Note from blogteam: Chee Keong, Congratulations! You are our first shortlisted candidate. Your post speaks for itself. You have shown us the desire and you are the first on board and one step closer to be one of the ten. This does not mean you are already one of the ten but you have already been identified for possible selection.

PS. This is no April Fool’s joke. You earned it.

YES!! I want to be a PILOT!!

Why Pilot?

P = Pleasurable
I = Interesting
L = Lively
O = Opportunity
T = Thrill

Dream might be hard to be achieved, but that is the point of it. I was very much amazed when I read the article in the newspaper regarding this competition on 5th of March. I have always wanted to be a pilot since I was young and till this very moment, I would still stand firm for my ambition and never, ever give up faith and hope to become a pilot to fly, and take off from the ground. It is not just a dream, but a goal in life!

When I was in primary school, I was asked to write an essay regarding my ambition and what I want to be in the future. I can still remember writing and telling the teacher that I want to be a plane driver. I was laughed at because I didn’t know that flying a plane is behind a yoke, and not a steering. Haha….. I was told by my English teacher at then (Ms Lee) that flying a plane requires lots of studies and having good eye sight. She said that a pilot has great responsibility and one must not be afraid of heights. =.=
Well, actually, from then, I knew that my dream and ambition is to be a pilot and not a driver… =D

When I grew a little older, I told myself that dreams are meant to be achieved. But then, the problem was not when to start realizing it, but rather, how to start realizing my ambition. Thankfully, with my parents’ mental support and encouragement, I am able to gather my courage, and they inspired me to take the big leap, to start blogging and writing how much and why I want to be a pilot.

Ok, here comes the question WHY I would choose Pilot as a career…

When I was young, I would always bug my parents to bring me to somewhere in a plane but they would just say, “Boy, its just nothing la… Being in a plane is just like in a car…You’ll get to be in a plane someday but not today k…For now, study hard and get good grades…Then in the future, you’ll be able to fly as much as you want and at that moment, flight would just be like a norm in your life.”


I am actually very amazed whenever I get the chance to visit the airport. Looking at people of all ages and different background working together, sending off and welcoming planes entering the runway. I know that the airline industry is not only about the pilot alone to fly the plane, but everyone else from the management office to the ground crew. Physics and mathematical laws made flying possible, but it is the dream and passion that drives, or should I say, fly people around. That is why I want to be a pilot.

It is men above all machines, however behind it, faith and interest above all men.

As much as I wanted to be a pilot, I was only able to be in a plane when I was in form 3. I can still re-call the moment when I stepped into the plane and I went WAO. My first flight, as a passenger of course, in my life was from KLIA to Kuching with Air Asia. To others, it was nothing, but to me, it was like a dream come true (part of the dream actually), a day to be noted and to be remembered, to be able to fly in an aircraft. Although I was only 15, I wished so hard that I was able to just be in the cockpit, having the yoke in my hands and see the plane taking off from the pilot’s view. The flight was about 45 minutes, but at then, it was the best 45 minutes as for the first time in my life, I was able to see the fluffy clouds right below the plane, and seeing all the cars which were so tiny on the ground. From then, I realize that flying is and will be my thing.

Since the early secondary school, I have always been actively participating in class as well as co-curricular activity such as camps as well as various leadership camps. As I am very adventurous and adaptive to the environment, I find that my dream of becoming a pilot fits perfectly into my character. With the support from my family members, they would always encourage me to find any available opportunity for myself to join an airline and to be their cadet pilot.

You might now ask, “If they support you, why didn’t they send you to any flying academy to pursue your dreams?”

Well, then the answer would be due to the financial issue. The course to get the ATPL and CPL is very costly and it will be very unfair for my sibling if my parents are to spend that big sum of money on me.

Although financial is the only thing that is putting the barrier between me and flying, but it will not stop me from getting there. Passion drives me around, and faith enables me to fly. With the undying faith and passion, I will be able to be a pilot one day. But now, with the blogging competition, I will be able to get rid of the barrier, and enabling me to see clearly into my dream. It is just a click away.

