So YOU wanna be a pilot? Simple. What do you have to do? Blog. What? Thats it? Yes, you’re reading it right. Blog.

We hope you’re putting your hands in the air because the blog will be giving the opportunity to 10 individuals to live their dreams in the sky. Blog and be a pilot. Simple rules right?

Now, who wants to be a pilot raise your hands in the air right now! Or rather send in your blog entries from 1 April 2009 to 15 May 2009 and change your life right here. Tell us why you deserve 1 of the 10 spots and get a chance to fill up your occupation as a pilot.


Special thanks to Sunil Kumar for being such a sport and to Ruffy for editing and special effects, more so thanks to the pilots for entrusting this noble profession in the hands of fools. We only hope that this competition will do this great profession justice and receive the attention it deserves.

To applicants, provided you meet the following requirements of basic entry as per the Department of Civil Aviation and AirAsia standards for pilot acceptance, send in your entries titled ‘So You Wanna be a Pilot?:(post title)’ with your full details that include your name, date of birth, and your contact details (e-mail, physical address, direct contact number). Spread the word and be among the few who will fill up your job column as a P-I-L-O-T, then this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed, say YES to an opportunity to change your life.

Heres what you need to do, login to the blog (its the same login as the AirAsia website). Create an account if you do not have one by clicking on the link in the login box. Once you have logged in, click on the “Write a Blog Post” tab and go crazy. Submit once you’re done.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the only competition in the blogosphere that will rock your world into the skies. Watch this space for future details.

Conditions of entry:-

1. Competition is open to all from aged 18 to 28 as at date of submission of entry
2. Passed SPM (or its equivalent that is recognized by the Malaysian Government) with at least A2 in English and Mathematics and B3 in Physics taken at one sitting. (Those from the Arts stream should have at least an A2 in General Science); or possess a Diploma/Degree in Engineering or Science-related disciplines with CGPA 3.0 and above and at SPM level scored at least a B4 in the subjects mentioned above taken in one sitting.
3. Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia both written and spoken.
4. Must be physically and mentally fit with good eyesight (visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6 and not colour blind. Should be able to successfully pass a medical examination up to a Class 1 standard conducted by a Department of Civil Aviation Authorised Medical Examiner (DAME).
5. Minimum height of 163 cm (5ft 3in).
6. Be prepared to sign a training bond with a surety.

Competition Highlights:-

1. The competition will select ten (10) winners as a whole. Only published entries will be considered for selection as one of the ten winners.
2. The 10 winners are entitled to be the first to attend the first round of selection for AirAsia’s new pilot intake which will be determined by AirAsia and AirAsia retains the right to alter the date of interview at its discretion.
3. The 10 winners will spend a day (on a determined weekend) with a select group of pilots (captains possibly including the head pilot of AirAsia and head of pilot selection depending on availability) at AirAsia Academy for a chance to dig further into the profession and the possiblity of having a go at computer pilot simulation series.
4. The 10 winners will be selected based on their blog entries to AirAsia’s blog and having met the above mentioned pre-requisities within the competition period. There will be an immediate disqualification for participants that do not meet the minimum requirements of entry as stipulated.
5. The panel of judges will consist of head of selection for the normal pilot interviews, head of pilots and an independent judge (to be announced). Decisions are made on a consensus basis based on creativity and decisions are final. The theme of blog entries is any content that may justify the selection of the candidate as a pilot (topics may range from these topics but not limited to the description of planes, reasons for career choice, content on AirAsia, etc). The decision by the panel of judges is final.
6. Entries may be made up of video, photos, essays or a combination of the mentioned.
Multiple entries are accepted but decision to publish is left to the blog content administrators based on quality and relevance of submission. Although multiple submissions are allowed, only one submission for each participant will be published during the duration of the competition which indicates that the candidate has already been selected for consideration. Further submission of entries by published candidates will not be entertained.
7. A maximum of two (2) entries will be published daily on the blog.
8. The results will be announced as and when the panel of judges have concluded their evaluations. For candidates who have not received their SPM/STPM results by the date of competition, probationary results are accepted and will be further complimented with actual results upon announcement of SPM/STPM results if the candidate has been selected.
9. AirAsia reserves the right to rescind, terminate or postpone the competition at any time it sees fit.

AirAsia does not guarantee that any of the winners will secure a place in the pilot training programme or become pilots as the road after this is yours and yours alone. We will pave the way but you have to do the running till the end.

For further queries, kindly write to


  1. Chee Keong Reply

    Well, then I will be the 2nd one out of the 10!

    Keep your hands on the keyboard and typing..


  2. wow… hopefully the future pilots won’t blog too much while flying or landing.


  3. Can an already (private)cadet pilot join in as well?

    I have a blog here about cadet piloting

    Will submit my post when I get some inspiration πŸ˜€


  4. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Johnson, art stream students can apply provided they meet the requirements. Currently the intake is only for Malaysians. La, you can try to submit and we will see what we can do.

  5. I saw:
    “Try and keep your post between 200 – 500 words.”

    If the expression in wording more than that, will it be disqualified due to excessive words?

  6. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    i have submitted an early entry please accept as i have my final exam on 1st april.

  7. Hello there,
    I’m a 17-year old secondary school student. I’m form 5 and taking my SPM this year.

    I stumbled upon the article regarding this topic in The Star newspaper recently.

    I was wondering if I could apply for this competition.(Note that I’m 1 year younger than the required age)

    I’m a science-stream student and my first career choice would be a commercial pilot.

    I’ve obtained 7As for my PMR examination and am currently trying my best to do well in my SPM examination

    I’ve dreamt of becoming a pilot since my first flight when I was 8.

    Your reply would be most appreciated.
    Thank you.

  8. OMG sunil ur so funny dude….respect bro got talent got talent gurlz, money n bling bling ahaha =)

  9. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi there Xingsan, you’re a bit too young to join. Next year will be great as you really more time to develop mentally. A pilot’s career involves a huge responsibility over hundreds of lives and why not take your time to enjoy and pick up knowledge in aviation for a year?

    Hi Rahamat and to all guests with similar queries, you can submit beforehand but results will only be published from 1 April to beyond that date. So you definitely can start sending in your entries now although it does not guarantee you any bonus points.

    The word limit is just a suggestion. This is not secondary school essay or summary with a word limit. Do your best to win thats all that matters.

  10. Chee Keong Reply

    I see..

    do we include our personal particulars in the blog or do we send it in to the blog team first??

  11. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Either way would be fine Chee Keong as we screen this from being published anyway.

  12. hope my dreams will come through,will give in all it takes to be a pilot,thanks alot air asia…hope to be in da top 10 list..see yall soon

  13. Nur Hanisah Reply

    does it mean,the blog posts shud be posted in airasia blog in our profile here? or do we have to build a new blog? such as blogspot and etc

  14. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yeah. Just submit your blog post here. No need for an external blog.

  15. well… i`m waiting for my SPM result now, and my dream is to a pilot in AirAsia. but as at the date of application,am i qualified although i`m not 18 yrs old yet, my birthday is on november…

  16. this is amazing opportunity n unbelievable caused this was my dream I used to in the air almost 330 hrs a month as FOB in my previous job n ‘m stuck on age ( 30 yrs now ), my wish someone could help me……..i knew since had join in….this company could make my dream come true….( someday )

  17. Syed Mohd Firdaus Reply

    this is a very good opportunity…only the best 10 will get the place…let have a fight friends..fight till we are able to be up there.good luck..

  18. hello !
    This is good news giving opportunities to those who have a lifelong ambition to be a pilot. By the way, do I need to submit my personal details(SPM results and resume) before submitting posts on the blog? Thanks in advance !

  19. Sugla Vinaayagan Reply

    I really wish i could be selected at Cadet Pilot because its my dream since young. Hope all the best to all…

  20. Sugla Vinaayagan Reply

    I’m waiting for my SPM result. Its my dream to become a pilot, Hope I can be one of them.

  21. It’s great that AirAsia is opening this window of opportunity to us aspiring pilot’s so that we can live our dreams by flying high.Best of luck people!!!

  22. Ahmad Ridzuan Reply

    Im thinking about this kind of chance long time ago.Since in school,my ambitious is to be a pilot.Unfortunately,my eyes got a problems.Thank i think i can’t apply for a pilot position.

    Im a very-well advanced level of Japanese speaker.

    Can i be a AirAsia pilot or be a Cabin Crew?

  23. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Edwin, you can insert it at the same time when you submit your post. Ahmad Ridzuan, can’t exactly answer your question as we do not know the exact state of your eyesight but this really determines on what you want as being a pilot and a cabin crew are 2 totally seperate careers. If you yourself are not convinced, this is going to be difficult for you. Know what you want. Good luck to all and thanks for the interest!

  24. ‘m used to in there, now i’ve chance to hold that stick on right hand ( i wish ) but ‘m indonesian, ‘m stuck on #1 condition coz ‘m 4 mnth pas 29 yrs n really wanna get this opportunity to get a better live as per my dream but i won’t dreamy to drive that plane…..i want to be ahead in front of all our gst in plane.

  25. I want to be a pilot and i have also submitted my application for the cadet pilot intake! I would gladly try for this competition!!!! I want to win this thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I’m waiting for my SPM results now but I’m not fully 18 though. My birthday is in october. Can I take part in this contest because becoming a pilot has been my dream since I was a kid.

  27. This is awesome! I’m sure going to take part in it. I’m just worried about the video. Haha.

  28. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi guys and gals! Wanted to mention that don’t worry about the stuff that you need to do or how complex it is.

    Bryan, the video was shot in an hour with a Nikon point and shoot camera and was kinda impromptu. Editing took like another half a day. All was done with no cost and just time and a bit of creativity. You don’t necessarily have to include a video but challenge yourself to differentiate yourself from the rest. We’ve been getting a lot of entries about how much they want to be a pilot but what will eventually stand out is if you can present your case differently from the rest. Thats all there is to it.

  29. Its a great opportunity tht is given to all of us out here by Airasia.I love aircrafts n also to travel around the world. i even flew an aircraft CESSNA 206 when i was 6 and i am going to make my dream come true by flying Airasia’s Airbus!!!!

  30. I wont say that i can win this contest but i will try my best to win it.
    AirAsia Blog team i would like to ask what are the criteria in the blog that you all are looking for? I mean what kinda value you are expecting us to write about. about ourselves or about being a pilot?

  31. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Kong Sun, you can blog about anything that can convince us that you deserve to be one of the ten. The most obvious route that many have chosen with their entries is to talk about their aspirations and why they want to be a pilot. True enough, but you got to come up with a different angle to impress us and differentiate yourself from the rest. Good luck to all SPM students getting your results tomorrow!

  32. thanks. neway 2moro is STPM results. SPM results coming out on Thursday. so Good luck to all getting their results. hehe…i am getting my results too on thursday. Best of luck to all ya.

  33. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hey Kong Sun. You’re right and apologies for our oversight. Good luck all STPM and SPM students. All the best

  34. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Deadline is 15 May. We will be publishing shortlised entries (but not winners) on a daily basis. Once you have been shortlisted, there is no need for you to continue to send in entries as you have already qualified for final consideration.

  35. Owh okay. That means no matter how many entries we send in you all will choose only the best and publish it out only right? The team will start posting it on the blog on 1st of April right?

  36. Let’s say some of the people have been shortlisted then how can they know that if there are choosen to be one of the 10people? Well if those 10people they do not meet the academic requirement then will another group of people come in and replace their position?

  37. The criteria stated from age 18 to 28.

    What I can think of below:

    1. Comparing age 28, will this be consider older age to join as cadet pilot?

    2. Will the selection of the blog based more towards the younger age of participants?


  38. Ahmad Ridzuan Reply

    does the entry should be in English only or i can submit entry i Bahasa Malaysia too?

    Im ready to take laser operation to have my eyes perfect for this post.

  39. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    To Ahmad Ridzuan, you can submit in Bahasa Malaysia with no bias. We are judging based on how you impress and language is not an issue. To the anonymous comment, there is no bias towards age. Would we say no if you meet the min requirements and you impress us? Definitely no way. This is your chance to open doors to your dreams and realising your ambitions. We do not have a reason to be biased.

    Kong Sun, the 10 will announced at a seperate date on the blog as well. We will have a post on the differentiation between the shortlisted and final 10 soon closer to the start of the competition.

  40. Looks like among any other blog that is posted, this post has got the most responds. hehe…

  41. Kumara Mohan Reply

    Hi AirAsia Blog Team,

    FYI, although I am 32 this year old but my passion to be a pilot is burning in me for a long time. I was brought up in an the Royal Malaysian Air Force environment where my father served for 27 years as an explosive and fuel expert and my elder brother was an Air Force Pilot with the rank of Captain.

    I have successfully completed Double Degree in the field of IT in University Of Edith Cowan Perth and I am employed as an Infrastructure Analyst in an American firm.
    Family financial difficulties have haboured my passion till today. If I am accepted as a pilot I will contribute whole heartedly my dedicated service to the family of AirAsia. I am confident that I will achieve my ambition to be a Commercial Airline Pilot with the help of AirAsia programme.

    Thank you very much AirAsia.

  42. Daphne Siew Li Reply

    i submitted the blog post without my that okay? or where do i submit it?

  43. hi team.

    hope this competition also for Indonesian. but what bout the qualification for indonesian??

    your prompt answer most appreciate


  44. Hi team,

    Which category should I send my post in ?


