Note from Blog Team: Hey Yi Yang, you surely have guts. First you write to us telling us to publish your post then you admit you’re doing this at your work place. Note to other candidates, this tactic will not work again. Yi Yang, you’re lucky we happen to like your approach but you try it again and we’ll shove it down your throat.

We had another candidate in mind but we like your guts and you are number three to be shortlisted. Give yourself a pat on the back and the kick in the **** for being so audacious. You’re now one step closer to your dream. Congratulations.

After looking at Mr Chee Keong and Ms Daphne, I cannot leave this blog entry till this weekend! (I’m typing from work now and will continue on till late night).

While waiting for your cadet program call (closed at 13-Mar-09), I feel this would be a better way to gain entry.

I’m a man with few words, I don’t really fancy typing lots of words with prefect spelling and English, cos I know formality is not part of AK, you guys have that style I love~* (e.g. Career Progression opportunity – we mean it!, No Pangkat-Pangkat things, just respect and so on)

I’m just a straight-forward fella. I believe that honesty, without lies, I can get through anything, and I wanna prove all my friends wrong that there’s still good people in the world.

Of course, somehow I gotta prove why I wanna be a pilot eh? (Love those colourful planes, can I design for them in the future?)

My Hero!

Yay, yes. I really love planes with cool body-art. It’s something other airline wouldn’t want to do. One of the reasons for AK choice. (OK, some airline had done although Magaret Thatcher lambasted the company as shaming the country, there’s other as well, but I support art-work stuff)

What thrills you being a pilot? No, not the gals. You don’t need to be a pilot to get girls.


In my whole life, I wanted to become many things. Some I’ve tried and some I’ve yet to reach.
. I’ll upload it here! for related pictures below =)

-waiter ( la comida esta bien? andiamo fara pranso? andiamo a mangiare? )

-barista (my favourite would be ice grande hazelnut latte)

-chemist (part of my final year lab, super happy bout my results)

-car designer, WOO! (nice huh my Supra?)

-someone in some uniform (I was the Asst. Troop Leader for Scouts 104th Division in Selangor, small family but a real close one to me)

-someone who can draws manga (I only draw girls though)

-b.boy (with style~* watch me groove~*)

-an engineer(Engineers are trained to think systematically) for my dad (he’s proud of me although he don’t say much). Being one now and I know in a long run, I will be some rich 5-figure earning machine. It’s a nice place and stable, but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I don’t try my best to reach my dreams.

-a good brother (with backup, I have a twin brother to help me yay)
*note: ok, she might be the only issue I WILL sacrifice my pilot stint (her bf is a pilot so I guess I have the same mindset as her current love). She ain’t heavy (maybe a little) but she’s my responsibility.

I wish I have like 10-15 lifetime so I can do whatever I want fully, but if I could have all those extra lives, in all of them they will have one common dream :


No matter how far my other side-goals in life turn out to be.

Since childhood I have dreams to fly, to Aussie to be exact. I’ve been there ONCE at 1990, and love the plane ride. My aunt stays there, and told me one thing. If you can save RM1000, I will bring you to Australia again to enjoy. That was 1991, and by 1994, saving RM10 each week cycling to the bank, I’ve managed to save RM1000. My standard 5 trip was one of the trips I will never forget, as it’s been like a dream come true. But I know this wouldn’t last, and the more I think about it the more I want to be a pilot, cos I know my family couldn’t afford many flights to overseas (I can count with my fingers how many time I flew). My dad told me that Maths is the key to everything. My results for Maths are the best among all other subjects. After Form 5, I went to Form 6, and there is the point where I gave up due to my spectacles. So I opt for the next best thing, being an engineer, chemical engineering to venture into Oil & Gas so I can travel more. Upon graduation, I found out airline companies wouldn’t discriminate against 4-eyed people. I was thrilled to find that out and applied. My 1st attempt failed.

Ok, I’ve might have fail once (you can read it at My Old Post) (FINAL STAGE!), but that doesn’t stop me from trying again and again. Yeah, it broke my heart into thousands of shards, but I will prove to my other finalist in the interview that even Yang, can be a pilot! I take it an experience in life. Some slight wing stalls won’t doesn’t make me fall. I’ve tried to ask my other unsuccessful batch mate to join me trying AK, but they all gave up entirely or went into other field (I understand how heart-broken a simple “No” can be). Then again you guys can question why am I not doing it privately? I cannot afford anymore as my Degree ate up my Auntie’s fund. My dad is retired and my mom is not really there since I was young.

If you want me to tell you why I wanna be pilot and my lifetime stories, the post might be long and nobody will read it at the way I want you guys to understand. Bring me in, I would tell you why I want to be one. To see the rising of the moon, learn how to astro-navigate, Announcing (In Bahasa and English!) over the speakers, to see Japan (future routes =D) and eat their hard-boiled eggs in Hokkaido, visiting my Auntie in Aussie, shopping at HK, landing with cross-winds, get A380’s ratings, eat that Nasi Lemak of AK and there’s so many adventures that I want to live.

I would want to swear my oath with you guys, even be a luggage person for a month or two, or anything under the sun, just to show how determine I am, to prove myself that I will dedicate myself to both being a pilot and be faithful with AK. And I only have one life to commit to, so might as well be the one I desire the most.

Anti 9-5 job scope
No discrimination for gender
Colourful Planes
Lifetime job.

That’s all I ask for.

I believe that with hard work, and lots of reading and determination is everything, with your own values added. I can do it, alongside with them. No hassles.

