Note from Blog Team: For the record Min Liang also known as Charles, we would have taken the island caretaker job. But well, pilots know best eh? Congrats number twenty something. Just kidding number 27. Have a nice day and enjoy this moment. Wow, we can’t believe we are nearly at 30.

Pilot or Island Caretaker of Great Barrier Reef? Which is the best job in the world for me?

Definitely i would choose P.I.L.O.T. without any hesitation.

Why? Why me? and why AirAsia? I have a lots of why’s and i will give you my answers…

Pilot – someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight. Pilot this word is still a stranger to me when i was small as I’m not that fortunate like others that can travel in flight at their younger age. I start to know about flying is through the history of plane. From a glider to propeller to now jet engine… we can see the advancement of aviation industry. I’m impresses!

Since then i was always thinking of myself to be “airborne”. This is my dream and at the age of 27 years old I’m still chase for my dream. I told myself if I’m not able to fulfill my dream in my life I’ll pass this dream to my son. I have went for all the eye tests and applying to few airlines to be their cadet pilot. I even called up few flying academy but due to financial constraint so i didn’t continue that. This contest is my stepping stone to reach for my dream and when i knew about this. I was excited+delighted+exhilarating… then i decided to blogging now…

The professionalism of this profession and its working environment attracts me the most. Quote from Captain Lim “The Best Office In The World is actually Pilot’s office” – i couldn’t agreed more! This is the best and it’s incomparable with any other luxury offices in the world. I wish I’ll be having this office 1 day if given a chance by AirAsia. Although it has the best office but it has the greatest responsibility as well. Every time there are hundreds of lives in a pilot hand and it shows how great power a pilot can be. Quote from Spiderman “With great power comes with great responsibility”. For me, Power and Responsibility is paralleled.

WHY me?
Responsible, with an attitude of changing impossible to I’M POSSIBLE, determine to my dream. AirAsia will able to assess more my personal values through a face-to-face session. I believe it’s worth your time.

WHY AirAsia?
During global recession, i believe every industry will be hit badly. Even my industry Pharmaceuticals are also being hit during this crisis. Aviation is also unexceptional but what i can see my future in AirAsia because AirAsia is still recruiting while others are slashing jobs. Apart from that, AirAsia is planning to go further. Now London soon to be US. This is the job security that i wanted. AirAsia is the upcoming star in aviation. AirAsia Boleh… Charles with AirAsia must be Boleh!

Thanks for your time.



  1. Mohd Danial Reply

    Hey there Charles..

    Congrats for being shortlisted today.. Love the picture! and I just noticed, ure 27 years old, and the 27th to be shortlisted! How much luckier can u get!? Heheheh.. All the best man..

  2. Yo dude

    Congrats! You will fly when you dare to dream..;)


  3. Congrats Charles,

    Yea, In fact I was so amazed and strongly agree for his grandfather’s quote “”great power liase with great responsibility”when I watched Spiderman few years back.

    Congrats again.

  4. Charles,
    I’ve met GP who works in SS19, was previously a co-pilot. And now I know another person who’s from a medical field aspiring to be a pilot!
    “Great power comes great responsibility”
    So how much of power do a A320 pilots have actually?
    Answer is 66,000 pounds!
    Why 66,000 pounds?
    Because a CFM56-5B engine used by A320 produces rounghly 33,000 pounds of thrust!
    So you sure you can handle that 66,000 pounds of responsibility?
    Anyway, congratulation on being short-listed here.
    Maybe I could get cheaper meds from you if we were colleagues.
    Good luck and all the best!!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  5. Ming Liang Reply

    Dear all,

    Thanks for your support! Let’s work hard together and achieve our dream as a suave+charming+professional PILOT in AirAsia.

    We’re upcoming “PILLAR” of AirAsia!


  6. Ming Liang Reply

    Hey Danial,

    Thanks for your enlightenment… It’s true 2727. i can go and buy 4D d… hehehe…

  7. Ming Liang Reply

    I would like to thank the AirAsia Blog team especially Derrick that make my day today…

    Derrick, thanks! I’ll do my best in the upcoming interview to repay your kindness to select me.

    Thanks again…

  8. Congratulation Ming Liang! There are 2 good news for you.

    1. You have been shortlisted.
    2. You have the chance to wash the propeller with your bare hand 😛

  9. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    I’ve got the tyre ready. Its your lucky day Ming Liang. Am so going to make the others laugh at you while you do it. Get your spelling right people.

  10. Derek~haha..thx for Derek and all blog team members too..and congrats min liang=)

  11. Chee Keong Reply


    DEREK must be like =.= ^9999 seeing people spelling his name wrongly..

    anyway, CONGRATS BRO!!!


  12. Hi Charles,

    I’m coming to 32, and I’m still chasing my dream! So GO FOR IT!!!

    All the best.

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