  45. Maybe i help the blog team to answer.

    To Daphne, maybe you can try to send your blog again by adding your qualifications in. Well don’t foeget about your personal particular’s as without that then if you win they can’t contact you too right.

    Ary, I’m so sorry to tell you that this competition is currently open to Malaysian only. Maybe next time AirAsia might open to Indonesia. Who knows.

  46. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    For the category to be selected, it would be “What’s New?”. We will edit this anyway as long as your title says that this is an entry for the competition.

    Thanks for Kong Sun for the assist. The competition date draws near and we are equally excited about he entries that we have been receiving.

  47. yeah no problem. It’s been a pleasure to help the blog team. Just got my result today.

  48. Hi Air Asia,

    Can people outside Malaysia participate in the competition ? Moreover, I wanted to know if knowing Malay Bahasa is a crtierion. Kindly throw some light on the same

  49. Just trying to understand:

    -When we submit our blog with our particular (eg. IC, email add, qualification..etc), is it the AirAsia Blog Team will help us to filter out our personal info (Since the info will only for AirAsia Blog) and publish out the blog only? Thanks for clarifying πŸ™‚

  50. Good luck to all taking part in this blog competition. how i wish i could win this. If my dad were still around then i would have someone guiding me wad to write. too bad he is not anymore.

  51. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………WHAT DID YOU WANT THAT I SAY YOU:……………………………………………………………………………..I WANT TO RETURN TO FLY!!!!!…PLEASE CALL ME!!!!!

  52. I m a 25 year old South African, and i jujst feel left out…can i aply?

  53. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Just a note to all that unfortunately only Malaysians can apply.

    To questions on whether your personal details will be screened when published, the answer is yes. Only a mention of your name will appear.

  54. I’m frm indonesia graduated frm University of art, 28 years Old. Long time i have waiting for chance be A pilot but it’s only for malaysian. I hope next will be chance for Asian.
    Bravo AirAsia..

  55. Maybe i can guide you all on wad to write for your personal particulars.

    Name: Mr.XXX XXXX XXX
    Date of Birth: xth July, 19xx
    Nationality: Malaysian
    I.C Number: xxxxxx-xx-xxxx
    Address: Lot PT25B, Jalan KLIA 55,
    South Support Zone KLIA,
    64000 Sepang,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    Race / Religion: Chinese / Christian
    Age: XX
    Home Town: Georgetown, Penang
    Gender: Male/female
    Marital Status: Single/Married
    Phone No: +60x-xxxxxxx
    Mobile No: +601x-xxxxxxx
    Highest Qualifications: SPM year 200X
    Father: Mr. XXX
    Mother: Mrs. XXX

  56. Khairul Anwar Reply

    ‘So You Wanna be a Pilot ‘

    Hi Air Asia,

    My name is Khairul Anwar Bin Osman, 23 yrs old. My qualifications are N-Levels (Normal techncal) & N-Level (Normal Academic) and National Institue Of Technical Educatiion Certificate in Facitility Technolgy Gpa 3.8. Served 2 years for National Service with Singapore Armed Forces from 2005-2007 and attached to overseas posting at Thailand for 1 year.

    I know that Air Asia are not interested to employed Non-Malaysian for this post but I wish you will consider my application. I have been following Air Asia success in this region and now expanding to the whole world.I’m willing to learn and feel proud to fly with Air Asia to the whole wide world. As I am still young I’m willing to work hard and fly hard..woOhoo.. =)

    Air Asia Intan Terpilih
    Bak Air Tak Habis Di Hirup
    Kalau Saya Anda Pilih
    Tak Menyesal Semua Hidup

    I Believe I Can Fly
    I Believe I Can Touch The Sky
    I Believe In Myself
    I Believe In Air Asia

    Your reply would be most appreciated.
    Khairul Anwar Bin Osman =)

  57. Dear AirAsia,

    I have been working as a Techincal Maintenance Officer with HM Aerospace coming close to 2 years. Being around planes 24/7 has interest me to become a pilot.

    Hope to be given a chance !!!

  58. My biggest dream!!!
    Did you ever have a big dream which really believe it could happen but the biggest problem was MONEY?When I was a kid I could see aircraft`s only on the sky and I was thinking how does it feel to seat behind a yoke a take off?Now being nearly 23years old I`m working on airport as a ground crew and I can see all pilot`s walking around aircraft`s and I can see these passion which does remind me about my biggest dream.At the moment I`m flying only on flight simulator.I`m doing about 80h a month and I`m really enjoying flying.Unfortunately get to a point when I could seat down on real cockpit and fly is not easy.I`m not talking about how difficult is fly with real aircraft what I now it is but I`m talking about a cost of a pilot course which is huge!At the moment I work for two companies.One full time and a part time.And I try to do everything to collect money to become a pilot and make my dream become true.But these will take me an ages.I`m working at Stansted Airport were Air Asia has start flying at 11th March 2009.I was there when airbus 340-300 has approached stand and handling company which I work for has start offloading aircraft.Then I realized that we are making a history now.I realized that Air Asia is an airline with a future.Airline which I love to fly for and fly around the world with a professional crew and modern aircraft`s.I hope that there is someone on these world who has his biggest dream happen and now can help someone make his happen….

  59. There are several reasons I would make an excellent pilot first I have a Love and knowledge of aviation and aircraft types, I think about aviation more times in a day than anything else, I love aircraft, another reason I would be a excellent pilot is I am in really good shape, am mentally stable, and can speak perfect English, If you do not pick me for the Pilot job you would be missing out on a excellent individual for the job, I know I am the best candidate for this job, someone who would not take pay for this job and would be willing to work 24/7 for this kind of job to learn everything there is to know about aviation and the Airline industry, who would actually love his job, because he loves what he does not just for the benefits of it or for the money but for the Love of the job, and for the people you serve onboard the aircraft at all times.


  60. hi..
    i hv alwiz been interestd in bcmin a pilot though ma parents rnt so happy bout it…but i m very ademant bout it. it has been my passion since age 10 but i m wearin glasses. my visual acuity witout optical aid is 6/ is it stil ok 4 me 2 join tis contest…
    n i wil b leavin for PLKN on d 19th mac…
    i wuld oso like 2 noe wen is d closin date for d competiton..thank you

  61. S.immanuel Reply

    “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain from the flight deck with an announcement..”

    Finally!! there IS a competition giving you the dream job of many peoples!! A Pilot! i write a lot but never really posted any blog, haha.. i think i have to publish part of it now since it did include about why i wanted to become a pilot and why me, haha… anyway, its a really good chance from Air Asia πŸ™‚ woohoo!!

    Kong Sun, you are really an active blogger πŸ˜› and i can feel your passion, its just as much as mine.. do you have e-mail or something? perhaps can share some ideas with you to come up with really outstanding submission that might win us both! haha.. i’m wondering if i can publish my e-mail here in public (well, i don’t mind).. (it’s fine if the moderator filter it later)

  62. I am a healthy 21 year old American. I have always dreamed of being a pilot. I currently have 150 hrs in small single engine airplanes. Because of the economy I no longer can afford to fly. Please consider me for one of the 10 finalist.

  63. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Again, apologies to all applicants outside Malaysia. We are unable to accommodate you at this point in time. We will try to negotiate a compromise in the future.

  64. What about Singaporeans?
    I’m willing to relocate.
    Would you consider that?

  65. Kumara Mohan Reply


    Till now, when I send someone to the airport I will definitely hang on there a lil’ longer just to watch the aircrafts majestically take off and imagine how it feels to be in control in the cockpit. The passion, sometimes angers others especially when I bargain for more time to enjoy watching the aircrafts in awe and also when comes to the discussion of fulfilling my ultimate dream to be a pilot. Why? Haha…Financial matter of course. When my dad was still in the service in RMAF, I used to enjoy and appreciate all the moments of watching those aircrafts start up, taxi, hold at the holding point till it takes off. How can I express my excitement? Albert Einstein quoted, β€œTHE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING WE CAN EXPERIENCE IS THE MYSTERIOUS. IT IS THE SOURCE OF ALL TRUE ART AND SCIENCE. HE TO WHOM THIS EMOTION IS A STRANGER, WHO CAN NO LONGER PAUSE TO WONDER AND STAND RAPT IN AWE, IS AS GOOD AS DEAD: HIS EYES ARE CLOSED.” A lady I know once told me that those pilots are like God, bringing those huge machines up to the sky. WOW! A lil’ bit too much of expression I guess. But you know what… Those statements of Einstein and the good lady are close enough to express the excitement I feel. THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!!! I know the age limit for this contest is 28 and I’m 32 but my passion in flying will be forever young. I also know that it is not easy to become a pilot. I understand that the training will be rigorous and we need to cope up with pressure especially from the instructors either in ground school or the flying phase. What I can say here is that I am prepared physically and mentally.

    Tony Fernandez, the soul destined to bring the aviation industry in this region to a new level. And what a fantastic job he did in fulfilling the task assigned to him. AIRASIA, the name that created glorious history in Malaysia and the world, overcame all the hurdles and set THE standard for others to follow or compete.



  66. I am an enthusiast of both science and art and I feel that they both converge in aviation: The art and science of flying. I love the technological aspect of operating an airplane as well as the excitment of traveling. I have a passion for both the theoretical and practical components of the field and I am very devoted to it. I currently possess a commercial pilot license with IFR and multi-engine ratings. I am confident that my skills as well as my knowledge will allow me to be a succesful pilot. I am fluent in English and Spanish and always willing to learn new things.
    I seek excellence and aspire to be a pilot who will set standards, a professional who will lead the way, an employee who can be trusted and above all a human being who can reach his dreams and in return become the dream come true of any airline that will allow me such an opportunity.

  67. Mohamed Haidier Reply


  68. Sugla Vinaayagan Reply

    To fly is a proud thing; I had the passion to be a pilot ever since my first trip to India. Yes, it was a memorable moment. I was 9. When I entered the airport I saw handsome and respectful pilots. The way they were treated was admirable. β€œThis is your captain speaking”, I heard when I was in plane. It sounded like he was the King. I still remember a lady who sat beside me and was praying deeply with her fingers crossed. With full curiosity I asked what are she was doing. She replied that she was praying and hoping that the pilot would land us safely. At that moment the pilot became a God for her. From that moment I got to know how precious a pilot was.
    When I was studying in primary school my teachers used to ask what my ambition was? My classmates whispered doctor, police, engineer and so on. When I said β€œI want to be a pilot” without any hesitation, all of my classmates as well as my teachers became numb. They said it’s expensive and a dangerous profession. Their words made me silent but it triggered a fire in me. Despite of their thoughts, I was more optimistic. I become more curious about airplanes. How do they work? How can the plane fly without flapping its wings like birds? Thousands of questions came up in my thoughts.
    Finally I got the answers when I was Form 3. It is Physics and Math’s. My interests in piloting made me do well in Physics and calculations. I read up to know the qualifications for becoming a pilot. I took note of it and followed it ever since I was 15 years. The first item is my eye sight. I take care of my eyes very well. I go for eye check up every 6 months to widen my chances to catch up on my dream. My dreams drove me to a search related article and support applications online where I got to know about Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here for first time I saw a virtual cockpit and how to fly a plane.
    In my childhood I liked to watch action movies related to airplanes. Naturally there was a inter- connection between me and airplanes. When I was an infant I used to play with airplane toys. I got photos to recall memories and I kept looking at it frequently to keep reminding me until I fly myself with my own crew. That’s my memory which reminds me how deeply I love airplanes and the flames deep inside me which drive me nearer to the doorsteps of my goal in my life.
    My idol is John Travolta, who is famous and an experience pilot. His speech in a reality show on Oprah gave me more encouragement to fulfill my dream. One day I will fly my own aircraft like my idol, John Travolta. I will make it happen. To fly is a proud thing.

  69. hi i am struggling from last 7 years to become pilot but due to financial problem couldnot start training but this is great oppourtunity for me because 6dec 2008 i got shortlist for singaporeairline cadet pilot programme interview among many many guys but it got cancelled this is end of my struggle as now i hope this time i surely going to become pilot in airasia

  70. Md Zakirul Reply

    I thought a pilot is as a driver like a car nothing special at my childhood.

    Though I am a programmer, airasia gives me a chance to be a pilot.

    I have to change my track! Thinking, what to do! Because I am confident I must win the race.

  71. Thank you S.immanual.

    Is good to hear that a lot would like to compete in this competition. Then it will be more challenging.

  72. S.immanuel Reply

    so, kong sun.. you are joining too right? haha.. have you got your blog ready to be revealed?
    what kind of presentaion of blog are you preparing?

  73. S.immanuel Reply

    kong sun, how old are you anyway? hhmm.. do you have any video editing skill? lol.

  74. Well i’m going more into my life thingy.
    More onto what i went through.

    I’m currently 17 but turning 18 soon.

    I dont have video editing skills but i have a group of friends who are very good. But i am going more into a soft approach.

  75. Hey guys i heard that the team have a few shortlisted ones in mind d.

    Quickly throw your ideas in and make things happen.

  76. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We will try to notify as many as we can. No guarantees but we wish all well.

  77. hai guys,
    I cant seem to find my comments. I think i’ve been choosen. come on friends let me show you guys the way to the remaining 9 spot…hehe

  78. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    No one has been chosen yet. Some have been called for clarification but none has been announced as one of the ten yet in case anyone is wondering.

