Note from Blog Team: We took a break for one day and decided to see if anyone would ask for them to be chosen but heres number fifteen. Siu Ming, you have the honour of taking it to the next level. Congratulations and we wish you the best at the next stage of reaching your dreams.

First of all, i would like to say thank you to Airasia for coming up with this brilliant idea of giving us all aspiring pilot an oppurtunity to change our life and most importantly, to fulfill our dream as a pilot!!

After watching the video from Hare’s post, it inspires me a lot, the video title’s is “are you going to finish strong”. it’s like giving me a push in the back telling me not to give up and keep on trying my best in each entry i sent it, there’s nothing impossible if 100 percent of effort is put here’s my 2nd attempt. Giving up is NOT an option!. even if i failed 10 times out of the 10 times i tried, i wont give up and will still continue to try.

here goes, do i wanna become a pilot? yes! i WANTED to become a pilot more than anything else in this world. Why me? why must Airasia choose me as one of the 10 candidates for cadet pilot? because i’m positively sure that to be a pilot is what i wanted to become, eversince the first time i saw and have a flight on a small aircraft, i have always dreamt of sitting in the cockpit myself and manuevering this engineering wonder. although until now, this dream of mine is no where near succeed, i have never intent of letting this dream of mine remain as a dream, because i have the passion of flying and full interest that keeps me going.

To me, a person must have full interest in what he or she is doing, if not, the outcome will be catastrophic. Same goes to pilot, if someone who flies an aircraft is just doing it because of the good paycheck at the end of the month, what that person doing is very dangerous as he might get bored of the job quickly, take everything for granted and a tragedy might happen because of mishandling the aircraft.

In the year of 1999, i participate in a competition, i forgot bout the competition’s name, what i could remember is the organizer which is disney channel. my real life story here might sound childish, but believe me, dreams do starts from your childhood time.

The competition’s are to make three wishes, the candidate who make the most meaningful wishes will get a chance to fulfill one of those wishes. From what i could remember, this are the 3 wishes i made:
1) i wish to be the richest person on earth so i could donate money to the people who needs it.
2) i wish to be given wings and fly to school by my own so i wouldn’t have to trouble my parents to wake up early in the morning to send me to school.
3) *couldnt remember*..sorry bout that..XD..

days passed and finally one day, they called my parents and told them i was chosen and will fulfill my number 2 wish and will tell me bout the details. At first, they had prepared a hot air baloon trip for me, but it was cancelled due to some technical difficulities, and replaced it with a half an hour flight over the Kuala Lumpur City. How cool was that?! of course, they couldnt really have given me a pair of wings to let me fly to school, so i guess that they chosen me because of the meaning of the wishes i have made, and fulfill my wish in the nearest way possible.

the aircraft they prepared was a single engine cessna. i have the oppurtunity to sit in front side by side with the pilot. shortly after we take off, i was totally amazed and overwhelmed with the amazing view and experienced the feeling of being infront of the aircraft. The feeling i’m having now just cant simply be described with words.

eventhought i have been in a commercial aircraft before, which is in the passenger seat. the feeling is totally different when you are up infront of the aircraft. it’s like being in your own dimension, the world feels like it had stopped and you have all the world to yourself. that’s not all, looking at how the pilot manuever the aircraft amazed me beyond the limits, from this point on, i told myself, i wanted to become a pilot and i will. after 30 minutes, the pilot said he’ll start decending now, 30 minutes up in the air feels like just 5 minutes.

after we touched down, i asked the pilot is it hard to become a pilot? i will always remember this words. “haha! it’s not hard, it’s just like learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car, once you know how, you’ll remember how forever.” not to forget, the responsibilities become bigger as the transportation vehicle become bigger as well, but to me, it’s not the matter of easy or not, it’s about how you really enjoy it. From that day onwards, i have filled up my ambition column in my school’s survey with a positively sure attitude, P-I-L-O-T.

since secondary school, i have been active in leadership camps and hold a position as a prefect. the main purpose is to train myself to be more a team player and not like a hero who does everything by himself. to be successful, one must have team work and be able to face a difficult situation calmly. Well, life just doesnt goes smoothly, in the year of 2005, a tragedy had befall in our family, it had leave a big scar in our heart. since then, i had lost hope, feel so lost and started to neglect my studies. which i had deeply regret.

