Note from Blog Team: Razwan, this is not an elaborate entry but we are again not looking for elaborate or fancy. We like this entry a lot because its simple and when you lose your way and want to find it back, we believe in giving you an opportunity. Congratulations number twelve, you could be flying us instead one day.

When you ask children what they want to be when they grow up, you will hear most of them say that they want to be a pilot, n when you ask them why, you’ll get familiar answer such as “cause my dad’s a pilot” or sebab pilot boleh melancong selaluor cute answers like “adik nak terbang macam superman..zoom!!”.

I still remember what was my answer to my standard two school teacher when she posed me the question on why I wanna be a pilot, “Saya nak jadi pilot sebab saya nak jadi macam Maverick cikgu!!”. I remember I really enjoyed TOP GUN when I was little eventhough at that time I don’t really understand English that much, I had to watch it again last year to know what was really going on in that movie and OMG, Maverick was such a show off!… Pledged myself to be more like Viper (wiser, safer and much machoer) eversince.

I tried to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot after SPM, I sent out application to MAS airlines to enroll in their cadet pilot programme; eventhough my parents asked me to rethink my intention and as I had expected, they encouraged me to take engineering instead. Furthermore they had also mentioned that I cannot be a pilot as I wear glasses, that had really snuffed out the pilot flame in me (I was being such an infant to not to double check with the actual requirements). I do wear glasses but only in minimal amount; 100 on left side and 75 on the right side. Turns out that MAS never did reply my application, probably due to economic slowdown in 1998, so I went head on pursuing my diploma and bachelors degree and obtained them in 2005.

It was early this year when I started out this lost venture again, I charted my way to several flying academy and had a chat with their officials, took their exams, visited their airplanes, had a sneak preview on the classes and my pilot flame has been REIGNITED, my soul has been REJUVENATED, and my heart has been REVIVED as it answers to its true nature, THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO BE, THIS IS WHAT I MUST BE.. A P-I-L-O-T.

I spent most nights googling out PILOT eversince. The more I read about pilot and airlines the more intrigue I have become and this is when I came across AirAsia blog and found this spectacular golden opportunity to become one of the AirAsia pilot. I had really putting on my thinking cap trying to figure out how to translate my INTENSE aspiration to fly AirAsia airplanes, therefore I humbly present to you my videoblog and I pray to god hoping that everybody would like it.

…..It took me 7 days, some 800 photos, a lot of sweat and my 4 year old nephew’s wrath for using his toys to complete the videoblog…

Dedication. Perseverance. Discipline. Multitudes of these qualities must be rooted in a man that calls himself a pilot, for he will leave his dear family often at awkward times to answer the call of duty and to carry his responsibility diligently without tire. Pilot must be a man that’s made out of steel. Judgment from his brave heart is required when dealing with tough decision. I really want to become a pilot and when I do become one, I will accept the responsibility with great conscience and humility, and with pride and glory.

I really want to take my life and career SKYHIGH….
Hopefully AirAsia could put me under her wings and fly me there.


  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation man. You’ve made it.

  • Razwan

    Yess!!Yesss!!Yesssss!!!! Thank you very much AirAsia Team for selecting my entry to become one of the shortlisted. I’m sure that you guys had difficult time in choosing which one to be posted of all those remarkable entries. A MILLION THANKS!!!

    Kong Sun: Thanks man! Woke up this morning felt fresher and better than ever :)

  • Low

    i love stop motion videos.
    orang rajin mencari jalan, orang malas mencari alasan

    great work, different style, that’s why you’re chosen =)

    congrats Mr Razwan~*

  • Razwan

    dear AirAsia Team,

    thanks again for choosing me, but i noticed that my entry is listed at number 12, which apparently similar to samuel’s entry, i should be number 13 right?

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Thirteen definitely unlucky. Sorry bro. But you’re shortlisted and thats all that matters rite. Should have called you 12A. hahaha

  • Wai Weng

    Congrats man…I like your video. I can see that you have put in lots of effort. You deserve it :)

  • Mohd Danial

    WoW Razwan.. That’s an excellent video man.. That must’ve taken u hours n hours.. damn! Welcome to the club bro.. Many congratulations for being shortlisted!

  • Kong Sun

    blog team why 13 is unlucky? I tot 14?

  • Hare

    Raz, u have burnt midnight candle to finish ur video in time, gud work, keep up, congrats…

  • Chee Keong

    the video sure take up lots of effort, and as well, determination!!

    good one!!


    no matter number what you are, YOU ARE SHORTLISTED!!!!!!


  • Razwan

    Thank you all for such positive and encouraging notes!! Hopefully its good enough to make it to the final 10 (^.^)

    Wah bestnye selected (^_^)..
    Tapi perjuangan belum selesai!!

    Best regards,

    razwan zakaria

  • Daphne Siew Li


  • Wan Siong

    Awesome videos you have there!
    I love stop motion videos!
    Great effort you have there and you deserve every bit of your victory!
    Congrats! =)

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Mohamed Nasri

    congratulations man… :)

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    razwan.. thats a lot of guts doing the video.. really man.. welcome rival and friend.. :-)

  • Razwan

    Benjamin: glad you like it! you know i had to snap the pictures on hot sunny afternoons just to make sure i have the correct exposure.. i was almost literally drown from my own sweat to get this done and thankfully, its all worth the while..

    Nasri & Muhaimin: Thanks guys! :)

  • Mohd Muhaimin


    long time no see.. still waiting for the call, rite? same la..

    waiting is a good killer..

    by the way, since we are not in the list yet.. keep on practise.. pschomotors and psychometrics..