  79. Owh i was asking about the cadet pilot scheme. you know on the jobs@airasia side?

  80. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    The cadet results will be seperate from this competition and left to the discretion of the pilot selection programme.

  81. S.immanuel Reply

    meaning say, even if i have already submitted an application for cadet pilot in jobs@airasia, it wont affect my submission in here right?

    its not even 1st of april yet, and they already have some people in mind? aww… that is not good.. err… and before that date, we can already submit our blog? where at? i cant seem finding the button for that πŸ˜› i’m only writing it halfway, anyway XD

    kong sun, what kind of soft approach you are thinking to?

    hey, i re-read the instruction again.. it says, we need to write the main thing ‘why we deserve one of the ten spot’ eh.. i need to alter my writing a little bit XD

  82. Hi everyone…It’s seems i have miss a lots of interesting discussion here about being an airline pilot… Never been active in writing blog in the past.haha… will be more involve especially when it could makes our dreams to fly an aircraft comes true.. cheer

  83. hey sugla, i have gone through the same thing as what you did since young as a child.

  84. Yup it wont affect as it is another program already. Different from this competition.

    Well you just put a suitable title about it and they will know what to do with it already. Dont worry they will have to read them once you send in.

    For me my soft approach will be like writing it in a simple manner.

    Yup,not just why you deserve the 10place but also why uou want to be a pilot. To show how interested are you.

    Hi Yee, well you should get involve more in the blog here, to get to know each other that is joining in the competition and also get to share points together. This can show that you are able to work well with others. That’s what a future pilot should have.

  85. Hey guys, do you know that I have never blogged in my life before. But now I am doing it. To be very honest to you guys I like blogging already.

  86. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Taranjiv, the only reason why we are doing all this kinda competitions is just for a comment like yours. We kinda like you but no bonus points for the competition. Thanks all for your interest, you make our everyday special

  87. Hahahax..Taranjiv same here i also never blog before. Because of thsi competition i too just learn how to blog and get to know how to write things in the net and communicate others in the net.

  88. If our blog is being publish and we would still like to continue wrting on some better wan will it still be publish?

  89. Hi Kong Sun, Thanks for your advice.
    I strongly believe that everyone here are really admire to become an airline pilot including myself.

    A brief introduction of myself to everyone here.. My name is Sam, I’m 27 this year and had tried every possible ways to achieve my dream but things just never turn positive. I had try applied for cadet pilot program everywhere, seeking for sponsorship to take pilot license as private student due to poor financial background, even try to apply loan from commercial bank with nothing to collateral bla bla… It;s really tiring but i always tell myself not to give up easily… Just because of the burning desire in everyone of us here.

    Today, they are many private and government bodies that sponsors teenager to achieve their dream to become pilot but not during my time. ( it’s mean now my age is not qualify to apply for those sponsorship and loans anymore). Therefore, Airasia would seems to be my last hope to achieve my dream. Another alternative way is obtaining the license by paying myself but it’s will really takes long time as my monthly saving is limited while the course fees for Frozen ATPL/IR increases tremendously…

    Therefore, this blog competition is something fresh to all of us here. Thousands thanks to the blog team of their good efforts to put up a space for us to express our feelings and thinking. Cheers to all aspiring pilots.


  90. Hi Samuel, i have the same feeling like you. I understand your feeling…let’s do our best to submit the blog and may our dream comes true

  91. Since this competition has got so much response, why not one day AirAsia also do another competition after this competition on becoming an air stewardess or air steward. I bet it will get almost the same response from the public.

    If not after this i’m afraid not many will look into the blog.

  92. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Kong Sun, we’ve got furhter plans. Nothing we do is short term. We gonna introduce another radical aspect of the blog next. In fact, we are going to keep innovating. Keep watching us and see how far we can go together.

  93. I’m going to start my training this coming April in one of local flying academy. Can i join this competition since I’m very interested to be one of Air Asia’s female pilot. On the other hand, i would like to ask about the height requirement. Does female pilot also has to reach the minimum height requirement since my height is just 150cm. thank u

  94. does female pilot has to reach the minimum height requirement of 163cm since my height is just 150cm.

  95. ‘So You Wanna be a Pilot ‘
    Hi,I am Juugraj.AirAsia here I come!Only a cool,calm and composed guy like me can be in the lucky ten.AirAsia needs such enthusiasts who are dedicated,loyal and great team players.I dare to dream soaring across the blue skies,over land and sea and bring my country great fame and honour,to AirAsia the greatest and most popular budjet airline in the world.Waiting to spend a day with your pilots.I am up for grabs!AirAsia will definately be proud of me,I assure.Waiting to join the AirAsia team.

  96. wow that is really cool. got the flow going on like a river then.

  97. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    The height requirement is the required height for the cockpit gender notwithstanding. Apologies but no compromise due to safety concerns.

  98. S.immanuel Reply

    hey, was just wondering.. does real pilot do blogging? i wonder how well can they write πŸ˜› do you guys know any place that i we can read real pilot’s blog? lol..

    blog contest for cabin crew? well, that is reaaaallly interesting! life as cabin crew is really fun i bet (thats what my friend told me). oh, does anyone read the book ‘The Sky Is Crazy’, its quite fun tho..

  99. S.immanuel Reply

    wait, hold on, how do we send our blog entry again? i mean, is it the one under the ‘Write A Blog Post’ tab? and which category is it? geezz.. suddenly feeling im missing a lot here.. im lost! help!!

  100. therefore, if i’ve completed my training, will i accepted with any other airlines? or the height requirement is the same.

  101. Yup, just send it in and they will know what to do with it.

    Well you can put in the “What’s New” category.

  102. If we were to be chosen to be the top10 then we also pass all the examination plus interview and medical examination, where will we be send for training?

  103. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    The flying school will be determined by availability and capacity to accommodate the candidates. Rest assured that the schools have been approved by the DCA

  104. We will be learning in Malaysia or in Australia or other country?

  105. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    This again will be determined by as mentioned availability of the schools at that point to accommodate the new intake.

  106. Hi Aainaa, have a question here. how come the flying school not questioning about your height? According to my friend who under training now, it’s tough if your leg couldn’t reach the rudder pedal. What’s normally girl did is putting a cushion on the seat…

    Hello team, is Airasia still sending the cadet to MFA? some feedback from friends in school, MFA still the best flying school with less delay, more instructors and fleet… correct me if I’m wrong.

    Secondly, for those who win in the contest, are they going to be asked to sit for psychomotor, psychometric interview and medical exam?

    Thanks.regards- samuel-

  107. S.immanuel..I’ve same question like you as well. I’m drafting the blog now and i save it under other category while waiting for team reply. cheer

  108. Hey guys, the calm and cool P-I-L-O-T is back. Have you guys seen Top Gun? Although its about Fighter Jet P-I-L-O-T, this movie actually built up my interest in flying. If I am not mistaken I was only about 7 then. The closest I have come to being like Tom Cruise is by wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses….hehehe. Hope this time I can wear it while I am flying AIR ASIA’s plane…..”LADIES & GENTLEMAN YOU ARE NOW FLYING WITH CAPTAIN TJ, FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT & ENJOY THIS RIDE”…hehe

  109. Dear Yee, yes we will still have to sit for the psychomotor, psychometric test, interview and also medical examination like any other people who is applying for pilot.

    but winning this competition would be an advantage because those who win will get a chance to spend a day (on a determined weekend) with a select group of pilots (captains possibly including the head pilot of AirAsia and head of pilot selection depending on availability) at AirAsia Academy for a chance to dig further into the profession and the possiblity of having a go at computer pilot simulation series.

  110. hi.. sound like a lot of people all are waiting for the competition date. And the date also coming nearer to us. Are you guys really for it? I am ready and hope that Air Asia blog team will consider my posting..

    Kong Sun, you seems become famous in here. because you helping the blog team to solve some small problem to other blogger here. And may I ask you, do you have any relative or friends are working in Air Asia so you can get a lot of details? Anyway, nice to see you and appreciate for your helping above


  111. Well i dont have any relative working in AirAsia.

    Actually i don’t want to be famous wan. I just want to help others to realise their dream and answering their questions only and also to realise my dream.

    But my late dad was also an aspiring pilot. That’s why i know some piloting stuff.

    And i too do know some Captains that are working in MAS.

    Seak, actually you can start to post your blog already, so on the actual day your blog won’t be miss as there surely will be a lot of people submitting in already. But take note ya, there won’t be extra credit for sending early.

  112. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Kong Sun has been doing a lot of answering and his name is sticking with us but then again, no bonus points. We have had to say no to many who applied and we have at the same time met a lot of potentials. Watch this space as the countdown begins.

  113. Owh ya one thing guys.

    Don’t just spend time doing the blog only. Once your blog has been shortlisted, quickly get a hold of a Form4 and Form5 revision book for Maths and Physics and study them because i’m sure they will be tested in the Aptitude test.

    Psychometric test will test us on English, Maths and Physics based on SPM syllabus.

  114. Ya i know. No bonus points. Just wanna help others too.

    Because i read before on a book, it says “Do onto others, like what you want others to do to you”

  115. thanks for kong sun and blog team reply me.

    kong sun, your dad was an aspiring pilot so you are learned from him right. No wonder you can answer many question and I thought that you have relative work in airasia, sorry for mistaken. And you become famous because of your enthusiasm helping them to solve any small problem. For me, I don’t dare to do it because I afraid I make a lot of mistake as I just a aircraft engineer trainee. If I am not mistaken, you are just 18 years old and SPM holder right? anyway, thanks again.

    And also thanks for the speaking again of no bonus credits for the earlier posting.

  116. Dear AirAsia Team,

    I have read all the comments given above. I can see that many of us want to be a pilot. Who then deserves this chance? From what I know, a pilot earns an awesome salary every month. Most of the people claimed that they want to be a pilot because of the passion for flying, aircraft and whatsoever… To me the fact that people wanted so much to be a pilot is because of the money, the benefit of traveling around for FREE and also because of the pretty girls on planes πŸ˜› Well, this is just my personal opinion and I hope readers here will not get offended. To be honest, I would like to be a pilot because of the $$. Everyone does anyway. There is no reason for people to act like they have passion for flying and so on. Just be honest as honesty is the best policy πŸ˜› hehe..

    Perhaps 70% of us would also love the pretty stewardess that work with them. Personally, I am not because I have a very beautiful girlfriend πŸ˜€

    Ok, I should stopping talking crap here and get to the point now. I want to be a pilot. Why? Money, money and money. If I get this opportunity, my monthly income then will be stable and I will be able to start my own family soon. Secondly, I have been a driver for my love ones. I picked up them with cars, bikes and also bicycle. Now, I want them to sit on the plane I fly. Lastly, I hope AirAsia will makes my dreams come true by giving me this golden opportunity.

    Q: Do I have to submit my personal details here?

  117. if i only manage to get a b4 in physics, do i still qualify for this competition??because it is stated that it needs at least b3 taken at one sitting

  118. Hi everybody nice to meet all of you in this blog.Well, I would like to wish everyone all the best and pray hard for our dream,hopefully it will come true one day.Cheers…

  119. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Dear Ary, sorry but the competition is only for Malaysians. Johnie, if youre a Malaysian citizen that meets the requirements, please submit your blog post for our consideration. As to the question of who deserves to be a pilot, we are looking for those that want it the most and will go the distance. Show us the effort, the desire and the passion and youre on your way. Its not the title that counts, neither is the content most the time but the effort and how much you want it. Because this is your dream and you have to show that you want this that badly.

  120. Well i’ve done a lot of research too. Yup going to turn 18soon and got my SPM results recently only.

    To Johnie, well you can see on one of the comment above i did show one of the style i wrote on how to write our personal particulars. Well it is just a guideline only, not necessary you have to follow that.

  121. Just a question here. The personal details need to send separately or together with the blog post?

  122. Guys why don’t we start the countdown now till the 1st of April ?

    It will be nice right doing the countdown together.

    12days till 1st of April.

    Guys and gals, get ready for the opportunity of a life time.

  123. Thanks.. already sent the details.. posting blog today… Cheer guys…

  124. Good luck to you Yee. Mine is under construction by my school teacher.

  125. kong sun.. u have been a great help here. i hope we can work together in the future.. u know what i’m saying.. hehe

  126. Hello everyone here, i am the person have the same dreams like all of you here. I wanted to share my experience here with all of u guys here. Before that, i did many research ‘how to become a pilot.’ One day, i found that got a academy would give some basic knowledge to become a pilot. Then i join the academy. During the class, my lecturer gave me a lot knowledge about the airplane. The most excited one is the school had sent us to Sekolah Tinggi Penerbangan Indonesia to attend the Pre-Pilot Programme. I proud that i had an hour flying experience during the programme and i also met many Indonesia Airlines like Garuda Indonesia,Lion and Merpati airlines’ pilot. They shared their experiences to me as well.

  127. Hi Johnie and Kong Sun, nice to meet both of you here. I am very admire of your honesty and sincerity,hopefully we can meet up one day or perhaps we can become a very good friend in future.Let’s pray hard for our dream.

  128. Harlo Weng Hooi, nice to meet u here too. Thank you for your admiration.. πŸ™‚ Yea, hopefully and let’s pray harder as day goes by..

