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Hi there,

First of all, a round of applause to AirAsia BlogTeam. It is nice of you guys who for the first time in the aviation industry brought fun to aspiring cadet pilots through blogging. Cheers!

” So You Wanna Be a Pilot” is a brilliant idea by the blog team put into practice by our CEO Datuk Seri Tony Fernandez which attracted the world media at large.

Datuk Seri Tony is my Mentor, he is a real great guy you know, he is in the news again, I read the StarOnline saying “AirAsia chief elated with US award”

So You Wanna Be A Pilot? Of course, I do, that’s what I am waiting for all these while with a burning desire….

Pilots are always looked up as one who earns big money and live a good life. This particular career is so tempting that a growing number of aspiring pilots like ME are always waiting for an opportunity ever ready to spread our wings to fly.

I have great interest in aviation and impressed with the state of art aircrafts since young. Longing to be a pilot one day I prepared myself, studying hard taking up science stream with an ambition, and aim to qualify as a career pilot later.

In my younger days, I use to make paper planes using pages from my school exercise notebooks and get the scolding from my parents.

Later when I grew up, I wanted to buy a mini remote control aeroplane and fly it but when I visited the shops selling such planes, wow all models costs a few thousand ringgits each. I just could not afford that much so the only option is my computer.

When I was a small boy my father bought a Macintosh Multimedia Computer (Power PC) and installed Microsoft Flight Simulator program, I don’t have a joystick, using mouse was so difficult and the landings were a real mess. One fine day the program got corrupted and I was so down and out.

Time pass by and when I grew up, I had the option of using internet. I always google the net for aviation related materials and watch video clips of planes flying, maneuvering and landing with a feeling that I would be the one taking charge of the plane in the near future flying past the blue skies.

I am willing to make sacrifices and take all necessary action to reach the sky. No giving up.

Well, before going any further, guys… why not watch … A mini VIDEO OF MINE. ^^
Have a seat and enjoy!! ( may take a while to load, so be patient ) :)

As this is a blog post, lets follow the 1st rule of blogging –

* Keep it simple, Easy to read and Informative. *

To me, flying is not only a career, it’s my blood, it’s my life, I always dream of me in the cockpit as a pilot and flying high into the clouds.

I am more than crazy to see aircraft at close range, wouldn’t it be better if I am able to fly the machine, navigating the plane – the marvels of engineering high up in the sky.

When I was kid I took my father to the Sg Besi Air Force Muzeum to see and feel the planes.

My visit to TUDM, Shah Alam 2008

Being open minded, I have great passion for flying since young.

I would grab any opportunity and take all risk to bear responsibility as well as to care for the life of the people around me, the people I work for and make my country proud, it’s in my blood like my father who was a police elite force member who served the nation.

I am fascinated and impressed with the cream of technology in aircrafts we have today.

The high salary and perks never cross my mind, my ambition to become a PILOT is even greater.

I like to travel but never had the opportunity, being a pilot of course I can travel around the globe meeting people of all walks of life.

Of course there’s never a perfect package.

However, have you ever thought why pilots are highly paid?

In my opinion :-

they are a very special breed, young and aspiring, highly trained, dedicated professionals, entrusted with a million ringgit aircraft along with lives of hundreds of passengers to take care plus ensuring the safety of thousands of people on the ground below the flight path.

If a surgeon makes a mistake, it may only cost a life; BUT if a pilot makes the same mistake, it may cost hundreds or even thousands of lives, and the worst… the pilot’s own life.

By being a pilot one have to work in extreme conditions, strict regulations, and of course at times under tremendous pressure, therefore self-discipline is utmost important for a pilot wannabe.

– With great Powers comes great Responsibility –

If anyone ask, “Do you have what it takes to be a pilot ?”

I would say, “I believe, I have the temperament to be one!”

Temperament =>

Mentally and physically fit, basketball player, masculine built sports man.

Ability in language =>

I can speak fluent Malay, English, Tamil, and of course Mandarin & some Chinese dialects as well!

Ability to work under pressure =>

To prove myself, I had undergone double academic syllabus including SPM and UEC at the same time. Participated in adventure camping’s.

I enjoy working as a team as well as independently. Love traveling a lot.
Thinker and always willing to think out of the box!

Able to stand out from the others, “Only the hook exposed, gets the picture.”

One may ask why AirAsia?

I would say, Why NOT AirAsia!

To me, AirAsia is “DIFFERENT”

It’s more than just a company. It’s a TEAM.

