Note from Blog Team: Hello Mr. Seventeen, also known as Nicholas. We feel that you deserve a chance and get on board the AirAsia train if you catch our drift. Rock on and congratulations.

Hello, my name is Nicholas, I’m here to answer the call from the AirAsia, YES ! I WANNA BE A PILOT !
Air Asia’s decision to make this competition surprised me ! I never imagine that the selection can be done in such an interesting way – blog ! I’m very thankful to Airasia, to give the opportunities for aspiring pilots achieving their dreams. I am a 21 years old guy that wish to fly every time. I am currently a Lieutenant officer of Kadet Remaja Sekolah, teaching surviving skills, marching and so on … This KRS is the organization that gives me the opportunity to wear a uniform which close to pilots.. with peak cap, KRS, I learned radio communication skills, weather forecast and many more which are useful in Pilot Career.

My happy moments in the KRS. I’m the one wearing light green & peak cap.

I joined NS on 2006. This is the Army Commando Nuri Helicopter that visited our camp.

Flying is a very special thing to me, skies symbolize freedom…. I like freedom, not freedom from law and order, but from the daily stress and pressure… My way of destress is looking up to the sky, sometimes I hike to the top of hill just to have a better look on the sky. Since the skies so important to me, the only way to reach the sky, at least close to it is by taking an aircraft. That is why I love aircraft, without it human can never touch the sky… God created Human, we are not “build” to fly, and flying is like a magic or myth during the ancient time, but thank god now we have the technology to not only fly, but flying high…. Thanks to the Wright Brothers who started the history of aviation, they are like the symbol of Aviators because they created a Safe, Controllable and Sustainable flight.

Since I’m not from a rich family, taking an aircraft flight is like an act that I can only dream about. For my whole 21 years of life, I only traveled twice by aircraft. Unlike most of the others who wish to become a pilot, I never met with a pilot before, I never been to a cockpit before, not even a simulator, I never touch a real aircraft before, I never seen a real pilot before. Basically, I’m just like peeping through a hole for the whole picture of aviation since young. I’m extremely stranger to aviation, the only way I can know aviation better is by looking up to the sky, watching aircraft passing or just go to Dataran Merdeka on National Day. Sometimes I felt embarrass when others can show their photos or videos regarding their previous experience towards aviation. I even think whether I’m suitable to become one or not. But thanks to ONE person, I made my first step towards my dream.

Actually I should apply for cadet pilot intake right after my SPM on 2005. But I didnt do it because I think Pilot is an important job, I joined into form 6 in Victoria Institution to study for 2 more years, I’m not sure whether this is a correct way, but at least I want myself to be more prepared before I apply for the intake. Finally I passed my STPM and I applied for MAS cadet pilot intake on 2008. I was surprised that I’d been shortlisted and I passed the psycho-motor and psychometric test in the first attempt. But as my dreams going to be realized soon, my hope crashed as I failed in the last interview session, I can only guess why I failed as they did not want to disclose the reason of my failure. I did not register for private flight school because it will burden my parents for the fees of more than RM 200k. I was very confirm to venture into aviation that I did not planned to join any other course. After I failed the interview, I was forced by my mother to join the Law course. After a few months, I decided to quit the course, I want to become a pilot so much that I couldn’t accept to join a course which a career that I don’t like for the rest of my life. Then now I started to work and hopefully wait for another intakes this year. I set this year as my last chance to become a pilot as my parents are getting older and going to retired. I don’t want them to worry about my future. Then I received an information that MAS will stop taking cadets. My hope crashed once again.

The place where my hopes come and go…

Then I saw Air Asia’s competition of blogging for becoming a pilot, I am extremely excited ! Its like a light, a Savior when I am lost in the ocean ! This competition came right on time when I am totally disappointed. Without any hesitation, I join this competition after settled my personal matters for some time.
I know becoming a pilot is not easy, it requires tonnes of responsibility. Many peoples will think Medical profession is the toughest, but to me, Pilot is the toughest. Apart from training and studying, they need to have great awareness, knowledge on many fields. Doctor only focus on medical stuff, but Pilot need to be expert on weather, radio communication, aircraft parts and many more in order for a safe flight. Pilot carries more pressure, Doctor only handles one person’s life at one time, but if a Pilot made an mistake, it will cost more than ONE person’s life.