  129. Siti Faiznur Reply

    Too bad my academic qualification is a bit off AA requirement. Is there any chance for AA to consider my submission if i participate? or am i just wasting my time?

  130. Sugla Vinaayagan Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    I just received my SPM result and obtained 8A’s , 2B’s and 1’C. I got A1’s in all science stream subjects and maths. I spend day and night to study hard just not to fulfil my parents wish but to fly towards my dream that is to become a PILOT. Some really scared to fly or to be in highest peak where some called it acrophobia and aerophobia but for me since small I just love to travel in airplanes follow my parents to neighbour countries. It’s the feel to fly in the sky since very young age. I spend my free times watching discovery channels on programmes like aircraft crash investigations and other documentary which related to airplanes. By watching all this programme, it never bring me down in fact it boost me to choose a dangerous, adventurous, glamorous and respectful profession that is PILOT. Its is something that I always admire and I love to be one when I grow up.

  131. Hi Jong, is good for you to have that flying experience. I am hoping to have it also.

    Hey Weng Hooi, thanks for admiring us. But I think you should admire AirAsia CEO bcuz without him then there wont be AirAsia and there wont be this competition is there is no AirAsia.

    Yeah hopefully we can meet up one day.

  132. Hi Kong Sun again.I do really admire Tony’s.He is the man who against all the odds. As you said without him, there is no AirAsia.During my first year in university, I have been doing a research for my project paper of his company. So, I guess from there I started to admire this guy. I would say he is a successful entrepreneur:)
    Anyway,let’s count down together for another 10 more days to go..Cheers…

  133. Hi everyone… All of us are having a same dream^^Nice to meet u all guys… I’m new here…Luckly I signed up a new account…Hehe…I dont know why my old account coundnt be signed in…Im comparing myself with Kong Sun(a new bloger and an experience bloger…) Ok,I have a question… I have submitted my application to AirAsia before the closing date, and then I found this wedsite few days after the closing date… oh my god… I dont have any blog… So what should I do? Am I still posible to be notified to the interview? Can anyone give me some guidance althought it’s late… Thx^^

  134. hey guys, I was unable to blog for the past 3 days as i was away for an assignment. Captain TJ is back now to rock your world. Cant wait to see the results ya…

  135. Hey guys, everyone admires Tony Fernandes for what he have done. His entrepreneurial skill should be respected. If we can at least copy some of his footsteps, I guess we all stand a good chance to be selected for this program. I am going to do it…are you guys ready?

  136. Hi Chin, is never too late. The competition will only start on 1st of April. (not April Fool ya).

    As you have said you sent in your application to AirAsia. This competition is not related to the application that you have sent. Don’t worry.

    You don’t need a blog to participate in this competition. Just click on the “Write A Blog Post” on top of this page then you just start writing.

  137. Well Kee, based on your question can a short sighted person be a pilot, then you will have to go for an eye check up to see whether you are elgible anot.

  138. Hi Weng Hooi, i even bought a book from Popular Bookstore about the airasia story. really admire how Dato Seri Tony Fernandes built up the company.

    Wow you even do a research on him? Cool

    Yeah 9more days till the competition begins.

  139. Hi Team, is there any limitation to the quantity of post for each individual? Are all post will be read?

  140. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    No limited quantities for each individual but once your post has been published, you know you have been shorlisted. All posts are read.

  141. Hi Kong Sun.Actually I was chosen by my professor to assist him in his research. My professor required me to gather some information regarding AirAsia.At first I was stucked because the assignment given basically its slightly tougher.FYI it was a Phd level research.During that time I took the opportunity to further my knowledge in this area hopefully if I couldn’t become a pilot I still can further my master degree. Anyway, my first choice still want to be a pilot.Hope to see you one day so we can share whatever we have in our mind.And to other friends in this blog I hope we can together achieve our dream.Cheers…

  142. Thx for your replying, Kong Sun…^^You are really kind, nice to meet you… I will try to write for my future^^I Really hope that I will be notified to the interview…OKOK… start writing !!! Good Luck everyone;-)

  143. Vethakumaran Reply

    Do I need to sign up? Or send in any application before April 1st?

  144. Dear blog team, i would like to ask and see if i write too long will you all read everything?

    I’m worried that if i wrote too long and the team will not read everything and miss out some of the points.

    Thank you.

  145. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Kong Sun, we read each post regardless of length. We do not miss out on points. This goes the same to all who have posted their entries.

  146. Cinta Theresa Reply

    Hi everybody,

    Almost sometimes I’ve not written anything here. Actually, i’m one of the contestant here for the pilot blog competition.

    I’ve read many people here are actually aspire to be pilots. some have knowledge about flying but some maybe not. To be frank, I do not have any knowledge of flying. So i always try to learn more from others. I can tell you that my knowledge of flying is Zero.

    However, life is short,we must give it a try right? “No trying is meaning failure. “

    I’m thinking what ‘s my next blog title…

    Gambatei, everyone!

  147. Guys and Gals, 8more days to go.

    Wow, getting nearer and nearer and surely a lot of stress.

  148. Hi everybody,

    i’m new member here… i also a person which had same dreams as u all… i had this dreams since i was kid…. now i am 16 years old…i wished i was enabled as u all to bcome a perfect pilot..i had some question 2 asked AirAsia Blog Teams…

    1. how if i was wearing a specs but i onli wearing it during teachers writing on white board…Is it these case of eyesight problem effect my ambition 2 bcome a pilot…

    2. i heared my sister’s friend said if SPM did’nt take chinese will unabled to flyed along these country which like China,Taiwan….becoz my sister’s fren is now a pilot…he hoped me 2 take chinese in SPM examination..

    i will appreciating to help me solved these above following questions…


  149. Chee Keong Reply

    guys, it is never too late to learn, as well as never too late for one to start taking their first step…

    when there’s a will, there’s a way…

    all the best everyone out there!

  150. Dear AirAsia Blog Team,

    Could you please elaborate on the terms of signing a training bond with a surety.

  151. Hi team, some questions about the blog writing… After we post our blog, is it true that we could still edit it before the posting date?

    secondly, if we are uploading photos, how to align it as it’s look funny when I view it.

  152. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yes Yee its true that you can always re-edit your post even after submitting. Michael, you will be briefed in detail once you are selected regarding our arrangements with Maybank on the matter.

  153. Loh
    like what you talking, I don’t know whether about the chinese subject in SPM will b related to the flight to china or taiwan
    but I can tell you, take chinese subject not only apply for cadet pilot
    even other job also may be need chinese
    if you can take chinese you better take it because 1 more credit subject, am I right?
    good luck for your SPM next year first

  154. Muhammad Syahmi Reply

    sorry guys… i’m gonna be 1 of them..
    dun worry, there’s still 9 place left for u!!

  155. Dear Syahmi, I need to correct you on this. There are only 8 place left as 1 seat have been allocated for me(just joking!) but anyway…right on BRO’. We are in the same league….”Captain TJ $ Captain Syahmi are on board, enjoy your flight $ lets rock n Roll”

  156. hahahahahaha ( sarcasticaly as i possibly can). some intelligent people think that by having an overwhelm of confidence that they have won this competition.. i pity these desperados may they person who play by the rules and does’nt get carried away cheaply wins!

  157. wow…Captain Syahmi & Taranjiv…passengger will feel the giddy after rocking & rolling in the plane..hahaha….

  158. can i participate if i m still on the verge completing my diploma in engeneering? thanks in advance

  159. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Manny yes you can. As long as you meet requirements it is fine.

  160. Captain Syahmi & Taranjiv
    then I will be join for the third captain Seak
    so there is 7 place left now..
    just kidding..
    whatever, We will try our best right?

  161. Manny, nice to meet you
    and you also a diploma student?
    just wanna tell you, me too.
    but i will still be join for this competition

  162. Hi AirAsia Blog Team,

    I’ve submitted my entry yesterday night.
    Hope you guys have already read it. πŸ™‚
    I was wondering, will I be notified if I’m short-listed/rejected before or after 1st of April?

  163. i am the same as manny as i am also completing an engeneering course but i got a b4 for my physcis in spm.. so am i considerable to take part for this competition?

  164. oh, hi wong.. yes i am a diploma student. have u completed your course? i am one semester away from finishing mine.. good luck to you in winning this competition!

  165. Chee Keong Reply

    well, i think that all of us has the equal opportunity in getting our blog posted as long as we put in effort, and show great passion in flying…
    i’ve already sent in my last friday
    (hopefully the blogging team has already read it)
    *fingers crossed*

    no matter what, all the best to everyone, and i would say, credits to Tony, the blogging team and Air Asia Berhad for all these…

    Although some of us may not succeed, but at least we’ve tried, and we get to voice out!!


  166. Wow seems liek everybody is confident about winning the competition. That’s a good thing.

    Anyway, dear blog team, i seek advise from my school teacher, he said that the competition requirement did not state how many words we should write for the competition, then the most we can write is about 2pages the most. Is that true?

    Since i have wrote too long already should i cut my words? Or just leave it so? Because if i cut already there is no flow in the essay already.

    Please help me.

  167. If our blog have some points that might be the same like others, do you think that we are copying some others peoples essay?

  168. Wow many of you all here and taing your diploma huh. Cool.

    One more week till the big day

  169. Dear Mr/Ms. Anonymous,I am not putting anyone down here with my confidence. In fact I dont even know whether or not I will be shorlisted. But the thing is at least I can blog with my fellow bloggers and just be positive is good enough for me. Imagine if everyone in this blog are just talking about the requirements & ambition of being a pilot? I know that I want to be 1 but that doesnt mean that I must be extremely serious about it in a blog right? I know what I need to do and I have sent my P-I-L-O-T post. I’ll wait & see the end results i.e whether I am choosen or not. My destiny is in my hands.

    If you can critise Captain TJ & Captain Syahmi, you should at least reveal yourself. To the rest I wish you all good luck and hope the best wins ya. I am sorry if you guys have been offended. And to Mr. Anonymous, no offends to you as well but you are out of my plane….hehehehe

  170. which one will be used either SPM or DIPLOMA certificate?
    i am freshly graduate in engineering course.
    post in Bahasa will be accepted. yeah!
    mungkin kerana lebih selesa ber bahasa ibunda.
    but english will be extra marks.
    keep on fighting!

  171. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Nizam, whichever that qualifies. Kong sun, you will be amazed that no 2 same posts are really the same. We love all the entries and we take the time to read everything. These are your dreams. Believe that they will come true because we want to give you that chance. The rest is up to you. Each entry is equally important to us. No rules over how long it should be. Whats important is whether you have managed to say what you want to say.

  172. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    And Taranjiv, we couldnt agree more with you. Good luck all. Days left and we repect all of you for fighting for your dreams.

  173. Alright. Hopefully i will win then. I mean hopefully everyone will win.

    One more week my friends.

  174. i m glad that u have come to your senses Taranjiv. i didnt mean to offend u as well.. no hard feelings, bro.. and i am devastated that u dont want me to be in ur ‘imaginary’ plane.. it’s a true lost to me, believe me.. by da way i am like the superheroes in watchmen, securing a save einviroment in the world..good luck to all.. i end with, siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedasnya.. Cheers!

  175. Dear Mr. Anonymous, no hard feelings on my behalf bro. This is Air Asia! everyone in RED VILLAGE should be happy ya. I will try to accommodate you in my plane ok….cheers

  176. To analyze further..

    Since competition start from 1st Apr untill 15th May.

    Example A (Weekend inclusive)
    Total days: 45
    Entries/day: 2
    Total participants will be selected: 90

    Example B (Weekend exclusive)
    Total days: 33
    Entries/day: 2
    Total participants will be selected: 66

    Hi AirAsia Blog team, can you share with us which example you all will be observing?

  177. hi guys..i’ve been reading ur entries almost everyday..and salute ur enthusiasm and determination..good luck to all and dont ever give ur dream..see u on board one day.. πŸ™‚

  178. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    You know what Chu, we are simply going to publish as and when we feel that the candidate deserves to be published. Regardless of the day because the blog never sleeps. Weekends included. We respect all of you too much. You do not take breaks in reaching your goals and dreams.

  179. Thank you for the explanation πŸ™‚

    The reason I am checking is because from my initial understanding, there will definitely 2 blogs (Maximum 2 blogs/day) to be published everyday from 1st April – 15th May.

    After understanding your statement, this is what I interpreted:
    It might not necessarily mean that 2 blogs to be published/day.

    Even with many of β€œSo you wana be pilot” blogs being submitted, you all will select the most deserved to be published.

    If there are no blogs that are deserved on that particular day, it means there is still possibility that no blogs will be published on that day until a deserve blog is obtained (I refer this as minimum zero blog/day which is not stated in “Competition Highlight” above)

    Please correct me if I interpreted wrongly. Thank you πŸ™‚

  180. To me it doesnt matter who wins it, all I know is that we all have a shot at it. To win it will be a bonus & a dream come through but not to win it will only mean that at least I tried. Maybe someday I will fly my own plane. And oh ya…I learnt to blog. Thats something new right?

  181. Chee Keong Reply

    i can’t agree more with taranjiv…

    the winning is not that big matter (although most of us really want it very very much), but the fact is, learning and getting to know more things…

    well, i am personally looking forward to read and look at what all the aspiring pilots write..
    it is definitely interesting…

    anyway, i am just wondering, will the blogging team come out with a post of their own too?? maybe there are some aspiring pilots and wannabes as well in the team…



  182. i am counting down too.. by the way, please vote for the earth tomorrow at 8.30pm by shutting down your computers and stop blogging for an hour. =P

  183. Looks like the blog ” Xanadu Calling: Name a Plane and Get your Name on a Plane! ” is getting a lot of response now more than this blog.