It’s friendly and easy to approach i.e via blogs^^, facebook, etc. Imagine, you can reach the CEO through his blog and/or even chat with him, he is ever ready to get back to you to answer your queries. Now, you tell me, isn’t that cool?

Air Asia, it’s undergoing rapid growth :-
– from second hand planes to a fleet of sophisticated brand new planes, from just about 200 thousand passengers to over 50 million passengers, count surpassed SIA, Arab Emirates and many other LCCT’s in the world.

– a small company, within a short span of time is worth over 2 billion!! And it’s growing, Wow!!

– One of the 50 most innovative companies in world (creative and unique) and the best is..


Picture : Courtesy –

That’s the AirAsia spirit. If I am given a chance I will fly everyone all over the world.

So guys and girls,

A long journey starts with a single step, and the 1st step is always the biggest, hardest and toughest.

In the year 2008, I was short-listed for MAS cadet pilot. I made through the psychomotor test but I was not so fortunate for the psychometric test although I did well as to my ability.

Registering for MAS psychomotor test.

Anyway, I’m not giving up yet, so I applied for the APFT cadet pilot program and flew by Air Asia to Kota Bahru, Kelantan from LCCT KL to attend the briefing and interview. I was given a probationary offer letter which I am putting on hold due to financial constraints.

My 1st Air Asia Flight ^^ to Kota Bharu, Kelantan

I further applied to Epic Aviation in Florida, US and I was given an offer letter and again harboring it due to financial difficulties. Officials from EPIC keep calling me advising not to give up and saying “if there is will there is a way”.

My dad approached the banks, they say we must have some kind of collateral to secure such a big loan. We don’t have a house or land to mortgage, we are living in a rented shop house.

I did apply to Singapore International Airlines via online but later I read that the intake was for Singaporeans ONLY.

I applied online to Etihad Cadet Program but later found out that they have closed the venue for interview in Malaysia.

I’m NOT giving up, I’m here blogging with the hope of being shortlisted to join and serve Air Asia.

Life is a struggle, worst if you’re poor, but I will not quit, will keep trying, by God’s grace I will be a PILOTsoon.

I wanna be a pilot
, only then I would feel my dream accomplished, till then I will never rest nor give up, just like the guy in this mini clip below, please watch :)


* The word ‘Impossible’ itself says ‘I-M-Possible’ * 😉

Given this opportunity I would like to share some of the things I always follow :-

I like to watch Astro programs like :- Air Crash Investigation, Battle Field, Dogfight, Flight Plan, Next World, Gadget, Gadget, Gadget, and many, many more……

Subscribe and push yourself into the world of aviation!

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  • Hare

    Thank you again for calling me early in the morning to inform that I was shortlisted! You’re helping me to make my dream come true. ^^

    I appreciate this very much and it really makes my day. :)

    Hope we can meet each other soon.
    Well done so far and keep up your good work! ^^

    Bravo!! and thanks to AirAsia.

  • Lloyd Ferguson

    Congrats Hare! I can feel how u feel.

    I wonder what happened to my post. Having sleepless night.Hopefully mine will be the next one. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Hare

    Dear Lloyd Ferguson,

    Thanks Mate!

    Don’t worry.. I believe your post will be published soon enough.. have faith and patient. You could be the next lucky one!!

  • Low

    Dear Candidate,

    Due to the current economic climate Etihad Airways will be unable to conduct further cadet pilot assessments this year. We are therefore postponing the planned selections in New York , Toronto and Singapore until further notice.

    We very much hope to resume the process in 2010, and will email each of you again towards the end of 2009 should this be the case to confirm your interest.

    We are very sorry that the current climate has forced us into this position; however we at Etihad Airways remain optimistic about the future and look forward to hopefully resuming the assessment process in 2010.

    haha, Etihad didn’t close they’re just in some tight budget =( (applied as well, just got this email this morning)

    Congrats, win with me and teach me mandarin haha.!

  • Chee Keong

    Hare, congratulation…

    this blog is really addictive…
    i am even drawn to come online and read all the latest post during my lunch time in college…

    anyway, may your and our dream come true!!


  • Hare

    Thanks to all, your comments are enlightening me to further push myself up as a pilot….I’ll keep writing…..thanks again

  • Daphne Siew Li

    Hey COngrats!