It is definitely tough and there are lots of difficulties in order to achieve one’s dream, but I will not give up. Giving up the hope and dream of becoming a pilot would only means giving up the happiness in my life, and giving up on myself. Dreams are meant to be achieved and not only to be hoped for. There are times when the going gets tough; hope seems to be shattered and dreams seems to be getting far away. But I do believe, I do have faith as I know that with great determination comes great success. It has been my ambition when I was young and as I go through difficulties in life, I would only see myself getting closer to becoming what I really want to be. The competition is strong and tough, but I will not give up on what I promised myself. There are lots of people out there fighting for their lives daily, so who am I to choose not to fight for my dream and to give up? I have faith, I have courage, I am determined. I am prepared to go beyond whatever it takes to BE A PILOT. I will not sit and wait, but I will take the chance!

Why me?

P = Perfect candidate
I = Intelligent
L = Leadership skills
O = Open minded
T = Talented

If I am able to be a high flyer and having Pilot as my full time career, I am not only blessed with the opportunity of travelling from places to places while working, but as well to be able to serve my people, my corporation as well as to make my nation proud. From joining Air Asia, I would be able to be part of the fast growing airline in the region as well as a huge corporation that is well known locally and globally.
Other than that, a career as a pilot would be an ideal job for me as I am into a unique life styles and not having to work on a daily routine of 9 to 5. As of my understanding, pilot have trainings every once in awhile as well as duty to be carried out. These would definitely be a thing which I am capable of doing as well as interested in. I would really hope that one day, I would stop having the thought of ‘wanting it’ but instead, ‘having it’!!!

If got selected,
P = Pleasingly Proud
I = Interesting & Impressive
L = Laughters & Loving it
O = On cloud nine & Overjoyed
T = Thankful & Take it


  • Kong Sun

    That is a very nice video of yours Chee Keong. Happy for you also. hahahx…

    Neway you are from penang right?

  • Chu

    Very inspiration Chee Keong! Kudos yeah…

  • Lap Seak

    congratulation Chee Keong you are the first shortlisted by AirAsia. Your blog very attractive, and good reading.I hope I am the next shortlisted. Anyway, congrat again to you.

  • Vethakumaran

    Wow Chee Keong, great blog! Congratulation! First being shortlisted ^^v

  • Hoang Fei

    i was gonna say…it’s merely a very loooong secondary-school-stardard essay telling the childhood dream/ambition in a veeeery lengthy and repetitive manner. if this is considered showing “real strong” desire…everyone! Please start writing loooong essay, or dig out some primary school essays with the title “My Ambition”, which saying to be a pilot and then prolong the essay by 10x and elaborate the details by 10x too…i’m sure u’ll be shortlisted as well!

    …the video clip is also merely a beginner standard in video clip making and editing…

    well…last but not least…he probably IS a secondary school student and a beginner in video making and editing…therefore…for some encouraging words…GOOD EFFORTS PUT IN! KEEP IT UP AND THIS WILL GUARANTEE AN AVERAGE LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENTS IN LIFE!

  • Ian

    COngrats man! Hope you make it there, u deserve it. Cheerz!

  • Chee Keong


    i am the first to be selected!!!
    OMG again!!

    anyway, anonymous, honestly, u’re very right about my video editing skills..
    it is my first time doing all these, and well, at least i took the effort to learn and get things started…

    and regarding the ‘essay’, i do admit that it is lengthy, but i don think that i’ve did anything wrong to voice out how i feel, why i want it, and how much i want it…
    it is just a blog, and well, not an essay to be marked…
    i don speak nor write good english and there are grammatical errors in it but i am doing my best to improve my english…

    i hope that the writting didnt offend you or anyone out there..

    anyway, thanks everyone for the messages, and i will definitely not give up on my dreams…
    and not to forget, Air Asia and the blogging team for making me and bringing me a step closer to achieving what i want..

    to everyone out there who are or will be submiting and participating in this competition, i wish you guys and girls all the best…

    don worry about dreaming the impossible, as impossible is nothing…

    with great inspiration and faith, you will be there doing things that you want..