  184. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Its never about competition with posts but we’re glad that Azran’s post is keeping the momentum going for the blog. Our post is just a starter, wait until the shortlisted posts get put up. You are the real stars.

  185. Ya i understand. It is never about the competition but giving people a chance.

    Surely on the 1st of April , this blog will be pack with comments about the shorlisted ones.

  186. Chee Keong Reply

    well, the good thing is that, more people are now getting to know Air Asia and its corporation as well as Air Asia X so much better…

  187. hi all.. just dropping to ask about the closing date of the blog entry.. its quite confusing when everybody is already starting to count down days to 1st April.. is 1st April the closing date? or we can still post blog entries prior to 1st April? Reply from officials is really appreciated, many thanks!

  188. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Razwan,closing date is 15 May. Initially posts were supposed to be accepted from 1 April onwards. However, due to the overwhelming response, we have relaxed the rules and accept early entries.

  189. Assalamualaikum (arabic which translated as peace be upon you) and hello guys…
    I’m a silent reader of this blog since long time ago but I’ve just decided to be no longer a silent reader. If u guys have so much to be talked about, hey, i also have things to share and much to talk…heheh;D
    So, hope that we’ll be able to exchange information and update stories since i believe we are all sharing the same dream; becoming a pilot! Isn’t it?
    And for those who are really interested in joining the blogging competition (so am I, heheh), wishing u all d best n no matter what will happen after this, whether u r selected or not to be among the 10 winners, juz never give up as this (becoming a pilot) is the thing that we’ve always dreamt of and we’re passionate about for all the time. Be positive as I believe, everybody in this field is a positive thinker (else, how do u deal with life, rite?)
    Erm, last but not least, i would like to direct my question to AirAsia Blog Team (and anybody else who knows), why do we have to be at least 163cm tall to be a pilot and is it compulsory? I mean, wouldn’t it be ok if there is somebody who’s not that tall but extremely wanted to be a pilot? I mean, huhu, among all of the conditions listed to be a pilot, I’m glad n thankful to God I think I passed all d requirements but so sad, I’m 156cm tall (a typical height for a typical Malay lady).
    How ya? What would u guys suggest me? Help me out plz….

  190. Hi Sarah, well regarding your question right, i think it is a standard set lur. I have even seen pilot around your height. So i think it is okay for your height. Some airline like SIA they want their pilot to be around 165cm. So i guess is the standard set by airline lur. Dont worry la. =)

  191. Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. i read every single comments that you guys posted but seldom write…

    Regarding your question, the minimum criteria of height is set according to cock pit condition.If you are shorter than the required height, it’s hard for you to reach rudder and brake. But not too worry, i have a friend in MFA which her height is similar to yours… She is flying now too…cheer

  192. Cinta Theresa Reply

    Hey Sarah,

    Just read your blog here and I felt that you are not only the candidate who are having a difficulty to fill up the post of cadet pilot requirements…

    Anywhere, I think for all the airlines, they must have their requirements for the pilot programme and also for the cabin crew staff. Anywhere, 156cm is not too short because in the states, there are some female pilots who is shorter than you,(not to discriminate) but my pilot friends told me that and I just want to share. Me myself about 1.62 cm but still I would give it a try because I except my height and age, I meet all the requirements that stated on the website.

    Dun be upset. I think there are many cabin crew staff who don’t meet the requirements of height but luckily, they all got into the world class airlines.

    Cinta Theresa Lee

  193. Yee, I just want to make a correction, that is not rudder, is rudder pedal. Rudder is rear side of the airplane. haha..

    Hi, Sarah, 163cm i think is mostly require for male pilot because of the majority of pilot are male right? So may be they are not list out the female pilot height. If compare to cabin crew female is 157cm to reach the requirement, I think u should be can get it.
    I have an experience that I am a maintenance engineer trainee, I have get into the cockpit and operate all the control column without engine power run, and according to my height only 170cm, I still can pull the pilot seat to further and touch the rudder pedal. So I don’t think that is difficult to you. Good luck.

  194. Hi wong…thanks for correction. it’s pedal. Theresa, are you too young to apply or??

  195. Hey 2more days till the big day.

    Dear blog team i would like to ask that those 10winners that win, when will they go for the tour to the AirAsia Academy?

  196. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    No date has been confirmed but the pilots will be arranging for a guided tour and a go at the simulation. A special itinery will be prepared for the ten. Announcements will be made once more details have been confirmed.

  197. All the best everyone.Let’s pray and work together towards achieving our dream..Cheers….

  198. Vethakumaran Reply

    Good luck everyone. All the best, let us hope for the best!

  199. Dear Airasia blog team,

    Is it any problem if I post my blog in the beginning of of May?? or is it too late for me?? Thank you.

  200. Hi, Kien Fui. Sure you can post on beginning of May. It doesn’t matter too late for you because the closing date is on 15 May. Everyone still can post before the deadline. Good Luck.

  201. Last day already. 2moro is the day of competition. good luck to everyone

  202. Thank you so much…..
    All the best to all the participants hope you all will be shortlisted for the interview (although it’s impossible)…..

  203. Hello All.. Esp to Air Asia blog team…
    I want to congrats u all as i found out diz idea was brilliant..
    but i was wndering as read Sarah’s comment..
    *if i want to apply as cadet pilot,i was around 160cm tall,is it qualified as the required entry needs around 163cm tall..
    *so do da spm result.. Wut if i obtained
    only b4 for physics…? is it qualified enough….?
    Thank u for ur compliments..

  204. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hello Sophiea,

    The height requirements are for safety purposes. In terms of slight misses in relation to the requirements, write in and convince us that you should be one of the ten. We’ll take it from there

  205. AirAsia Blog team,thanx 4 answering my question.. =) feel happy as i still hve a chance..
    *there’s no probs rite if i send as many blogs 4 diz competition…?
    once again,thank u..

  206. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yes. Send as many as you like. We read everything. But once your entry has been shortlised, no point sending in more as we wil judge based on that entry.

  207. the dateline is around 12may rite…?
    u guys read everything…?whoaa..sure there’s so many blog to be read..
    did air asia organize da same competition like diz be4…?
    cuz i would delighted to browse though the previous blog people send to u..
    not to copy their idea for sure..
    dat already success in diz competition =)

  208. Good luck to you Sophiea. Just convince them that you deserve one of the ten then can already.

  209. Kong sun,thank u.. gudluck to u too..are u working 4 air asia…? cuz i observe u noe a lot..

  210. good luck to every1! less than 24 hours left to know whether we will be shortlisted or not!

  211. Mohd Rizal Ridzuan Reply

    Hello just finnished my SPM last year..
    i got B3 on English can i still apply this competition??

  212. yes u can but you must take an engineering course too i think.. gl rizal ridzuan!

  213. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Kong Sun hopes to be in AirAsia but our salutes for following us from the start hence knowing more about being a pilot. Rizal, simple stuff. You write in and we will give you a chance. We dare you to write in English and prove to us that results does not matter to reach your dreams.

  214. hi airasia team, wat time will the shorlist be posted? in the morning? i cant wait, both nervous and excited at the same time.. lolx

  215. You’re most welcome. Rizal dont worry. Just give it aq shot. remember just believe the unbelieve, dream the impossible and never take ‘NO’ for an answer.

  216. Good Luck & All The Best to all bloggers & wannabe pilots! Lets blog!

  217. Yup best of luck to everyone.

    Well Manny, i dont think they will post all the shorlisted ones on a day. I think they will slowly post little by little.

  218. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    All of you know tomorrow happens to be April Fool’s Day right. hahaha..just kidding but we are not releasing everything at one go. There will be more than 10 shortlisted but only 10 will be selected in the end.

  219. ya i know, they will post 2 shorrlisted people in a day.. but if u submited ur entry b4 april 1st, u would defenitely know whether ur shortlisted or not rite? coz they will like send u an email or somethin’… gl to all again!

  220. Well Manny, not necessary 2shortlisted ones in a day. Maybe more than 2 or maybe not even one.

  221. wow….hot hot hot….everyone is excited to wait for the the Oscar Academy Award yeah.

    Just a few more hours down the road. Start counting down hour by hour..until 12 midnight…and refresh again this page…aiyaaa…no update yet (due the blog team already back home….relax…hehehe). So will need to wait until 8.30am…

    Since the blog here posted from the first day until now, never have I failed to read up the comments in this page everyday. It is really true that there are a lot of great people here aspire to be pilot. It can be seen the enthusiasm that being projected here. With the friendly members that giving out the unwavering support and encouragement to each other, hats off to all of you.

    To all my fellow friends here… I wish everyone the best. Let’s hope and pray and may the best comes true for us. Cheer n have a nice day yeah…

  222. Vethakumaran Reply

    what?! You serious Manny? They’ll start shortlisting people already?! Man, I’m getting nervous! All the best! Rizal, the most important thing is achieving what you want, don’t let small matter get into your way! You’ve got my support!

  223. Yeah..Exciting+Nervous..Confidence,faith and consistency=key to success!!!;) Anyway,let’s keep up the spirit no matter what is the result in the end..Live with passion guys and gals!!!Cheers…

  224. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We think this competition had achieved its purpose. What we were aiming to achieve is

    1) Know what your dream is and how to get there
    2) Do not give up because the world is all doors full of opportunities
    3) You have learnt to blog

    We know these may be insignificant to you now but these are the values that will drive you. You will carry these lessons of preserverance, proactiveness and attention to detail forever. Honestly we only take ten, but for the rest, this is the start of your journey. We want to help share and be part of your dreams. Thank you all for your submissions.

  225. good luck to all! and if u don’t get shortlisted u can try again and remember the competition is until may 15th not april 1st, so dont lose hope, just keep faith and never give up!

  226. First of all, I would like to thank Airasia for arranging such a wonderful blog competition. Apart from the interview (if one has been selected…) this is the best way to show how much we love the job. For all the wanna be pilots out there, GOOD luck everyone….

  227. Presistance is key to success and keep in mind that succcess is the ability to move from one failure to another with enthusiasm..

  228. Mohd Rizal Ridzuan Reply

    I accept the challenge of the AirAsia Blog Team and i will write my blog in english..

  229. Air asia blog team..thank u cuz guiding all of us here.. =)
    n all da best to all people here..
    rizal.. u can do it..u may not so lucky in spm,but who knows if u can did very well for diz competition rite…?=)

  230. eeerm it’s ” i accept the challenge from the AirAsia….”.. goodl luck in trying to convince the admin that you are the man for the job rizal, seriously because u r gonna need a hol’ lotta luck!

  231. Rizal good luck man.. admire ur guts to reveal urself and ur spm results when u can easily post as Anonymous… take on the challenge, to show them that u are like the most of us who are driven by ambition in aviation and show them what u are all about!

  232. Yeah the team really have achieve their purpose in doin this blog.

  233. Mohd Rizal Ridzuan Reply

    thnx Manminder…..
    my father told me the one powerfull word
    “no guts no glory”

  234. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Ladies & gentlemen, we’ve just posted what we felt was a good post but disqualified as Ian is not Malaysians. These are the qualities that we are looking for. How much do you want it?

  235. Yeah that is a nice blog. So fluent and it’s amazing. How i wish i could be as good as him.

  236. Mohd Rizal Ridzuan Reply

    Ian is not only talking that he want to be a pilot but also take an action to pursue his dream.He can be a good example to all of us.

  237. Assalamualaikum and hello guys..
    Wow, the competition is finally started and I’m pretty much sure that everyone is very excited about it… For my previous question (bout d height requirements), omg thank you soooo much everyone especially to Kong Sun, Yee, Cinta Theresa, n Lap Seak for showing your concerns. Luckily i didn’t give up too fast on chasing my dream of becoming a pilot because of my height problem. Heheh, that’s why i’m kinda of feeling that i’m so much in love to be in this field because i simply love the people. You guys are really rocking my world and I just love to be surrounded by positive-minded people who kept encouraging each others. Together we do our best in telling the world on how much we do want to be a pilot!
    And to Cinta Theresa and Sophiea, come on, let’s try our best in placing ourselves among the best pilots in the world no matter of what size we are!
    Good luck everyone. Let’s do our best and let’s get this blog-writing to be done as perfectly as we can! Simply write from the heart because God knows how much we want it! And thank you AirAsia for letting our hopes and dreams from the deepest places in our hearts heard by million people! Thank you for giving us this chance! ;D
    Again, good luck to every future pilots and just believe that; we can do it!
    ‘Winner never quits and quitter never wins’

  238. Hi friends,

    The competition starts tomorrow and I wish everyone whom are taking part, the best of luck.
    May the best man wins. πŸ™‚

  239. Hi Sarah, you are most welcome and lets work hard and make things happen. To me, I would make use of this opportunity to share my stories with all of you here…

    Hi team, if our blogs are not posted by the end of the contest, would it any chance to post it out after the contest?

  240. * Parser error: XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED near nterest, passions tha
    * Invalid content.

    Can anyone shed some lights to me? Every time I click submit or save draft, appears these words?

