Note from Blog Team:We had three candidates and we called all three. Edwin, you were the only one who picked up. Congrats. We are going to give you this shot at being a pilot. Number 34 sounds nice doesn’t it. The blog team had a great weekend and we feel like spreading the love a bit. Get jiggy with us. One more spot. The heat feels so good.

Yes, I would give up my life just to be a pilot. Haha not literally, but I have a strong desire to achieve my dream on becoming a pilot before I leave this very world. With strong determination and faith, I believe I can. Well, I hope I’m not too late in posting my blog, but they always say, ‘Save the best for last.’ 🙂

Every story has its humble beginnings. When I was only 3 feet tall, I boarded my first ever commercial flight to the United States, it was complimentary as my dad was given free tickets from the company he was working with. I was considered VERY lucky by then to be able to travel on an airplane at such a young age. Unlike every other kid who would gaze at the clear blue skies during their flight, I took the liberty to venture around the aircraft from one end to the other, from the door of the cockpit to the rear end of the passenger sit. Out of curiosity, I kept reiterating my silly little adventure 20,000 feet above sea level. Nevertheless, I naively thought to myself; this is where I want to live for the rest of my life. This is home…
When the plane had landed on the runway of its destination, I felt a reluctant urge to leave the aircraft. Eventually, my dad had to carry me off the airplane and I cried profusely. As tears were drooling down my cheeks, my mother whispered to me: “Don’t worry boy, you will get the chance to see the aeroplane again”, such soothing words finally calmed me down. As I took my final glimpse of the airplane, I smiled in serene. Since then, I’ve always wanted to fly on one of those magnificent machines, the aeroplane. Little did I know that the person behind the wheel is a man made out of steel, a pilot. That was how I got to know my ambition and it was the best day of my life.

Due to my profound interest and obsession in aviation, I collected myself a set of toy airplanes to play with and I often imagine myself as the captain. I even taught myself the appropriate way to take off and land using the toy airplanes and my imagination of course.(Yes I have an extraordinary imagination):) As a child, it was the only moment I enjoyed doing most during my free time. My late grandfather who knew the amount admiration that I have in piloting, bought me a soft toy which very much resembles a pilot; It is a teddy bear dressed in a pilot’s uniform. My new friend here was named captain bear. 😀 Captain bear has been my company through thick and thin during my adolescence. Never once, I fail to keep captain bear under my embracement wherever I go. It was a perfect scenario of me having my dream in my very own hands. Spending a day with captain bear was like a privilege, it meant the whole world to me.

As I mature, everything that I once treasure most was held back. Entertainment and amusement were number one in my everyday’s list. I refused to study, neglected them and ultimately disregarded my dream of becoming a pilot. What was I thinking? It was the last thing that I would ever want to do. Needless to say, my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia grades were merely satisfactory . Upon graduating from high school, I followed my dad’s advocate without a rational basis, which is to take up Architecture. Life hasn’t been at its best, I tried to adopt architecture as my ambition, I really tried but it was to no avail. Getting distinctions for assignments and exams were never noted as an accomplishment by me. I was not content with what I am doing, never was. As time flies, I started to doubt my actions. Feeling lost and confounded I knew this was not my desire for my future, there was something more than this. A state of despair I was in, I wanted to quit the course. It was then one of the hardest moments of my life, I prayed really hard for guidance, everyday…

It’s been a while since I last tidied up my room, my dad told me to clear up the “old stuffs”, that’s what they say. I succumbed and started cleaning up the space. While I was doing so, I stumbled across something I once held dear most. I saw a brown cardboard box sitting still on top of my dusty cupboard. Regardless the dust, I grabbed the box with my slightest of strength and opened it. There it was, my toy airplanes, a picture of me in 1st ever commercial flight and my good old friend captain bear seats silently in that brown little box. I took a light stare at my childhood friend, remembering the same old look on his face, that old guiltless look. These were my personal treasures, my childhood memories, my silly pilot moments… my inspiration. I miss them a lot… I was tinged with sadness but i kept myself strong. Knowing that this was once my dream, my life, my ambition and not just a mere passion but the world to me. This was what I wanted to be when I grow up. What have I come into?
Am I too late? No! It’s never too late. I have been wanting this so much when I was a child and I am going to see it through, I will finish what I started. This is my future. Pilot, here I come!

Countless nights I researched and my enthusiasm has brought me to a forum for aspiring pilots. Something miraculous caught my attention, a miracle on the headlines of the forum page “Blog to become a pilot”, this is an opportunity of a lifetime i thought to myself, i cannot miss this.. The pilot adrenaline is gushing through my nerve stream, it won’t stop. I will do this for this is my only hope, I know I can.
Here I am, typing my heart out on this very blog, I am unfashionably late. My final exam has just ended a day ago(a huge sigh of relief) and I quickly rushed home to do the finishing touches on my only entry(mind you I started writing this blog on the very day this competition started ;]). I am confident that this one and only entry will speak up for me, have faith.

There, having written my life journey concisely. Not the best essay here nor an optimistic entry, but just a young boy 18 years of age who found back his long lost passion in flying.
No TVB dramas or flight simulators to enlighten me but yet I still love everything about pilot tremendously and it has all been from the heart since the day I learned to walk, deep down inside of me knows it. I will do what it takes to reach for my dream and goal and nothing will stop me from doing so. I am ready to take the route of a pilot. I love this occupation very much… I love my future job. 🙂 Yes, I want to be a pilot!