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Chee Keong, do you know why you were selected?

    Its not because of your English or the length. Its because we know you want it and you’re right in the sense that you told us your dream. And we’re listening. We would love to help you get that one step closer. The rest is up to you. Because you believed, we believe in you. For the others, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  • Chee Keong


    as what i’ve written in the blog, its dream and passion behind all men (and women of course)

    the flame is still burning, and i am still having that dream (as always) to be a pilot!!!


  • Ng

    First I had to congratulate Chee Keong for being shortlisted, keep up the effort to fullfill ur dream as there will be a lot of obstacles ahead. I find your post interesting with the play word ‘PILOT’.

    My main reason for this is against anonymous is a find him/her a sour grape. For me, i’m out of the age limit and not qualified in other aspect but i’m a silent supporter.

    From day 1 i read the post for the competition and all comments by aspirants and i find them daring as compare to me a timid guy.

    Please reveal yourself and submit a post as to proof u are better in writting not withstanding if u are not qualified.


  • Chee Keong

    thanks Ng for the lovely compliments…

    regarding anonymous, maybe he’s a better editor and all than i am..
    i might have to admit that…

    nevertheless, Ng, it is never too late to dream, and to fulfil one is too old to dream… its just when to start getting it done..

    although u’re not qualified for this competition, but don give up alright…

    best regards,

  • Kong Sun

    Hey Chee Keong, are you from penang?

  • Daphne Siew Li

    Congrats Chee Keong!
    ur post was very impressive ler!

    looking forward to be working with u :)
    let’s be hopeful for it then 😀

  • Chee Keong

    yea daphne…
    your blog is great as well..
    well, i salute you for being a good daughter, as well as your courage to speak for your dream…
    really hope that we’ll be able to be shortlisted, and take off as a cadet pilot by air asia!

    kong sun, ya…
    i am from penang..
    how u know??
    you too?

  • Kong Sun

    I saw one of the picture of yours in the video there. I saw the background where you went to Penang Water Sports Centre there. I went there for my sailing training wan.

  • Chee Keong

    the picture was taken during a secondary school camp of mine in PWSC..

  • Kong Sun

    Are you a Boys’ Brigade member?

  • Chee Keong

    the picture was for my Board Of Librarian’s Leadership training camp..

    well, was a band member, saxophonist..

  • Kong Sun

    Owh i see. Chung ling high school?

  • Kong Sun

    Or are you from Saints?

  • Chee Keong

    what makes u think that i am only either of that??

  • Kong Sun

    Cuz is like i’ve seen you before. I am from saints too. hahaha

  • Kong Sun

    Didnt know we are school mates. How old are you now?

  • Chee Keong

    i am 19 this year…
    now u’re still in school??

    anyway, there are a few aspiring pilots from our school…

  • Kong Sun

    I just finish SPM only. hahaha

    No wonder look so familiar la.

    When i first saw your picture i was like i think i see this guy before.

  • Wan Siong

    Chee Keong,

    Is that A Kim Gary menu folded into a plane there?!?!

    Anyway, since everyone is so hyped up over this competition, let me lighten your mood by filling you in with some quick fun facts:
    1. AirAsia’s fleet are made up with a majority of Airbus A320s. Airbus don’t use yoke, but a device called “side-stick”. It’s something similiar to a computer joystick.
    2. To easily differentiate a AirAsia B737 from A320 by sight, the A320 has a pair of unique winglet(At the tip of the wing) and the B737 has none.
    3. Flying a plane during olden times needed 5 people to be on the flight deck. They are: A captain, a co-pilot, a flight engineer, a radioman, and a navigator. Modern planes now needs only two crew, the captain and co-pilot. The rest were replaced by computers.
    4. A two engine plane can still fly and land safely if one engine is out, but it will be bounded by the ETOPS regulation for safety reasons.
    5. Malaysia’s very own “Air Force One” is a smaller variant of the A320 family, the A319. It’s parked in Subang Airport Hangar 1 at the disposal for our Prime Minister and some government officials.