  241. Hi Chee Keong, Congrats…

    Hi Sin, I never face this situation before perhaps it might be some error when you insert link to other website..

  242. Hi Yee,

    Thanks you very much, i just inserted a video from youtube by clicking ”youtube ” and paste the link?

  243. Hi Yee,

    I know where’s my mistake, thank you very much. ^^.
    I just noticed the ID, the characters after ”V=” LOL.

  244. Hi sin, if you wish to insert an “youtube” video, you got click search video. After you got desire video clips.. just click on it and it’s done… That’s what i did.

  245. Dear Blog team,
    I have a question regarding the blog writing.Will you check the blog again if I edited something in the original blog previously send in?

  246. Dear blog team, I would like to ask that if those who are selected as top10 then will AirAsia provided them transpost to the AirAsia Academy or even those who stay far away, will you all provided them flight to Kl then to the AirAsia Academy?


  247. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    You will have to provide your own transportation as plans are underway for you to also sit for the interviews shortly after or a day after.

    Weng Hooi, we read everything but feel free to edit as you like.

  248. Owh okay. I see. Thanks for telling.

    Neway when will the team post the next blog?

  249. Chee Keong Reply

    Thank you Air Asia and the blogging team for approving my blog, and well, making me the lucky number 1 to be posted among all the other candidates…

    Thank you very very much…

    now, i am awaiting and praying hard that i will be shortlisted for the final 10 for the interview…

    nevertheless, thank you everyone out there, and again thank you Air Asia and the blogging team!!

  250. Dear Airasia Blog Team,

    * Parser error: XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED near interest, passions th
    * Invalid content.

    I still have this problems, tho I’ve followed Yee suggestion. Every time I click ”submit” or save draft, these errors appear, am not sure whether my post is submitted successfully anot?

    Please lend me some hand on this. Thank you very much ^^

  251. Dear blog team, do I still have to upload my results together as I have told you my results before?

  252. Sandip Singh Reply

    Hi, guys and gals, been reading all that has been going around. I am also a first time blogger and never done this before. It is real fun.

    I forgot to put my height in my resume which I think was important as it was a requirement. Well I am 5 feet 8 inches. I do hope the Blog Team will catch this information about my height factor and post it in my resume.

    I just wanted some clarification.. does it mean that if an entry on the essay writing is shortlisted, the candidate is also shortlisted for the cadet pilot??

  253. Well Sandip Singh, not necessary if your entry is shorlisted you will also be shorlisted for the caset pilot program.

    This competition is to help you on the way to be a cadet pilot. The rest of the journey lies on your hand.

  254. haiz, all candidate being shortlisted have working experience and at least a diploma. And all they chosen essays are very similar. i guess it’s only a false hope for those spm leavers..

  255. Well I think your blog entry being short listed is no guarantee yet, you still need the necessary qualifications, ie education and health. Make sure you are prepared before jumping into the bandwagon…wishing u gud luck to become a pilot…dont give up, SINGH.

  256. Chee Keong Reply

    dear anonymous,
    i am shortlisted, and guess what, i am currently still a student as well, and i am currently at the end of my A-level programme…not diploma yet..
    same goes to daphne..
    she’s still currently a law student if i am not mistaken…

    i’ve worked before, but as a part time only…
    what u need to do is just blog, telling the blogging team how much u want it, and why u deserve it…
    be true in ur writing, and be honest..
    it works..

    well, i would like to wish u all the best in ur writting..same goes to everyone out there…

  257. Well to Anonymous, you can’t just think on one side only, why not trying to think on another brighter side.

    Who knows maybe later the blog team will start to shortlist a younger candidate?

    Don’f forget this is AirAsia k? Everything is possible with AirAsia.

  258. Wow, I didn’t know there will be so much hit for this blogging contest, anyway I a happy that Malaysian do have many aspiring pilots.

  259. Sandip Singh Reply

    Kong Sun seems to have lots of info replying to us all…Hopefully all the queries he is answering on behalf of the Blog Team is correct information..meaning no offence but just that we are wanting some clarity on certain issues.

    Well Hare, my entry has not been shortlisted so that’s why the curosity

  260. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Lets just say this Sandip. If you feel you desereve to be shortlisted, then prove it to us. As for Kong Sun knowing all this, its because he took the initiative to read everything from the start and has actively emailed us on any queries he has.

  261. Sandip Singh Reply

    Oooppsss..thanks for the response.Ok maybe I will try to improve on my entry since th deadline is not over yet.

  262. Thanks for the compliment blog team. Well I am sure that if I did give wrong info then the blog team will correct it.

  263. Chee Keong Reply

    i do salute kong sun for his knowledge at such young age..
    i am not discriminating young people ok…don get me wrong..

  264. Am wondering when will the team post the next blog? I’m sure most of the people here are waiting to see whether are they being shorlisted including me myself.

    I’ve been sitting down refreshing the page every 5minutes but still no change yet. Haha

    Wondering will I be the next one?

  265. Well Chee Keong, there are still a lot of things for me to learn. Just the beginning of my life only. Still a logn way to go.

  266. Chee Keong Reply

    well, since u have such great interest on becoming a pilot, maybe u can go get some research done or study a little bit of the syllabus of piloting..


    i’ve personally done a little researches regarding the flying academy, as well as will be getting a text book which cadet pilot uses from my friend..
    just to get to know more about it..


  267. That’s great for you to have a friend studying as a cadet pilot.

  268. helo air asia blog team.. may i ask a question..?
    *where should i include my academic results&details…? is it all together
    with my blog on why i want to be a pilot..?

    Once again,thank you..

  269. Chee Keong Reply

    well, he is not the one…
    its his younger brother…
    currently working as a co-pilot in MAS already..

    he’s lucky because he’s born in a rich family, and was able to support his education and enabling him to fulfil his dream..

  270. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Sophiea, yes. Include your contact details and academic details in your post. We will screen these out later.

  271. So blog team will that post be the last one for today?

    Ya so lucky, born in a rich family.

  272. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Kong Sun, yes that will be all for today. Unfortunately.

  273. Hahaha… Is okay. At least we still got time to modified our blog.

  274. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Sorry Kong Sun due to unexpected circumstances, we released another to replace number four. We wish you well.

  275. Hahahax….Is okay. Her blog was simply amazing. I would have to salute her. Really heart touching. If you would ask me whether she deserve the place more than me I would say YES.

  276. Hi kong sun, if you need any reference books from flying academy, i;m willing to let you make a photocopy of mine…same happen to everyone here.

    I have reference book up to decat subjects only…you guys could sms me at 012-2098001.


  277. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We like what we see. That you understand how to use the blog. To stand up and have your own say. To be yourself. Thats what blogging is all about; just being yourself in a world that is becoming so fake.

  278. Roger team.. Life is about sharing… I would not have all these if no one wiling to share it with me initially…

  279. Thanks Yee. If i have the chance then I’ll meet you up and get it from you. Hehehx… Appreciate your help.

  280. * Parser error: XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED near “nterest, passions tha”
    * Invalid content.

    is an error when there’s bracket, coding etc.

    You can’t use all html commands here, so “…..” that area is where your error might contain some command that the blog template does not register in their system.

    Man, i didn’t know there’s some chatroom here

  281. Chee Keong Reply


    blog is basically a space for one self to express, in a good manner, and to be true…

    to me, a blog is somehow like a diary in my life..(although i don write one oftenly)
    its about voicing out and be expressive…

    lee is very much well brought up by a good family, with greal moral values…

  282. Dear blog team, I send 2post with the same title but different content inside. Hope you all will take note of this.

  283. Owh haha…forget about us already today. Luckily there is one person being shorlisted today. Congratulation to him.

    So only one post today I guess?

    Neway blog team, you said that you have connection with Perth? Does that mean that AirAsia will be flying to Perth soon? Or the cadet pilots will go there for training?

  284. Congratulations to AirAsia for earning the SkyTrax Award of World Best Low Cost Carrier! Good Luck & All The Best! Hope I can join the “big family”!

  285. Dear blog team, on weekends you all don’t post any shorlisted blogs?

  286. congrats to AirAsia for earning SkyTrax Award. *Claps *Claps*

    To Low,
    Thanks you very much, my friend and I managed to solve it and ”identify” the error late at 2.00a.m. LOL…Thanks anyways..

    Gosh really hope to know you all, and having you all as my friends ^^

  287. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Kong Sun, we suppose you just have to wait and see.

  288. Okay i will. Waiting with anticipation. But too bad mostly during weekends i am not able to go online to check as frequently as on weekdays.

  289. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    hey i am in doubt
    my dad told me ak team ring he up looking for me///
    what does it mean am i shortlisted for this competition or is that something to do for ak cadetship that i apply for?
    well my dad was in his board meeting thus he told the guy who call to call me but no one ring me up?? gosh what am i suppose to do i am frustated and sad for not be able to answer the call
    what should i do now?:{

  290. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We remember you Rahamat, you need to include in all your SPM and higher education details. This is a reminder to all others who have submitted your entries. Fill in your particulars, results and contact details in the same blog post you are submitting. We will screen this later.

  291. Hey!! May I know have u all read my entries? Why is it still on pending approval? Do I have a chance to be shortlisted?

  292. Assalamualaikum…

    Dear AirAsia Blog Team, does it mean that only one post will be chosen in a day? N does it mean that, if today we’d posted our blogs, n then our blogs are not chosen within the day, then there are no more chances that our blogs will get chosen till the end of the competition?

    Tqvm in advance.

  293. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    have included all the details hope its enough…have submitted full resume in ak application before

  294. [quote]
    To Low,
    Thanks you very much, my friend and I managed to solve it and ”identify” the error late at 2.00a.m. LOL…Thanks anyways..

    ah its ok Sin,

    Mr Blog Team, I did not submit my results for the contest and my blog is up, so I can submit it via email? My SPM/STPM is not in softcopy, can I just write down (as resume style) and submit as email?

    Thank you.



  295. Vethakumaran Reply

    hey guys… for those people whose blog didn’t get selected. Do you guys receive any comments or “views” from AirAsia Blog Team?

  296. Hi blog team… May I ask a question?
    Will you consider the result of IELTS (International English Language Testing System)? If yes, how much is the mininum score will be accepted?

  297. Come’on guys don’t be so anxious about this competition. The more you are worried the more worst it willget. Just relax yourself and have a cup of coffee while waiting to see whether you are short listed anot.

    If you think you deserve it then the blog team surely will feel it through the blog you write.

    Just don’t worry guys.

  298. Just remember one quote.

    “Don’t be anxious in anything, but in everything give thanks”

  299. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    wow is like never ending moments waiting and kept waiting

  300. Keith Ho, not left 1 place. they are just shortlisted only. There are not one of the top10. So don’t worry ya

  301. The 10th seat has just been filled up. Congrats to all shortlisted! I’m still on the “hold” sign… Waiting patiently. Just hoping for the best outcome.

  302. Dear blog team, I would like to ask who is the person who choose the blog to be shorlisted? Izit the blog team or the panel of judges?

    If it is the blog team, then when comes to top10 will it be the panel of judges working on it or the same team?

  303. haiz, when will my turn come?! Guys i am 18, so if i don’t get shortlisted what do you think i should do.. do aeronautical engineering course or aircraft maintainance course? which is better? because if i seek a pilot licence elsewhere i am not guarenteed a job!

  304. Hey Manny, why don’t you try to go for Royal Malaysian Air Force, after that then only you convert your license to Commercial Airlines. That is another alternative.

  305. helo air asia blog team.. i just wondered if u guys already received my blog or not..
    *how can i noe wether it is accepted or not..?
    * there any other way to apply as air asia pilot other than write a blog…?
    cuz i want it to give a try..

    thank you..

  306. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    To Sophiea, and the other people who are wondering. We read and receive each post, each line and each word. But, when you think about the applicants that we have shortlisted, do they not also deserve this chance?

    You can also apply for our intakes when there is availability on our website.

  307. Hi Sophiea, be very patient as everyone here also praying for this blog to be post. Including myself…

  308. they deserve it=) but juz wndering bout mine..huhu.. thank you airasia blog team..

  309. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    blog team
    am i not selected?
    cm on my birthday coming pls gv me the gift that will change my life…plsssssss

  310. Chee Keong Reply


    Rahamat, everyone do wished to be selected and also to be one of the 10 finalist…

    As what the blogger team has mentioned, the shortlisted ones do deserve the chance and i have to agree with that…
    its not that there are no more and the rest doesn’t deserves it..
    but the blogging team just need more time to screen through and read every single post of all the applicants..
    don worry…

    Personally, i think that if you really want it, the blogging team will definitely help u in achieving your dreams…

    If you’ve been sincere and true on ur writting and do your best, i think the blogging team will see it…

    all the best to all who are applying!!

    Best regards,

  311. Already 12shorlisted people. How I wish to be number 18.

    hahax…Why number 18? Well that is my Boys’ Brigade company’s name and i grew up with the company with 18badges already.

    I am not hoping to be the next one but I really hope to be number 18.

  312. Dear Blog Team,

    How come there are two number twelves? Superstitious about the number 13?

  313. Chee Keong Reply


    kong sun, best of luck ya….
    i am still checking out the blog every single day whenever i can go online to see who is the lucky one…

    for now, i am hoping to see more girls getting into it…
    i am not some sexist guy la, but i think that we should allow the ladies to shine and too, give them chance to achieve their dream…
    with that, only it is true that,

  314. Congratulations to all 14 shortlisted ones. May they fulfill their dreams in AirAsia. I’m still waiting. Just pray & hope.