It’s a known fact that every pilot does not regret the path they choose, and deep down, it’s something everyone reading this blog wants to be. Everyone would say piloting is :
-No life?
-Hard Studies?
-Spelling P-I-L-O-T? (everyone seems to be typing that)

Nothing can stop me from Midas’ Touch. I’m sure I have all the qualities you guys seek :
-I’m very hardworking, I don’t mind harsh training and yearly training for ratings. (I work part-time a lot)
-I’m a very responsible person, I don’t drink(or rarely, better word) nor smoke
-I’m quite serious when it comes to job, otherwise I can your best friend!
-I’m VERY good at Maths (love maths, I give Maths/Add Maths tuition when I was in uni life)
-I’m honest, straight-forward (this might not be good sometimes)
-I’m good at handling stress (my dad got a stroke attack, 3 months after my grandma passed away)
-I speak prefect Bahasa and English (I don’t know why, but I speak otai Bahasa, maybe cos I can’t do my Mandarin)
-I love serving people (waiters, baristas, promotion works etc.)
-I have a back-up (ok, he’s just a twin, but he’s always there)

Of course it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention anything bad right?
-I’m bad with girls (I get shy too often)
-My family ain’t the “prefect” ones (but as long as I’m with hands and legs, I smile)
-I eat a lot ( challenge me in kfc, 8pcs)
-I can’t speak Chinese (save Hokkien)
-I have yet to sit any AK, FD, QZ, D7 flights (the closest would be fetching my friend to LCCT to catch a flight to Medan)

With my 100% Sincere heart,

Yang (Low in this blog)
25 years 3 months
Oleochemical (I prefer OREOchemical, but my current boss don’t really like that)
Project Engineer soon to be Bus Driver =D



  1. Wah!! all those being selected are grads with some experience working, I like you cos you are not giving up your dreams, I am just a UEC highschool grad, yet I great passion for flying, don’t worry I will join you in the next blog post short listed, yeh…if you wanna learn some Mandarin this Indu Ren can teach you mah !~! Gud luck.

  2. Chee Keong Reply

    i love ur writings very much..
    it is very inspiring, and indeed, show everyone out there that age is not and never will be a problem as long as you dare and have the guts to reveal it..

    congrats ya!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats, Yang!! Looking forward on flight to Medan, wif first officer, Low Yi Yang…..

  4. Low Reply

    ah thank you thank you blog team members. yes i know it’s a daring post, but i can’t show you my “fake” side right? else my honesty won’t be part of me. you called me in the morning blog team, now we’re even 😉

    wendy, why go mention my full name? =.=|||

    THANKS EVERYONE! I look forward learning everything from you guys, including mandarin ^^

  5. Chee Keong Reply

    low, don worry..
    although i am a chinese as well, but i can only speak and understand mandarin as its the medium of communication at home..
    but when it comes to writing, i cant..
    haha…maybe just a minority of the words, which includes my name..

  6. Hi Yang,

    really like your way of expressing yourself… Straight forward. I could felt your honesty from your writing.. keep it up and hopefully you could do well in aviation industry.. cheer

  7. Low Reply

    Siew Wan Siong : thx thx =D yea all my dwgs including that rabbit 😉
    Daphne Siew Li : you force me to apply Newton’s 3rd law wit your entry wan =p thx
    Yee : Lying ain’t fun, trust can be gained with trust rite? =)

    (I’m at home this time around)

  8. Daphne Siew Li Reply

    huh? how come? i dun think i wrote anything on Newton or physics? o_O? *blur*

    btw, Yang..u got nice drawing skills 🙂

  9. Yang,

    You’re sincere enough to put everything clear for your dreams. And I really like the way you write, and I find that u’re actually kinda same wif me, in certain points la ^^.

    Congrats once again.

  10. Low Reply

    Sin : You have a twin brother too????
    CK : Yea, most of us are at FD

  11. Congrats !!!Besides your inspiring words , I found that you have great talents in drawing !!!

  12. Low Reply

    Daphne : ah my apology for missing your comment. thanks for the dwgs compliment. 3rd law would be “action leads to reaction”. You acted so I gotta react somehow rite? 😉

    Lee : Ah thanks bout the dwgs, but nowadays i have less time to improve that part of me. gotta work harder for my main dreams nowadays =D

  13. Low,

    I can feel your passion to fly…. This point is so similar to me…. LOL…. hope i can fly with you someday…

  14. Low Reply

    Kien Fui : thanks, i appreciate every wish from the bottom of my heart

  15. Low, don’t worry, you are no longer the oldest one here 😛 Congrat to you too. 🙂

  16. Low Reply

    Wai Weng : I’m forever yang =p you can be ww and i’ll be yy lolz

  17. Low Reply

    Sin : woah, cool. Now the next question would be, you’re a guy or a girl? by the way you typed, I’m guessing you’re a guy. Does it annoy you when someone asks you if stupid twin questions?

  18. Haansel Ananth Reply

    Congrats Low.Thanks for the comment and also all the best for the next level.


  19. Low Reply

    Dear HR Team,

    Maybe if my comment gets approved here, it would show you more of what I am, but I guess my own blogspot will provide info about myself (bobo84 dot blogspot dot com).

    Give me a chance at 2nd stage, I won’t disappoint you guys, I fair quite well in computer-related simulation and games. Send me to Melaka, Gold Coast, Philippines, train me anywhere I will stay loyal to Air Asia.

    Trying is the best thing I do,
    Yang (blogger on this page!)

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