    So there you go!
    Hope you find these facts are interesting and get you guys started in preparation for the upcoming interview if you guys get selected to be in the top ten. =)
    Good luck!!

    Siew Wan Siong

  • Hare

    Thanks Wan Siong^^
    that’s useful and interesting!

  • Daphne Siew Li

    Wow! Wan siong, that’s really great tips! well for me ler..i dunno much abt the terms etc but i did watch a documentary on the incident where a plane crashed because of a boy in the pilot’s seat. Can’t remember the name of the case but i watched it when i was on holiday in Krabi through AA :) and 1 of the reason was also coz the safety system of the plane izzit? something like that ler..can’t recall the exact facts of it though.

  • Hare

    Chee Keong, congrat, u have made it, meet you there, best wishes…

  • Wan Siong

    You’re welcomed. Good luck with your post. Seldom come by and see an indian who can speak mandarin. =)

    The boy you were referring to is a Russian if i’m not wrong. His father was the captain of the plane and that’s how he got to sit on the captain seat. Basically his father shouldn’t have done what he did and the whole episode could have been avoided. And also if my memory served me right, it was an Airbus A300! :)
    If you are not sure about the terms about aviation, google or wiki them then! You’ll gonna need to understand them sooner or later! Haha..

  • Chee Keong

    i know about the side stick and not the yoke last month..

    it was during a flight back from penang to kl that i requested for the jump seat from the captain..

    well, i managed to get into the cockpit and friendly captain B and co-pilot D explained quite a number of things to me too..
    the ride was definitely FUN FUN FUN and the view was breath taking…


    anyway, Wan Siong, all the best to you in this competition…

    This competition has got so much of publicity that i was even stalked, maybe not really stalked, but well, was approached by someone during my lunch just now…

    he just suddenly came over and said “Hi Chee Keong, congratulation.”
    then i was like O.O


    again, thanks Derek, Air Asia, and the management team!

  • Chee Keong


    other than what i’ve stated above in the blog on why i want to be a pilot, there are still various reasons behind it..

    its the excitement and satisfaction i get whenever i see a plane taking off, and landing and seeing the pleasing and thankful face of the passengers (like myself) that makes me wanna be a pilot…
    its more than an occupation…its something noble…its more than a service..its an action to help and reach out..
    its a contribution to everyone out there..

    As what Datuk Tony has written in his blog, at his time of education, cheap and affordable flights was not available, thus creating the distance and enlarging the gap between nations..
    students from abroad could hardly come home frequently to see and visit their loved ones before the growing of the airlines..but now, it is definitely possible..

    and why i think Air Asia is a great corporation and a great airline..
    well, only within 8 years, the airline has grown from 2 commercial jet plane airline to a full new 70 A320 jets(correct me if i am wrong) and still more jets to come annually..
    it is very much inspiring not only for Datuk Tony and everyone from Air Asia, but as well for us, the Malaysians..
    its the hardship and sincerity shown to us, the passengers, and making flying affordable for everyone else, just like the motto, NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY…

    I am not saying that of all the occupations available, piloting is the only noble occupation, but it is in a way that i can have it done directly..

    The competition is as well a great opportunity for people like myself, who wants to be a pilot, but having the barrier due to financial issue..
    Its about voicing out and expressing, which basically, gives an opportunity of getting it or at least, to know people who have the same ambition and passion…

    Thanks Air Asia, Thanks everyone..