  315. What diploma should i do now that is relevant in becoming a pilot and how do i apply for the cadet pilot intake? thanks

  316. Solehan Safuana Reply

    hey guys… i really need ur help.. my teacher asked me to do an assignment about pilot as a career. so i have to an interview with a pilot. now i really need a pilot that kind-hearted to spend his/her time with me.. i will do the interview through the phone.. there’s no eye sight.. hua!!!!! please help me.. pilot..i really need u.. i have to submit them by next week.. please

  317. Solehan Safuana Reply

    hey guys.. i really need a pilot. my teacher asked me to do an assignment about pilot as a career. so i have to do an interview to complete the task. so i really need a pilot that kind-hearthed can spend her/his time with me to do some conversation.. the conversation just throuh the phone. there’s no eye sight..i have to submit them by next week..argh!!! please help me…please,,,,,

  318. Congrats again to the 15th shorlisted one. Good Luck! Still waiting here… Hope the best.

  319. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    i hope this will be the best birthday gift…
    hope mine is the lucky num 16

  320. Nur Adilah Reply

    am i eligible enough with my only 156cm height to try this thing out???

  321. DEar blog team, I have posted my second attempt.I hope you guys will click on the html link where I alr attached together with it because I couldn’t find any other way to upload the pic into your system using the normal way.Thanks for your kind attention.

  322. Mohamed Nasri Reply

    dear air asia blog team, how many will be shortlisted? thanks for your kind attention πŸ™‚

  323. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Nasri, we are not putting a limit. We publish who we feel are capable and worthy of making the grade. We want to give everyone a chance to pursue their dreams.

  324. Hi team,

    Thank you short listed me. Just got back from offshore this afternoon.. I have some experience to share with all of guys here… Could i post a blog here?

  325. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yee just post anything you have to say. Any guest can just post and share their experiences and thoughts.

  326. Dear blogteam, just to inform you that I’ve managed to upload the pic into your system after figuring out again and again..Sorry for any inconvenience caused.I hope this time my blog will catch your eyes.^^

  327. No.17 is up on the board. Congrats! I’m waiting. All The Best!

  328. Seems like everyone is commenting here as well. Uploading post problems would only be solved by own effort as I see it. Correct AirAsia Blog Team? =D

  329. Mohamed Nasri Reply

    dear air asia blog team, which category should we pick for this blog?

  330. Dear blog team, I am wondering when will the top10 be announce as this competition ends on the May 15.


    Dear Anonymous, well regarding on what Diploma to study on thatt wan I am not so sure, but for cadet pilot programme you can check it out at some of the airlines website or you can slos check it out at

    Dear Nur Adilah, well according to your question about height, I think that is not a problem as i have seen many pilots around that height too. Maybe you can check it out at the website that i have given above.

    To Solehan Safuana, you can try to contact Captain Dominic and see how. I mean not through phone but maybe through his blog here. Just a suggestion only.

  331. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    hmm sorry for this q but why 80percent of shortlisted are chinese and guys??

  332. Yee : no problem, just some codes that I can’t use =) (3rd fella for the competition would be me, Low).

    I’m just here to see people ranting =)

  333. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Rahamat, simply because we had to say no to the other 80% of the other chinese guys who did not get published. We do not judge by race or by creed. We believe in giving everyone a fair chance. Look at each shortlisted post and tell us which one you feel does not deserve their shot?

  334. If there are Malaysians still talking about race, then it is really sad. It also shows how little this person knows about Air Asia as we are all about performance base. So, please get the race issue out of your heads.

  335. Mohamed Nasri Reply

    hey guys…anyone here got their blog shortlisted after 10 days they submitted theirs?

  336. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yeah Nasri. People like Kong Sun who submitted 20 days before and more than 8 entries.

  337. Mohamed Nasri Reply

    owh.. wow! ok thanks blog team for ur kind attention. πŸ™‚
    really hope to be atleast shortlisted. submitted mine a week ago.

  338. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    hmm u get me wrong i’m not bein racist…just askin..yah all of them deserve it…
    sorry everyone
    they deserve it
    sorry again capt dominic

  339. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    is it a wrong q that i hv asked earlier?
    i’m not bein racist..
    i am sorry didnt mean it capt dominic..
    really sorry

  340. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hey Rahamat, just chill. We’re not going to penalise you for such a question. You have to be passionate and we’re not so petty. Stop your self pity and start convincing us girl.

  341. Chee Keong Reply

    put the race and gender issue out..

    don worry..
    i am one of them who got shortlisted even that i’ve sent in so much earlier before the start of the competition..

  342. Rahamat is a girl??
    Man, and I thought it was a guy all along..
    Man, Herman’s blog really touched me somehow, seems very very different from anything else I’ve read so far.

  343. Huh, i sent more than 8entries? Hahahx… I remember i sent in 4only
    haha. Maybe the rest is I reedit wan. Lol

  344. Dear blog team, about that question I asked earlier how about it?

  345. Neway blog team, am I like the youngest candidate being shortlisted so far? As wad i can see there is only one person that is 19this year, and i’m turning 18only.

  346. Hey Kong Sun, pls dun mention age issue here as it’s will hurt others…especially me. Haha …Kidding. Cheer up young guy…

    Hi Team,
    Just a question here.. Is that mean among those shortlisted, only 10 will be qualify to attend interview and etc?

  347. Yo blog team! If I go for the normal intake, will I be
    from the
    shortlisted? =)

  348. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Low, its the same panel actually but you do not get the extra benefits from the competition.

    Yee, yes only 10.

    Kong Sun, we will leave the announcements to the pilots. Can’t give you an exact date but then again, do not want to leave you hanging without knowing anything either. All will be revealed in good time.

  349. so if i go for normal intake, it means my blog chance would be void? this is bad, and its this sunday. if i go, then my blog would be gone? if i dont, i have russian roulette to play?

    note that your tag has 2 styles :
    so you wanna be a pilot
    so you wanna be a pilot competition

    only Herman’s entry was tagged differently.

  350. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yang, just kidding. Go and try it out. We are kind people and let us know if it doesn’t work out.

  351. i believe i can score prefect marks for both physics n maths paper, but for IQ, ermm…when i was young i knocked my head that’s why it’s so big now lolz
    wish me luck! im going for my dreams, both ways, both styles~*

  352. Hi Low, what intake are you going? anyway Good Luck and All the best…

  353. Thanks for telling. Good luck to you Yang for the normal intake.

  354. hello.., can i know that is there a interview for steward, stewardess and cadet pilot at hotel rennaisence on 18 april 2009, from 9am to 4pm? i am here juz want to confirm it.

  355. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Chung who is anonymous, yes, there will be interviews for cabin crew but not pilots.

  356. but i hv watched tv since last few days that report for those who want to be a pilot and cabin crew plz come to hotel rennaisence on the stated date . what is going on?

  357. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    what should i do to get shortlisted??
    i really wanna be a pilot…
    guide me pls…tell me what is wrong with my past post..give me review please at least i will know how to improve…tq

  358. Hello AirAsia Blog Team, I received a call from 03-86604400…just to confirm is it from you all?

    I am wishing it is πŸ™‚

  359. Hey Rahamat Tulla, I would like to share with you on how I wrote my blog. you can go check it out thou but I will still guide you as I got help from my school teacher. He taught me using this format and I will tell you how he told me.

    Try to follow my teacher’s way if you this it would help.

    1st – start with an INTRODUCTION. Keep it short and simple for that.

    2nd – write about your HISTORY. For example why you want to be a pilot? How your dream of being a pilot started to develop?
    You can use the W-concept and apply on this point if you don’t know what to write. “Why, Who, What, When, How”

    3rd – What you HOPE TO ACHIEVE & reason why.

    4th -Why you will MAKE A GOOD PILOT?

    5th – What can you CONTRIBUTE if you are accepted as a pilot?

    6th – End with a nice CONCLUSION. I hope this will help you in writing your blog Rahamat Tulla.

    To all who are still waiting for their blog to be publish, why not try this format that my teacher taught me to write? Maybe you will get lucky and get it publish.



  360. Hello Rahamat, I submitted about about 19 or 20 of March (If i not remember wrongly), and add-on 2nd time few days ago. Please be patience and keep the hope alive πŸ™‚

  361. Well Rahamat Tulla, I would suggest you keep it to a maximum of 3pages.

  362. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We just want to say that again, patience and persistence is the key to getting yourself noticed. We are not really looking at tragic stories or lengthy explanations of why you want it. We just want to see how much you want it and if this is seriously something you can get into for the next 20-30 years when all the magic is gone.

  363. Ahmad Ridzuan Reply

    Airasia just called me 4 days ago to ask about my SPM result and degree.

    Will my post be published?

  364. When I see this news, my feeling was mixed with disappointment and happiness.

    I feel happy because airasia is so creative in recruiting pilot and giving people more channels to enter the aviation industry and have their dream come true.

    I was disappointed by this news because I am over age, 29 this year. Haiii…sigh…if AirAsia do this last year, I would be entitled for it (although doesn’t mean I will successully get it)…

  365. I feel AirAsia Blog Team is keeping the best for last πŸ˜‰

    u guys might be the best hehe

  366. Dear Anonymous, why not you try to submit a blog also. Let the blog team know how much you want to be a pilot.

    Who knows maybe they will consider your blog to be shortlisted and close one eye on that problem?

    Don’t forget that this is AirAsia. Anything can happen in this company. Just Believe The Unbelievable, Dream The Impossible, And Never Take NO For An Answer.

  367. You are welcome Rahamat Tulla. After you’ve submit your blog. Just sit back and pray. Just be patience alright. Still got around one month before the competition ends.

  368. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    haha thanks blog team…
    i’m submitting one entry on behalf of my bf…just to suprise him can i write on his behalf?

  369. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    We got it Rahamat. But its kinda difficult for us to accept established pilots. Will need to consult our pilots.

  370. will airasia be having another cadet pilot intake later on this year or will this be the last? And has the achedamic qualification to become a pilot 4 airasia will remain the same as this competition? pls let me know when u know.. thanx

  371. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    hmm did u screen my resume n blog…i’m addicted to the blog…
    and i’m using office operations room and comp that was used to monitor malaysia payphone system..
    risky but worth it…
    anything for air asia so you wanna be a pilot…

  372. if i do already hav da CPL certificate…
    but my height(cm) is less than 163cm…
    then, am i still be able to become this airline’s pilot?

  373. will the airasia accept d applicant dat already has the CPL certificate but his/her height(cm) is less than 163cm?erm2…

  374. Rahamat,
    Wait.. What?
    Computers to monitor Malaysia payphone?
    Can you listen to each and every conversation that is going on?

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  375. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    its not ethical bro

    we cant do it..unless there is report
    and only md can do so

  376. Wow 16,680 words. That must take weeks to write that long. Then the blog team must really sit down and read each sentences already. Lol

  377. Yeah around 3weeks more. To be exact 24days. Wow That’s scary already.

    To those who’s blog has not been shortlisted be patient alright. Who knows later the blog team might post more shortlisted candidates when it is drawing to the end of the competition.

    Good luck to those who are still waiting.

  378. yeah my god, Petha. 16.5k words is like more than my thesis (ok, it might be less). Yeah, 3 weeks of waiting is like 3 weeks left of studying to catch up with the rest.

  379. Dear blog team, I was thinking after the judges have selected the top10 then, the top10 would have to go for the tour in AirAsia Academy right?

    Then does the top10 have to sit for any examination like the Physics, Maths, English and IQ paper before they are allowed to go for the Interview?

    Or they will just skip this exam and go straight for interview?

  380. You still gotta go through those papers =) else how would they know you’re smart enough to pass basic papers or sane enough to pilot hundreds of passengers?

  381. Oooo what kinda earth shattering announcement? Lol

    Sounds scary. hehe

  382. Mohd Danial Reply

    Hmm.. Hmm..

    Earth Shattering Announcement Derek?? What could that possibly mean.. Heheheh.. Hope that it’ll be something positive for all of us aspiring pilots here.. πŸ™‚

  383. Abdul Hazim Reply

    hi everyone…this is my first time leaving a comment on this blog…only GOD knows how excited i am with this kind of competition..especially all about PILOT…YEAY!!!btw,thanks to Air Asia..i have two questions to ask..HOW LONG DOES IT TAKES TO GET APPROVAL FROM THE AIR ASIA BLOG TEAM?hmmm…i hav sent one on 15th April…n do the Blog team notify us back if we did or did not get into the numbers?

  384. Hi Abdul Hazim, well they will inform you if you are shortlisted. But if your blog is not shortlisted then they won’t inform you.

    Just be patience alright.

  385. Mohd Danial Reply

    or Abdul Hazim..

    to be more exact, they’ll call u up early in the morning with a GOTCHA call and make u ‘scream’ ur way out of bed.. heheheh..(ain’t that rite Kong Sun??)

    All the best mate!

  386. Should be thia way. Mine was an evening call and I was speechless that time. Lol

  387. Abdul Hazim Reply

    to Kong Sun and Mohd Danial,

    hey guys…thanks a lot for the info…u hav given me the excitedness to wait for their call…huh!!!hopefully huh…pray for me..hehehe…btw,thanks again…

  388. must i take my class 1 medical check up at DAME if i were to blog too???what about MAS medical SAAS international airport??