Unlike others, as I said, I doesn’t have any photos or videos of my previous experience (because I have no experience). I can only use the power of the words to tell my journey towards aviation, my efforts and why I want to become a pilot. Actually I do think that I have talent towards a technical career (is that the name ?) like Pilot. If you give me one machine and ask me to master it, I can do it in few days only. My “thirst” on aviation increases as I started to take up remote controlled aircraft as my hobby 2 years ago. Why ? The 1st reason, to fly an aircraft, 2nd reason… the person that control an aircraft, we call it —– PILOT, too ! Haha… cant become a true pilot, at least becomes the PILOT for RC Aircraft. I started on 2 channel helicopter, and then moved on to 4 channel helicopter ( because helicopter’s price is cheaper and need small space to operate). Now I’m in 6 channel helicopter and doing acrobatics with aircraft too.

That’s the little part of my journey towards aviation. I am extremely wish to become a commercial airlines pilot. Thanks for the opportunities given by Air Asia, I am really respect you… I read the competition highlights, there’s one sentence that’s very touching : Air Asia does not guarantee that any of the winners will secure a place in the pilot training programme or become pilots as the road after this is yours and yours alone. We will pave the way but you have to do the running till the end. The word “pave”, is very meaningful for me… that’s what I need now… I am a 100m sprinter but I need a track…. Thank god Air Asia is there to build that track. I’ll promise to finish the track and becomes one of the best Pilots in the world. You gave us hope when everyone thought intakes will close during this economy crisis. Thank you everything, I salute you even if I’m not selected. – Skuad, HORMAT ! Air Asia accomplished the mission : Now Everyone Can fly. You make not only the citizens to fly like never before, but for the aspiring young generation to fly as a Pilot.

and congratulations to AirAsia for becoming the world’s best low-cost carrier from Skytrax.


  • Daphne Siew Li


  • Wai Weng

    Congrats Nicholas! You own a RC Cessna which is quite similar with mine 😛

  • Chee Keong

    Congrats ya!!!
    anyway, i like ur RC plane..
    its cool!

  • Wan Siong

    Great post there..
    The highlight of your post would definitely be “that’s what I need now… I am a 100m sprinter but I need a track…”
    Kudos to you and congratulations for being short-listed.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Low

    VI is a very nice school, swimming pool and all =D

    Too bad you weren’t a scout there, 2nd to none… could’ve met u somehow =p


  • Kien Fui

    Congrats, where your NS camp base at? You seems so familiar…. Haha…
    Congrats again!

  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation dude, nice post there

  • Nicholas

    Thanks to AirAsia for giving me a chance…. Id been missing in a cave for a long time, thanks for guiding me out from darkness… im very thankful… hope i will be selected as best 10, so do others… Lets us shout out loud, I WANT TO BE COME A PILOT !

  • Nicholas

    Haha, many RC Cessna looks the same as they all follow the same replica..
    This RC Cessna is my friend’s as mine crashed terrible…. Im now taking the esky Nemo as a substitute…
    Maybe move on to Ducted Fan Plane…

  • Nicholas

    Thanks everyone who commented on my blog… N congratz to everyone who selected too ! Lets us fly together and achieve our dreams !

  • Nicholas

    Ya, VI is a great school, I like their band the most, VICCB, they rox ! Im VICCB fans …

    My NS camp based at Kem Tasik Chini, Pahang… How about u ?

    Thanks everyone …

  • Stephen

    Good luck !!

  • Ng

    winning post it up, here it is no. 17

  • Sugla Vinaayagan

    Hi Blog Team,

    Just a quick one.. is the 10 winners has been short listed.. and who are they? What happen to the post before 30 April, who submitted their post earlier? I also applied for Airasia’s Cadet Pilot programme.. When we will know the results?

    Thank you in advance..

  • Nicholas

    hi blog team,

    i’d learn that blog team will call those shortlisted to inform them the good news .. but why i din get any calls ? is it im not shortlisted ? im no. 17… im takut now …

  • Jason Kong

    Sir Nicholas…Finally I have see your Air Asia Blog ..quite nice to post haha ..

  • Jason Kong

    and somemore got ..Skuad,Hormat ! haha COOL !