  • Low

    OK now i feel bad for not wishing you 1st (i wish girl 1st n don’t really care bout guys)

    but u commented on mine, so erm….

    ok la


    now can we be batchmates? I’ll buy u some kit kat lolz

  • Chee Keong

    well, don be sexist..

    how’d u know that i like kit kat??

    it has the same colour as the colour used for Air Asia..
    i would love to have all the nice people with good aura as batchmates..

    Derek, come join us!!

  • Daphne Siew Li

    Wan Siong,
    haha! yea, something like that. Kinda a bit of abusing their powers/position xD with passengers on the plane..aiks!

  • Chee Keong

    make sure that we wont be someone like that if we manage to get through it!…


  • Lee

    Chee Keong ,
    You really aspire me a lot !!! Just 19 years old yet you know so many things … Good luck in achieving your dream and of course , I really hope that we can be colleagues one day !!!

  • Chee Keong

    well, thanks ya…
    hope that we’ll be able to succeed, and well, be part of the Air Asians…


  • Wai Weng

    Congrats man…

    I’m from Penang too… To be exact is Butterworth :)

  • Chee Keong


    well, good luck in participating ya!!

  • Haansel Ananth

    Congrats Chee Keong.Thanks for the comment and also all the best for the next level.


  • Chee Keong


    lets fly the red big metal tube!!


  • Kong Sun

    Well Chee Keong, I was ask to be in my full uniform and present him with a gift on the day of his retirement.

    If you are free then maybe you can come as this is a very memoreable day for our school. On the 19th of June. During school hours.

  • Chee Keong

    too bad that i don think i will be able to be back to school on that day..
    might still be in kl..

  • Chee Keong



  • Anthony

    eventhough i dunno u well but after reading ur blog, i reli feel that u r too suitable to become a pilot….u r stil young n u reli know wat u wanna b in ur future….comparatively, when i was at ur age, i dun even know wat i wanna be…mb to be a teacher, to be a flight attendant or mb jus be someone else…..

    u said that ur english is not good enuf but i think is more than enuf already…one of my fren is under air asia pilot training n i think now nearly finish oledi….we promised each other to join air asia but in the end i failed….i try…i reli try…but i stil cant achieve my dream….i am willing to giv up my degree level of education in USM(penang), the APEX university to join airasia but the result is…..keep failing….of course my dream is not as big as yours…i jus wanna b a fligt attendant coz my spm result cant help me to bcome a pilot and to become a pilot is never be my dream….i jus wish to become a flight attendant….i went through a short course for cabin crew and tried air asia interviews for 3 times but everytime i enter the final….but after tat….no news….i am reli sad….i am studying in USM(penang) and i am willing to go for air asia interviews everytime….but why??is tat my height not reach their standard? i am 182cm and i am sure tat my appearance is better than others….but i jus fail….mb i was boned to b an unluckly guy….but i never giv up…i try…i try 3 times oledi…when can i achieved my dream to become a flight attendant….i wish to wear air asia flight attendant uniform n fly in the sky…it is jus a so so so simple dream n most of my frens who even din get credit in bm n bi in spm oso pass oledi….my result is more than enuf but i stil fail…anyway, i think i will stil trying for next interviews….if air asia rejects me, i am sure tat other airlines will accept me…just, at this moment, i jus wanna try air asia only….mb i will try once again if i cant achieve it, i will try other airline…it is meaningless for me to loyal to airasia anymore….

    anyway, i reli wish u all the best in ur future…hope u reli can b a pilot n travelling all around th world…n i have one point wanna share with u…in ur video, u said that ur dream is to fly a commercial jet but u suppose to know air asia is a low cost airline…n u seldom have to chance to have night stop….anyway, at least u stil can b a pilot n now u r on the right track to achieve it….reli hope u can do the best…..

  • Rahul

    I would love to have the opportunity, I have qualified the medicals of my country also and had applied for SIA cadet program also but they withdrew due to recession I guess . And I have not been able to fulfill my child hood dream, it is perhaps been limited only to collecting scale models I guess:) But after reading ur post on facebook I thought maybe I can get the opportunity and I promise to give my best , I must say that it is always a wonderful experience traveling in AirAsia and I would be very happy to work for such a competitive airlines and finally would like to thanks AirAsia for its wonderful services because of which I have plans to travel for the first time to Australia next year(all thanks to Airasia fares). Please tell me more about the selection process and how can I do by best .