1 month is left before SPM, i was reading the star an when i flipped open to the vacancies section, and ad caught my attention, it’s a mas cadet pilot recruitment ad, it say’s “do you have what it takes to become a pilot?” reading that line alone had slapped me awake from all this sorrow i’m having, and i think that even my late dad wouldnt want to see me in this situation, from that time onwards, i quickly start to put more effort in the subjects that i had fall behind a lot and tried my very best.

when the results are out, it feels like a lightning had strike me in the chest. My physics was one grade below the requirement of a cadet pilot. i was so shock at that time, but rather than regret what i have done, i tried to apply for cadetship from mas and airasia, hoping for the best outcome. months have passed and i didnt received any reply, to prevent myself from wasting time, i went on and start pursuing a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering, to further enhance my knowledge on aircrafts so that i’ll be well prepared to be accepted as a cadet pilot if possible. eversince i failed to achieve the required grade for physics, i started to put even more effort to equip myself with a better knowledge in physics, so that i will have the sufficient physics knowledge needed to become a cadet pilot.

everyday when i was having classes about flight controls or theory of flight, i couldnt help myself but think about sitting in the cockpit and operating the aircraft, how great would that feeling be?
1)hmm, so if i pull the control column, it will ascend. *holding my imaginery control column*

2) pressing the diagram in the text book as though it’s a real aircon control panel.

all this thoughts will just come to my mind, and will make me want to work harder so that my imaginery control column will just materialize!haha!

It’s never easy to achieve a dream, but it doesnt mean it’s impossible, you have to believe in yourself if you want to achieve anything. That’s why here i am, doing whatever is nessecary, to achieve my dream and one day, be able to be a pilot and spread my “wings” to the sky!
looking towards the future.

once again, thank you airasia for giving this wonderful and amazing opportunity to us all aspiring pilots. This is indeed the opportunity of a lifetime. . hereby, i hope a chance will be given to me so that i could prove myself worthy of becoming part of airasia big family. as what airasia have aspired to do, “Now Everyone Can Fly”. hopefully i will be part of the team who make it happen. thank you!

PS. Siu Ming, it was us. Have a nice day.



  1. Congratulation Siu Ming! Your effort has been paid off now 🙂

  2. Siu Ming Reply

    Thank you Airasia blog team for shortlisting me!!..a very big thanks for this opportunity and hope you guys will have nice day too..=).

  3. Mohd Danial Reply

    Hey Lui.. Congrats on being shortlisted today! I’m sure ur late dad would’ve very proud of u.. Don’t ever give up ya.. Wish u all the best!


  4. haha, everyone asks about the postings…congrats ^^
    come join us u know where to chat about it

  5. Lui,
    I share your sentiments..
    And now you’ve been short-listed, a thousand congrats to you for all the hard work you’ve invested. =)
    By the way, where are you studying for your maintenance engineering?

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  6. Chee Keong Reply

    you should have written I WANT TO BE A PILOT in the Disney competition..

    but i bet that the flying was like *crazy* and you were in 7th heaven….

    Anyway, Congrats and Best of luck!


  7. congrats man.. is aircraft maintainance course easy? have u completed ur course?

  8. Lui, Congrats!!! I am sure you can realise your dream one day. The picture you took on the cessna is so nice. I oso hope to get on it one day. Congratulation again….

  9. hey bro, congrats….

    Nothing is impossible in this world if you really wanna achieve it. What really matters is the hardwork that you put in, in order to achieve something in your life.


  10. Hey Man! well done !
    you sure can reach your dream soon enough! ^^

    PS: i’m proud that the video in my post truely inspired you..:) It did the same to me too~

    so Let’s Finish It Strong ! 😉

  11. Hi Siu Meng,

    Cangratz to you. If you ask about my opinion, a piece of academic certificate couldn’t tell much about someone ability. Therefore, not too worry about your spm physic result. We should together keep our spirit high and perform our best when opportunity came to us.


    Best regards,

  12. Really good stuff ! All the best mate ! You are one step closer to becoming a commercial pilot ! Cross your fingers hard !

  13. Siu Ming Reply

    Thanks a lot guys!.to those who have been shorlisted. i hope we’ll be able to make it.=D..and i wish you all luck to those who havent get shorlisted, just put in more effort guys!!

    Hey benjamin, i’m studying in NUC.=)

    To manny, it’s not easy to study in this course, but as long as effort is put in, you should be able to make it.provided that you hav great interest in aircrafts.=D..nope, i’m now goin into my 4th sem.

    Good Luck Guys! may us all be able to spread our “wings” in the sky soon!

    Leon Lui Siu Ming

  14. Daphne Siew Li Reply

    hope that we can wear that uniform soon ler 😛

  15. Siu Ming Reply

    thanks daphne..=)..
    yup..i hope so too..=)..

    may it be in the near future we will all be working together..=)

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