So why do I want to be a pilot?
WHY not? I get paid to do what I love most. I get to travel around the world not annually but weekly. I get to taste a tiny bit of heaven (admire the resplendent scenery 20,000 feet in the air). I’ve got the cockpit to myself which is not only an amazing office but one the best. Engineers, doctors, lawyers and accountants are working their asses off down on ground while I’m up in the air fiddling with ‘joysticks’. I get to take off and land for real this time and furthermore experience the glorious moments of a sweet landing, no more hallucinations or day dreams. I get to step onto other nation’s soil and experience their culture(feed kangaroos). I get to meet chicks, *ahem* I mean air stewardesses, hehe. I get to enjoy the better side of life. (BMWs, Bangalow, luxuries etc) And the best part about this job is that my family gets a gratis travel to overseas. All these blatant welfares puts pilot as one of the best jobs in the world. Being part of a fast growing airline (Air Asia) too is what makes this job a little more worthwhile as a whole, your day completes mine. Not to forget, PASSION is what drives me into this occupation and it has been with me for 11 years now.

You know, whenever we see a group of pilots walking down the hallway of an airport, we do not only respect the hell out of them but we worship them, because we know that these are the people who will be holding our lives, they get to play God for a moment. It is their duty to bring us to safety and I very much want to hold that huge responsibility, not as a seer or a supreme being but as a human being, as a pilot.

I do not have any families or relatives who are working in the aviation industry (the closest I’ve known is my inconspicuous little buddy, captain bear) ;), therefore I want to be the first person to live to tell the experience of a pilot, not only to them but to my friends as well. It’s more than just flying around connecting people, I will be embarking on a journey of immense adventure and sure enough there are lots to share about once I’m down on ground. I want to be an inspiration as well as an example to the people around me and finally give myself a pat on the back for being able to make it through, I want to feel proud for myself for the very first time.

I’ve been breathing physics, eating physics, dreaming physics and admiring aircraft models ever since this blog competition started. Ok not to exaggerate, I have been studying physics very hard and loving it for almost a month now just to prepare myself in the event if I am selected. Knowing that the chances of me getting pick is very slim(having two spots left and certain uncertainties) but strong motivation and desire is what brings me here today. I believe I can make it even if it’s an uphill battle, i will not give up on myself.
Just so you know, I’ve failed Additional Math, barely gotten myself a credit for both Physics and Chemistry, failed Moral and failed History in my SPM trials examination. Hope is not lost I thought to myself, I studied really hard for a month before the real thing and I gave my all. I wanted to prove to everyone that there’s no dead ends in life and its never to late to change. Although I used to be a slacker during my schooling days, I have changed and it’s not really that hard. If anyone can do it, so can I! 🙂

So right now, I’m clinging onto the steepest step of my life, hoping that Air Asia would give me the green light just so I can move forward. All I need is a fortunate chance from a team that believes in equal opportunities, a team that goes beyond the impossible, dreams the incredible and not to forget, a team with the best slogan ever. 😀 I pray, hope and wait every single day and hour for the greatest call. You may ask what do I see myself in the next 15 years? A captain of the B-747.

Thank you Air Asia for letting me pour out my thoughts. 🙂 You’ve been the best airline team the world has to offer. See you soon.

P/s: There are 3 spots left and I am trying my best to not sound nervous but I actually REALLY am nervous and anxious. My hands are shaking and my heart is pounding in an unusual beat. This is really nerve-racking and it’s killing me. 🙁 Air Asia pick me!



  1. u sure u wanna go on a 74? =)
    Congrats kid, there’s a lot of people lining up behind you even till now.

  2. Congratulation, well done. Ya everyone is very nervous and anxious about last 2 spots, now just left the last spot.

  3. Mohd Danial Reply

    Congrats Edwin..

    A very heartwarming post u’ve got there.. U’re just in the same boat as I was before.. Graduated from ‘Architecture’ two years back.. but still.. FLYING the plane is OUR thing aite? 🙂 and yes I definitely agree with u, it’s never too late to go for what we want most!.. C ya all in June!


  4. Petha Prakash Reply

    hey congrats bro..thats a good post…1 place left and here i am…sitting down praying hard hoping that i will be the final ONE !!!! wish me luck guys! good day everyone =)

  5. Edwin Goh,
    Man,I can really feel there pressure you guys are feeling if I were the last few to be selected.
    Anyway, good job you have there!
    See you this coming June..

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  6. Edwin Reply

    Thank you very much everyone !

    Mohd Danial,
    Thanks bro, yea we’re just destined to fly! C u on june 🙂

    Hehe thanks 😀

    Petha Prakash,
    I’m sure u’ll get final spot. good luck bro!

  7. Chee Keong Reply

    1 more place left…

    petha, all the best to u…
    see u guys soon!!


  8. Petha Prakash Reply

    thanks alot for wishes bro..really need the luck that u gave now…my hearts gonna explode soon! catch you guys this coming june..God willing..and AirAsia is my God now!!!!!!! pick me AirAsia!!!!

  9. Wow… Your blog is great and i love your video. Initially, I also plan to make a video in my blog post but I am not so famliar with all those video making stuff so I give up eventually. Good Luck To All!!

  10. hey bro…congrats man!!…air asia its time to pick me!!! meeee!!!

  11. congratulations Edwin! like your spontaneity. Will be seeing you soon.

  12. Edwin Reply

    🙂 thank you very much everyone. your comments means alot to me.

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