why AirAsia Should publish and post my post?

Determined and is Destined
I have a Noble dream to achieve, family and friends that support and giving much of cares and encouragements, for that I will not let them down. Because I’m strongly inclined and bond to something I desire much, I will keep improving and becomne stronger and stronger. AirAsia can always count on me, a Pilot that keep on upgrading and improving himself, getting Stronger and Stronger!

Self Motivated
I’m not from wealthy family. I earned scholarship to do my studies for Diploma and Degree due to my hardwork and commitment. Tho, my family is not very wealthy, but I grow up in a healthy family. I’m well educated with good dicipline and manner. I like ”Korean and Japan culture” of bowing while greetings people. It’s a best body gesture that show respect and warmth welcome. But are rarely seen in Malaysia nowadays, and actually it has been taught many time during our Kindergarden time. I will do every responbility with my full heart and soul. I will carry every passengers with cares, as I understand their feelings, patience and assure every passengers can reach their destination, meeting their love ones SAFELY.

I always see thing in different angle, think and do ”Out of the box”
After reading the post from Yi Yang. I believe that if I try again, it will work! Because I believe nothing is impossible in AirAsia. I like to think and view not only from own view, but think as or from the people. I like to put myself into once’s thought and always question” If I were him, what would I do, think and feel”. For example, after viewing much movies from HK, Taiwan, Hollywood and Bollywood. I like Bollywood the most, because, have you noticed that, their culture emphasize and strongly believe in true happiness and peace? Not because those movie have nice dancers, but, what I notice that, ALL of the bollywood movie have good ending. Bad guys always lose and good guy always win, or the Karma Effect, where good deeds result in happiness. Not to say that other movie do not practice that, but certainly not all the Movie from Hollywood, Hk and Taiwan, because some of these movie did show bad guy win at last .I think I can provide more unique Idea and invention and certainly will help AirAsia to grow more, like Adding Armories, rockets to a Flying Tiger? LOL. I’m source of idea and song composition back in my college projects.

I am ”Fresh”
After preparing well ”internally”, and will strive harder, this is my first time making a Strike. This will be my first experience, and will be actively striking from now. As I ‘m ready now! I applied SIA and Cathay pacific, and now this. I’m gaining experience and will try hard and not giving up to achieve my dream to become a Pilot. And It’s best to shape and noture a ”fresh and plain” paper, because I can easily well adapted and fully commited to AirAsia. As this is my FIRST strike,first time writting blog, first time meeting up net-friend, Yee and Yang(shorlisted post), and many more of my first time.LOLz. Without my dream and to AirAsia, without this competion, none of this will actually happen to me. Really thanks. I hope AirAsia can give me a chance to prove myself to you, and I promise you all, I will not let You all down or Fail You. ^^. AirAsia, can you feel that I’m preparing myself for my BigDay, to enter AirAsia family? Interview? Altitude test and certainly my future exam for PPL and CPL.

Different Approach
Actually, due to financial problem, I have no chance to be like Ian (first shorlisted post), Agustina for having a flight programme , pusuing their PPL. I can’t be able to spend certain money to buy a Casena Plane Model like Wai Weng (11th shorlisted post), because I need to support my family. It will be better if I can spend the money to my family, having them eating better food, having them going to Genting Highlands and have fun, it will be more worth to do this. But this does not mean that I’m jeaslous for them, I will touch the cockpit and SKY one day by my own way ^^. I’m trying to build firm ”internally”, studying people experiences and thoughts.

I like sharings, friends around me certainly will agree with that. Even I tried to share my answers during PMR SPM and college examination. LOL. (Who did not cheat during exam before, ^^”). I hope AirAsia can publish my previous post as it’s a true sharings, and I’m glad to have encountered such good story and incidents, thoughts that I would like to share it out to help inspire who are lost in their direction to strive hard and never give up in doing everything. . Because I believe a best Blog should have enough information, knowledge and of course sharings of people idea, life, philosophy and many more.

Why Not Choose Me? AirAsia?


  • Sin

    Yeah Yeah!!
    Hoooray….Finally! Finally!!

    Thanks AirAsia, Derrick, thanks for the effort of reading my post and giving me a chance. I really appreciate it, deep in my heart. Thanks.

    LOL, where is my first post? I intend to share my story, thoughts and also nice melody there.Haha, anywayzz, this is also good and true about myself ^^.

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    The next person to spell the corporate blogger’s name wrong will be made to clean the propeller with their bare hands and drag a plane tyre all across the tarmac.

  • Chee Keong

    congrats Sin…

    its spelled as DEREK..

    well, i don mind doing all those as long as i get to become the pilot..

  • Herman

    Hahahah….Derek’s pissed and he finally issued a warning..BEWARE!! =P
    For d record, i was one of those who’d spelled “Derek’s” name wrongly…Sorry =)

    Newayzz Congrats Arwind!

  • Siu Ming

    LOL..congrats bro..and the corporate blogger’s name is derek..try not to get it wrong next time or the consequences do sound painful..XD..

    anyways, congrats and welcome to the group..=)..

  • Wai Weng

    Congrats Sin, you have been waiting long. :)

  • Lloyd Ferguson

    Congrats Arwind!

    Glad that u are shorlisted. Waiting for my turn:(

  • Sin

    *Walek Walek* (japanese sorry sorry)

    Yeah, correct it now,or else need will be punished to clean and drag the planes, Dear Derek zillion thanks. Btw, Derrick sound more stylish, cool. LOL. 😀

    To Lloyd Ferguson:
    When you have the passion and dream to be a pilot, don’t let anything stop you. Let your dream STAYS ALIVE. Patience, Persistent and Preseverance (Derek, 2009)

    To everyone, Thanks alot. Noted. Let’s rock AirAsia together ^^.

  • Yvonne

    very honest piece! welcome on board… honored to have you flying high with World Best Low Cost Airline 😀

  • Hamimah

    you’re so cool and lucky to have that chance..I hope the next would be ME !!

  • Low

    i didnt pay him to mention my name Mr Derrick (OK OK, Mr Derek LOLz)
    Join the List of World’s Best Low (Yi Yang)Cost Airline =D
    Congrats, we shall meet again to exchange notes cos CPL is kinda deep for SPM level

  • Navine

    meng,congrats… seriously happy for you man..seriously..finally,u 1 step closer to get in to that dark blue cockpit..haha..

  • Kong Sun

    Hey congratulation man. Welcome onboard.

  • Daphne Siew Li


  • Wan Siong

    One small step for you, one big leap for your dream.
    You’re now closer to your dream.
    Congrats on being short-listed.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Yee

    Good job sin… You have been waiting long for it.. Huhu… Congratulation…

    Hey team, how come no morning for me? Haha?

  • Yee

    wow yi yang.. good spirit. Try reading PPL notes first as it is interrelated with CPL one… Cheer

  • Haansel Ananth

    Congrats Sin.Thanks for the comment and also all the best for the next level.