  • Wan Siong

    Hey man, congratulations ya! After all the hardwork and patience you’ve put in finally paid off.. All the best to you man. It’ll sure be cool to be able to speak mandarin with you in the future. =)

  • Dominic

    good luck!

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    i cry watching that I-M-POSSIBLE video

  • Wai Weng

    Hare, I like your video. Congrats…

  • Arvindran

    Congrats Bro…,

    Finally you got what you were waiting for..

    ALL da BEST

  • Hare

    Thank you all again^^
    Really appreciate your words and may our dreams fly ! Good Luck 😉

  • Firdaus

    i also like to become air asia cadet pilot candidate.would u plz show me the way.

  • Sia

    Hi, I am Keegan Sia.
    Do Airasia offer any intake for cadet pilot?
    I am 18 now.
    Currently i am doing diploma in Accounting.
    I had BM A2, English A2, Maths A1 and Physics B3 for my SPM result.
    So do I still can go for pilot after my diploma?
    I really want to be a pilot.
    I wan to be able to fly…

  • Hare

    Hi anonymous,
    We all are aspiring pilots with burning desire, just keep track on the guidance provided in this blog, seek for the intakes and try your best. ; )

    Hi Keegan Sia,
    You can go for your pilot course after diploma, all you need is interest, passion and hard work. AirAsia always arm wide open to those full of potential, initiative, with strong desire and willing to work hard. Visit this blog to learn more about AirAsia,
    and best of luck to you. : )


  • Kathir

    Wow SUPERB,,,
    Thanks for all the aspiring word up here.
    My case is exactly same as you. I wanna be a PILOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I am waiting my SPM result but I can’t just sit down and do nothing.
    My father working alone as a taxi driver can’t aford to pay my studies.
    My only hope is to get Air Asia scholarship.

    So Sir/Bro/Cha, I want to clear up my doubt about this scholarship.

    1.what should be my first,first,first step to get Air Asia cadet pilot scholarship?

    2.should I wait till my result comes out?

    3.(ooops,, this should be the 1st question)IS Air Asia giving scholarship for 2010 intake?

    I really really need your help.I will be very thankful if you give me the needed info. there is no need for me to tell you how i feel right now because i am sure you feel the same last time.


  • Beng Eu

    Thanks Hare For such aspiring words
    Ive just received my SPM results and it isn’t up to standard for any scholarship nor college or aviation school. I will be sending my papers back for re-marking and applying for the Airasia cadet pilot once I’ve received my papers. I have a few questions I hope you could shine some light on.

    How do I apply for airasia cadet program?
    Is There A Human Resource Person I can contact?
    Is airasia accepting cadet pilots of 2010?
    IF my results are not satisfactory what can I do for I would do anything to be a PILOT. (however my family is not wealthy enough to pay for my fees) MY ONLY hope is to get the air asia scholarship and pursue my dreams to join the Air asia team

  • Leslie

    Dear Hare,

    Hey, my name is Leslie. I’m from Kuching. Recently, I’ve just received my SPM results and its not as I expected how good it will be as I’m in the best class in my school, SMK st. Joseph, Kuching. I’ve A1 for ENG, BM and Maths but only B3 for my Physics though in my forecast result i should have gotten an A. I will most probably send it for remark but i found out that it will take quite awhile around in another 3 months time. so, I was wondering what can I do to get the Air Asia scholarship as I’m not from a wealthy family too. I’ve search infos on other flight training schools in Malaysia such as HM Aerospace, ATPL, MFA and also GGIFA but most of them do not offer any scholarship besides ATPL which is in collaboration with MARA. However, MARA only provides loan or scholarship for the Bumiputera’s only. I’ve also went to look for the local representative from Proflight flight training school from Aus in Bankstown. but as you know, the cost living in Aus is really costly and i wouldn’t want to burden my ded even more as he’s paying for two of my bro’s course fees. so now, I’m deciding whether i should go and achieve my dream and enter the Aus flight training school or perhaps stay in malaysia and wait for the intakes? I’m really confused.. I really want to be pilot so badly since I was young. That is why when I came to read thru this blog of yours, I was really inspired and it keeps the fire of passion in me to burn even more to be a pilot.
    I really like those word you said “I believe I can Fly”
    That’s the motto that I’ve been carrying thru all this while because I’ve the same BIG dream as you, Hare.
    I hope you can assist me on the ways of getting scholarship for pilots wannabe and also on mas or airasia 2010 intakes if you’ve any news abt it. Please do reply me ASAP.

    Thank You.