  • Chee Keong

    hey anthony,

    well, i honestly understand how it actually feels like when you fail an interview and is stopped and unable to proceed to the following stage of the interview..

    believe it or not, i’ve actually even failed my first stage of my cadet pilot interview earlier last year and trust me, i was very upset when i found out..
    but then, after going through the devastated state and the disappointment, start fighting all over again.. it means that you’ll have to start all over again from the most basic stage, which is to apply and hope to receive the green light to proceed to the interview…

    anthony, i’ve actually attended the FA interview last year as well as this year while waiting for my cadet pilot interview to start and i’d say, its totally nowhere close to easy.. don compare to yourself to any of your friends, as you both are different and you’re special the way you are.. keep on trying anthony.. i seriously would advice you to keep going on, striving for your dream… it doesnt only apply when it comes to realising your dream to be a FA, but in every thing you’re doing…

    Finally, i would like to share my success, to celebrate it with you and the rest of the aspiring pilots/ FA/ engineers or whatever career you’ve always wished..

    remember, if you are to fail at this or any stage, it means nothing.. you’ve in fact gained the experienced and will be able to get another shot of it and more time to improve yourself.. no doubt that your friend that passed earlier than you can graduate earlier, but you’ve been blessed with the chance to hear from more people, to have hands on experience and to learn more…

    however, one important lesson that i’ve learnt so far in my journey.. learning should be continuous, and be humble even though you’re better than the others..

    God Bless and all the best..

    Best Regards,


  • Nanda

    I’m one of a millions people who want to be a pilot even I can’t reach my dream untill now, but you can visit my blog to share. Hope I can be the candidate
    Nanda Ricky

  • Low

    ain’t fun being the sore one out, but I guess when there’s limit, there’s someone bound to be kicked.
    let’s see the upcoming year then ^^ wish me luck to be the next batch!

  • Chee Keong

    don give up everyone…

    keep on fighting and striving ya.. failure is just part of the learning process… good luck to low, nanda, anthony and everyone out there…!


  • Anthony

    of course i know i shouldn’t compare myself with the others but sometimes it is hard to handle the thinking n emotion….anyway, mb every people in different situation n wat i can say is….i reli have jus a little time only….i am not same with the others can keep trying…if u r in my shoes then u will understand my situation….now is my last year for my university life n i am having final exam….i will graduate next year around may n my convo is in august…it means i jus have 3 months(june, july and august)for me to try for the airline interview….if i stil fail then my mum will not allowed me to go for any interviews anymore coz i should start working and back to sarawak…i come from sarawak and i think it is hard for me to come kl for any interviews anymore….wat i can say is i reli try my best already….if i stil fail then i think i have to accept the truth n i am willing to giv up my dream….at least i reli try my best n i am willing to be someone else who the others wan me to be….

    how about u?? everything ok already? u said that last year u try FA interview b4 n mb we met b4 but jus dunno each other coz i oso join mb 2 interviews last year…and this year i jus join once coz the time that AA having interview, i oledi back to sarawak….haiz….as i know, my fren who under training for pilot course stil haven finish training yet n mb u know him as well but i read ur blog n u said tat u never study about pilot in any academy sch then mb ur class n my fren class r different in AA coz my fren graduated in langkawi n go for pilot interview in AA n pass n now nearly one year already stil haven finish training….he says tat it is quite boring coz mb jus one training class in a week or mb in a month n most of the time he is too free but sometimes the training time are so close until he is extremely tired….but i guess so oledi….as long as can work in the sky….it is worth for everything oledi…hahahaha

    anyway, nice to meet u. if u dun mind then give me ur email add for facebook so tat we can have a good chat there….