  389. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    hehe…air asia has made all blogers maniac…bloger maniac.
    tc..gotta do some pending work

  390. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    Mr DEREK…hi regarding my bf is it possible for him to get into this competition atmosphere>

  391. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Rahamat, honestly. Nothing much we can do for your bf as he already has the hours and qualification. Its best that he applies for the direct pilot intake. This opporutinty is aimed for those looking for an opportunity to start their flying career. All the best to him and you.

  392. hey will u guys like read da post again if i edited it? thanks in advance..

  393. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Yes Manminder, we will. Rahamat, you still have a chance so behave. To the others, we love you all and still read everything

  394. thanx.. well guess all i can do now is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.. too all those shortlisted bravo and congrats to the most of you who deserved it.. jk.. Good ridance, lol

  395. Sundararajan Reply

    Rahamat Tulla, relax relax. Thanks for your comments to my blog earlier in the week. I read through here and nothing seems to be wrong here. I could see the excitement in you. Like the AA blog team said, just behave yourself..LOL! You are not working in my company arent you? Using company PC to apply for a job is OR usually prohibited and in my case we have a system which actually monitors anything from files to documents, web addresses locked in for screening and make sure your boss does not bump into one and asks you what are you up to. Anyway if he does, just tell him you want to be high up on the skies, hehehe..well Bravo, i could feel the heat in you and I will pray for your success. I know how it feels to wait. I am happy to accept my results because I achieved two so called “pingat” when i blogged to be a pilot here. Everyone either gets shortlisted or rejected, but I got both. Most of it all the motivated comments, oh boy oh boy, touched my heart. Thank you once again to all. No joke!I wish no one will end up stranded like me if his/her ambition is to be a pilot due to the course fees.No worries about me, I know where i stand.Probably signing up for SPL soon. I know I will be hearing one of you guys/gals voice from the cockpit one day when i am on board. Wish you all the best mate! and to the rest, don’t give up, don’t ever.
    Kind regards,

  396. Abdul Hazim Reply

    dear AirAsia blog team,

    U hav said to rahmat “Its best that he applies for the direct pilot intake”…can u explain a little on direct pilot intake for Air the 1st thing to do..where to send application n others…please…..thanks…

  397. hey rahamat what is the priority level given to ur post? 3? is it still yet to be approved?

  398. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    hehe yesterday almost get caught by md..luckily i manage to close the page..haha

    play safe today with mylaptop usage
    tq tq everyone

  399. Dear blog team, if I were to stay in Tune Hotel near LCCT then i go to AirAsia Academy by cab, how much would it be?

    And i have not turn 18yet, can i check in to the hotel?

    Just making preparation if I am in the top10 only.


  400. Well I would appreciate if there is a transport back to LCCT. I can find a cab to the Academy. Lol.

  401. Most of us can drive, so it’s such a big issue when it comes to transport, anywhere within selangor I’m still alright.

  402. I see. Hahha. Well i come all the way from penang that’s why.

    Anyway blog team, today no blog being posted? Kinda boring because cant view any blog about the pilot competition today. Lol

  403. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Dex, you can actually walk to the academy from Tune Hotel at LCCT. And no, there won’t be one today. Our Taipei launch is huge news for all of us. We have been waiting for so long. Do try to understand.

  404. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    manminder…yup 3..same like urs

    u got chosen edy?

  405. Mohd Danial Reply

    wow.. It takes quite a while to scroll down to the bottom of this page nowadays.. so many comments from so many aspirants..

    and the time does seem to ‘fly by’ pretty fast actually.. “Pejam Celik Pejam Celik”.. It’s already the 24th of April.. We’re nearly there guys/ gals.. Hope everyone is doing well with the preparations (just in case).. πŸ™‚

    and to those who’re still waiting.. hope for the best and don’t ever give up! it’ll come around soon..

  406. 20 more days to go my friends. Good luck to all who are still waiting.

    Wow one more and it will hit 30shortlisted candidate.

  407. i dunno.. but i am hoping is a good thing.. like we are given the most priority to be shortlisted next.. just wait and hope

  408. Derek n the team, u guys really full of surprises man!! Wow the announcement really going to be end April early May eh?? Which means me and my friends here will be having sleepless nights beginning tonight haha.. Get ready boys, the wave of success is COMING!!!

  409. Abdul Hazim Reply

    20 days left n i’m still waiting for their calls… dying…im dying…warrrggggggghhh!btw,to those tat hav been choosen…gud luck!!wwaaarrrrrggghhhh!hahaha…

  410. Hei! Good Luck & All The Best to everyone on pending. Finally I’ve been waiting for a month now & still waiting. Hoping very much for a call from AirAsia every single morning.

  411. I wonder what kinda earth shattering announcement?

    Who knows later the blog team increases the number of candidate from 10 to 20 for the competition?

    I’m sure everyone is hoping for that to happen including me myself.

    Well I am hoping that the “earth shattering” announcement will be like the competition will allow all those shortlisted candidates to go for a chance for the tour and interview.

    This is because everyone that has been shortlisted are equally good. Don’t the rest thinks so?

    Hahaha. Just pray this will happen then. Lol

  412. Mohd Danial Reply

    Yeah Kong Sun..

    I’ll have to agree with u on that one.. Let’s just pray hard and hope for the best ya!

    “So near, yet so far” Hehehe.

  413. yea. i’m praying hard & waiting patiently too!! I do believe AirAsia Blog Team sees what we’re doing. They know we’re striving hard to achieve our dreams. Who knows my blog entry will be posting up next? πŸ˜›

  414. Alpha and Omega would be me =) I’ll be here from the beginning till the end

  415. Finally 30 candidates already. Dunno can hit till 50 candidates anot I wonder.

    What do you guys think?

  416. Hi Blog team,
    Just now I searched for flight in AirAsia website, Finally there is direct flight from Singapore to Penang.
    I told my friends about this. We all are very happy about that. Next time we can come here or go back by AirAsia flight and do not need to take 10 hours bus anymore. Going Johor Bhare Senai Airport from Singapore is quite troublesome, it takes us 3 hours to reach there. From now onwards, We can go Changi Airport directly, it helps us avoid the heavy traffic jam when crossing to JB.
    Thanks you very much.

  417. I think it is possible to hit til 50 candidates. still have time.

  418. Kong Sun,

    You know very well about this blogging competition right?? just wanna ask you something. i’ve posted an entry few days ago, but it has not been published yet. does it means i failed and need to post another entry or just have to wait patiently?

  419. Hi Chin. Well you will have to wait patiently. If you think the one you’ve posted is not good enough, then try posting another one again.

    Like me I’ve waited more than 20days and more than 8entries like what the blog team said.

    So don’t give up. Good luck to you.

  420. alright thanks for the information kong sun. cuz’ i thought i was eliminated when I found my post has not been published the next day after I posted my entry.

    I hope i can be just as lucky as you. thanks again:) good luck to me!

  421. Luck here is based on hark work =)
    The stop motion blog by one of the chosen ones takes lots of effort. Maybe you can try showing your “effort” in your own words, or actions.

  422. Abdul Hazim Reply

    hey guys….just need to check sumting..”priority : 3″…what does it actually shows?i posted one blog on 15th but still pending approval..does “priority : 3” that appears on the top of my blog, can give me some hope to still wait to get into the numbers?thank you…

  423. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    The number priority means nothing. Its doesnt change whether we publish it or not.

  424. Yeu Cheung Reply

    Dear AirAsia Blog Team,
    I have already summit my post at 15th of APRIL 2009, but until today, My status still on pending. It that still hopes for me?
    Can please tell me?


  425. Low having you acknowledging my stop motion video makes me all warm inside πŸ™‚
    lol (^_^) thanks man!

    u know if my entry was not shortlisted the other day, i was thinking about all sorts of ideas on what to publish next, so these are amongst that popped in my head at that time.. maybe our frens that are still trying can use them (hopefully to their benefit as i dont know if its any good..huhu)..

    i. making an airasia anthem; dikir barat style..
    ii. producing a vintage video of oliver and wilbur wright making an airplane while talking in ‘kelantanese’ slang; just to give it a malaysian punch πŸ˜›
    iii. tell-a-tale about sang kancil and sang buaya on board Airasia flight to London haha
    iv. bake airasia cookies n go to lcct and give them to all airasia staff and have my picture taken with everyone there.. especially Derek, n then go back home and blog about it haha..

    i wish those that already been shortlisted good luck (PICK ME!PICK ME!) and those who are still patiently waiting.. have an everlasting HOPE and FAITH and do try and give it a hard blow before the contest ends..

    peace out XoxOOxxO

  426. Rahamat Tulla Reply

    its end of april edy…
    good news!! or bad news!!
    lets hope for the best..

  427. Razwan, I was thinking stop motion as well =D i saved lotsa plane pictures to make it but the 1st 2 chosen ones made me panic and wrote some really fast blog with little ideas. Now me and another winner want to take it to the next time on being picked as top ten, wanna join us? its happening on the 9th May.
    there’s lotsa idea u can use actually, drawing, dancing, videos, super impose, getting friends to do mob attacks,heck, u can even kidnap Derek.

    p/s Razwan : don’t xoxo here, there’s guys here u know lolz

  428. Haha Low indeed youre right about the xoxo thing..

    i dont actually get it about the 9th May, you want to take what to the next time? but im all game if you guys want to kidnap Derek haha.. let me be the one driving the getaway car hehe..

  429. Guys and gals, 2moro will be the end of the month. Wonder what will be earth shttering news.

  430. Benjamin Siew Wan Siong, and myself will go on a little adventure =D

    Depart 9 may
    1620 (KUL)
    1805 (KCH)
    AK 5212
    10 may 2150 (KCH)
    2330 (KUL)
    AK 5219

    Come join us! Cos I’ve mentioned to him I have yet to sit any AK planes so he planned the trip just for me (I’ve met 3 potential shortlisted ppl so far on different occasions)

  431. It has been so quiet for the pilot blog competition since it hit 30candidates.

  432. Hey yang, sorry to inform that i couldn’t join you guys as i will be return from Indonesia by 9th. You guys have fun. btw, when we and sin will meet again as i’m thinking to get back the material from you guys… Have you guys done with photocopy?

  433. I’ve done with my part, but I have yet to contact Sin. Been busy with life lately =D

  434. Dear AirAsia blog team,

    I had submitted my blog twice to you guys on the 16 and 18th and you guys sent me an email about sending you guys the results of my spm and i replied a few days later saying that i am currently using my friend’s laptop but until now my blog is still pending..Is there any hopes for me ?

    Yours sincerely,

  435. awww mann.. very thoughtful of you but u guys go ahead and have a blast lah okayy.. i got ‘economoney’ issues at hand now man, i dont think i can afford to go around huhuu πŸ™

    dont forget to snap pixes and post them here aite!

  436. It’s end of the month already. Another 15more days to go for the competition.

  437. Dear blog team, will this be the selection process that the top10 winners have to go through?

    1st stage – written tests in the following areas.
    a) IQ test
    b) English Language – (Paper1 SPM)
    c) Mathematics
    d) Physics

    2nd Stage – Coordination test

    3rd stage – Final interview by Interview Board

    4th stage – Medical Examination

  438. Tomorrow HOLIDAY! YES YES YES! I’m gonna go earn my trip cash via Mr Lim of Genting. Wish me luck for Friday!

  439. Dunno whether AirAsia in the future will have a pilot conference for aspiring pilots. lol

  440. Good Luck Low, ganbatte…
    finally 31 ad… enjoy the last day of this month.

  441. Ah lower 6 coming soon already. No time to stay focus in this blog to hear about the results already. So sad.

    Lower 6 starting on 11th May and the blog competition only ends on the 15th May. Scary

  442. Hi Kong Sun,

    Don’t worry about form 6 life. It is just a new journey. Enjoy your form 6 life and study well. I appreciated my form 6 life and remember it well, group of friends study and have fun together. So hope to get back to form 6 life compare to uni life now.The blog team will announce the result soon, no matter how the result is, Ganbatte.


  443. Well Chong, I would prefer to win this competition rather than going to form6. But still will go and register as my plan B then. hahaha

  444. Mohd Danial Reply

    Yeah Kong Sun.. Gotta agree with Chong on that note.. Just enjoy and appreciate ur ‘study’ life when u still have the chance.. coz once u move on into the working class.. U’ll never get back all those memorable moments.. It’s a hard knock life, and it’s up to u to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible.. Anyways, all the best to all! πŸ™‚

  445. Guys..! HELP!
    I just cant seem to upload my jpg images into my blog post.It says “Found invalid URL: Invalid URL format ( v ben/f.jpg)”..what should i do?
    Can anyone guide me through this?
    i would truly appreciate it.

  446. Hey Chin. Why not you try doin a new blog post again and then try uploading the pictures again. Maybe it will work. Don’t forget to preview the blog before you post it up. Good luck to you. =)

  447. Dont worry Rahamat Tulla. Maybe the blog team wants to see how patience are you. I’ve seen more tha 8entries and more than 20days only get approval. So dont worry.

  448. Anyone here guess wad will the “Earth Shattering” announcement be?

  449. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Lets play a game like Kong Sun wanted. Lets see who guesses what the announcement will be.

  450. Hahaha..Which means the team will not announce it until someone guess correctly?